santafehobbit from... Santa Fe, NM, USA
Tino, trying to send you a message but the link keeps telling me I am not signed in. I want to send you some money for my renewal. Consider having an "UPGRADE" link on every page! This is the best bear site on the Internet! Rand (5/5/2017)

Wes from... Cincinnati
Wes here, I have been on this site since 2010 and I have met a fairly decent amount of hot guys from here and some went on to be lovers and some just good friends. I think Tino has done a tremendous job with the site. Keep up the good work, bud. :) (7/21/2016)

Jay from... massachusetts
i've met the hottest guys on here. i even have a new Boyfriend. (2/26/2016)

Maddbullvic from... Chicago
Hey everyone!!!!!!! hit me up next time you're in Chicago!!! (2/22/2016)

Needinu from... U
Hey (2/17/2016)

Rhoar from... Texas
Seems like most of the good men here are all from Canada and North USA. Dang it Texas... (10/9/2015)

TailChasingAddict from... Walsall
I love the banners of the very furry bears kissing and the bear getting licked by his dog. (8/8/2015)

GoFurYourself from... World
Grow Some Fur Or Get Off The Throne! (4/25/2015)

Hairydon from... Toronto
Oops, sorry, I made a mistake (12/21/2014)

Hairydon from... Toronto
I have been under the impression that you couldn't hide your face unless you are a member. I also thought that you couldn't take pics from the internet and use them as your own. I've noticed a profile that is doing both. (12/21/2014)

Charlemagne from... Truro
Hi to everybody. No complaints or questions. Good luck in your search! (7/16/2014)

nudemntneer from... nudemntneer
since i have joined the group (paid member) i have gotten off on lots of the great vids we post.i like seeing real bears, cubs, chubs cumming and fucking! glad i was introduced to the site. last year i went to a nude gay camp and they weren't very receptive once i told them i was bi. they some how felt i was using them. NOT!! what's your opinion? (4/13/2013)

Jackburton from... Elizabeth,N.J.
Where is there an explanation of the various symbols used in the profiles. I gather that the heart has to do with sex and arrows up and down might mean the person is versatile. But what are the other graphics and where is there explanation? Jack (3/12/2013)

rkjcvaln from... San Francisco
1 (1/12/2013)

DavidCraig from... OH
Finally a website that a bigger guy like myself can log onto and have options... Nothing like getting stuck on a site that you are basically overlooked if you weigh more than 120lbs soaking wet or if you happen to have chest hair. I'm a bigger guy and I like my guys to look like men, not a shaved down child. (4/25/2012)

Slinky 1961 from... Ontario
Hello everyone. I have been on Bearforest for a very long time,at least 12 years I think, I have met some people who I thought would be friends but because I disclosed my HIV Poz status, they have all and I mean All either deleted me or stopped talking to me.I have never had sex witha anyone without telling them I was Poz and always used safer sex, which really means I have not had alot of Sex. no one wants to be with me even poz people won't do it or even be friends. what is this world coming too? We the Gay, Trangender bisexual all want to be accepted but if we cant even accept people within our culture then how can we expect the rest of the world to accept us? I work fulltime, and would love to have at least one relationship, but I don't think it will ever happen. I have never in my life felt so alone,incappable of, or felt like my life is a waste. I have battled with depression in my life but i have never wanted to kill myself, but how I have been treated by people in our own community has sometimes made me think of it at times, I feel worthless and like i will always be alone for the rest of my life. I know there are people out there that do not disclose to others and put them at risk, I always disclose and I guess that is the price I pay for being honest and wanting to let someone what could happen if things go wrong( Broken Condom, or Blood) I have been on Medication since 2000 and have always bee undetectable, but it doesn't matter because no one wants me around anyway. So in closing I just want to say, I am Human and I need to be loved and touched as much as you do. I will not hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, Take a chance and get to know me, don't jump to conclusions, you might just like what you find. Cheers Slinky (4/21/2012)

littlejohn from... Illinois
In my experiences with the bear community, I have been told that I am not heavy, old or hairy enough to be a cub. Someone please give me some insight. Thanks for your time, Wes. (10/5/2011)

Chubby Smurf from... Pennsylvania
For those few who have welcomed me warmly since I stepped into the Forest 3 days ago, thank you. Looking forward to making more friends as time goes by. (7/13/2011)

ed monroe from... wisconsin
question: how do i delete pictures and profiles after reading them? (5/9/2011)

Tucson Otter from... Tucson AZ
I would love to find a bear here in tucson that like to kiss, enjoy nipple play and really likes watersports. (5/2/2011)

Papi D from... Chicago, Illinois
Cub in southern Chicago wants to meet bears. (11/23/2010)

Tino (p.s.) from... TeutonicNohirsute
I've ALSO suggested to these wooofy folk that could be the single-pic for casual users IS intended to **encourage** them to become full members (8/20/2010)

Tino from... TeutonicNohirsute
Hey, Tino Have tried, on my OWN, to see what "freebie" users are allowed in way of photos. Only one? Can't find any "rules" or such (but then in many ways BearForest a rule-free site!). When some woofy "casual users" have only one pic, I've suggested they post some more -- and they respond have tried, but can't. So **I** don't know -- "casual users" restricted to a single pic? Or something not quite right in the Forest? (8/20/2010)

rafoso from... mexico
hello (8/4/2010)

BigPhredAlbanyNY from... usa
to mr whiskers, Xmas is actually a better way to say Christmas, as it is a symbol of the greek letters ChiRho meaning Christ in early christianity. (7/15/2010)

BigPhredAlbanyNY from... Albany, NY USA
I use nipple clamps but prefer a man's maouth nibbling and chewing. My nipples are very big and the clamps only grab a small portion. I sometimes use the butterfly clamps to make my nipples sore before my partner twists them.I'd rather have my nipples played with than a blow job... (7/15/2010)

Travis from... Nor Cal
Nipple clamps, yes or no? (2/27/2010)

mond20 from... turkya
hi my penis 17cm and very fat my bady hariy my emi yah00 chat id zimmond where emil you yah00 and my skype mond1959 (2/15/2010)

mond20 from... turkya
hi my penis 17cm and very fat my bady hariy my emi yah00 chat id zimmond where emil you yah00 and my skype mond1959 (2/13/2010)

mond20 from... turkya
hi my penis 17cm and very fat my bady hariy my emi yah00 chat id zimmond where emil you yah00 and my skype mond1959 (2/13/2010)

RaunchMike from... Louisville area
I'd like to meet someone who enjoys having his body worked on by a raunch tongue. I'm tired of going to a book store miles from here hoping to find a top. I've received a few exchanges of notes from guys in here, but no one seems to really want to meet. I'm a no-limits oral bottom who loves it all, especially rimming. (1/22/2010)

hotbear4110 from... california
i have loved bears from an early age and i have met a lot of special men on this site and who knows i might just find one FOR A LTR. HOPE SO CAUSE ITS COLD OUTSIDE ! LOL YOU NEED TO ADD a section on crusing places ! would love to know where all the bears are hybernating at ! lol (12/29/2009)

MstrWhiskers from... GA
I know that when someone posts "Merry Xmas" they're just trying to be friendly, nice, and in the spirit of the holiday season. But for many of us, seeing "Xmas" means that Christ has been taken out of Christmas, and it's very upsetting. I'm sure it's not intentional, but I wish people would be more mindful of it. Keep Christ in Christ-mas. Thanks. (12/22/2009)

desertbear from... desertbear
i play poker just to c the 2 hot hunky aces on non member!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12/13/2009)

daniel from... who knows!
boring and tiring day..who plays poker here? (11/20/2009)

scrappys from... Us
would love to have a forum for the best places to have outdoor sex, most hook-up trails etc. (11/12/2009)

lou109 from... Upstate NY
BearForest opens up conversation with in our comunity. This a very positive approach to open up conversation along wth "eye candy". Thumbs Up!~ (10/30/2009)

Roger1962 from... Flint. Michigan
I have met a lot of people some jerks and a lot of nice ones. But I have found that special one who means the world to we hit it off the first time we met.THANK YOU TINO you are the greatest and the site is awsome (10/28/2009)

Duffy from... Wislonebear
I would like to see a travel section where you can list where to are visiting or guys visiting your area. (10/17/2009)

Tigerabbit from... Colorado
I enjoy BearForest. Not every feature works right all the time, but well enough. Love connecting with great bears and bear-lovers far and wide. Most of the guys have been really cool and the ones that aren't seem to go away before long. There have been so many here I would jump on a plane and go see at the drop of a hat if i could afford to. But, realistically that ain't gonna happen anytime soon, so I'm sayin don't forget your LOCAL bears: Get up from the computer and spend some time with your local bro's. Don't have to be boyfriends, just hang out and share some real time - coffee, a walk, beer and a ballgame, whatever. Make it real in your own space - support your local bear and other buddies. BearForest is a great place to start. 'Nuff said... (10/15/2009)

BigGarth from... BigGarth
What have you done with the sing=-in page. It no longer cumes up for me, and I'm a member. (10/12/2009)

unkuttn from... me
I have searched all over but cannot find the BLOCKED messages Tino buddy..where is that link ? (9/26/2009)

nkuttn from... who knows!
come on we are on the internet and its getting off online and if we want fucked with a load it's up my sweetass buddy,isn't that just a fantacy? or does cyberfucking really real to you ??? (9/26/2009)

unkuttn from... me
Why is it that a guy hits you up,and you remember the guy but donot talk anymore and he seems interested again ? well i fell for it again,this time he sends a little snat to me,he like throws a treat to me slowly reels me in closer,i send a lushious message and he tells me his stomach turned and told me not to do it again..I respond with excuse me ,i won't do it again...i feel played....bitch.... (9/26/2009)

Juiceman from... From New Jerzee
Hi Guyz. I read through a few of the profiles and comments here in Gruff Book. It amazes me how many young men and older ones as well still want to get fucked up the ass (raw) and take other guys loads.. HELLOOWW.!! what are these people thinking of. There is bo excuse for NOT having unprotected sex.. We should know better. This is not 1980.. we know about this dreaded disease that robs so many men of there health. For the guy thats sucking all that dick I would be careful. You can get infected if the guy is positive and you have a cut in your or your gums.. I think you just have to know what your doing. I managed to reach 59 yrs, old. I did my running around.. did it all.. been there.. did that .. and then somemore. in my younger years I did the serkite.. bars.. back rooms, tea rooms, the trucks..etc. I didn't go around getting fucked (raw) or never had men cum in me. I'm sorry to say this but many men are still playing "Rusian Rolette" with their lives.. Go out there, have fun.. BUTT.. be responsible and beware of whats out there. Happy Huntin... and be safe. (9/23/2009)

Nanouk from... Upstate NY
Watching the difference between single women and bears, at a local bar, I am so glad I like bears. Poor straight guy got nothing, and I left with very hot bear. ;-) (9/20/2009)

UrsaMajor48 from... Toronto
When we become a member of the Forest using a credit card, what vendor appears on our transaction record / credit card statement? Thanks, UM48 (9/17/2009)

wwwDAVID from... Nashville
I've down loaded javs 5 fucking time to get back into this site GIVE ME A BREAK! let me get in or the hell with it! If a site works for me I buy a mambership... THIS one is NOT working for me????????????????????????????????? David (9/13/2009)

furrlicker from... WASHINGTON
All of a sudden I can't seem to check into the site from the original place. Had to go back to some of my messages to be certain was still here. Any reason one can think of?? I will try again but several trys have failed. (8/29/2009)

Bigdee from... IDAHO
Obama, another name for fertilizer (8/17/2009)

Oh well from... Reality
I would have liked to have an option to 'hide' account. I just met someone and I don't want to have the account active anymore. Maybe if things go well in the next few months I would then delete it. But your site offered no option like that. So I just deleted my account completely. (8/16/2009)

DOZER 1 from... nova scotia, canada
this is a great site. i have met and chatted with guys, which have become great friends. it is also a great service for those of us who live in remote areas and do not have access to gay community. Thanx Tino...xo (8/12/2009)

Silverman from... Ontario
It age would be nice to see bears post what age brackett that they are looking for. This is just as if not more important than sizes and preferences. This is just my opinion. Thanks, Best regards to all. Joe (8/4/2009)

STOP from... STOP

cedrickkk from... nebraska
can anybody help me why i cant open links here. i cant open profile etc. it always says, he webpage cannot be found. that sucks. it has nver been ,like this before (7/16/2009)

cedrickkk from... who knows!
Why can i open the link here in bearforest? whats going on. it always says. Sorry the webpage cannot be found???!!!!!!! its actually irritating!!!! (7/16/2009)

toughandhairy from... cub25
toughandhairy is using my French friend from Paris Erik picture!!! (7/15/2009)

roger1962 from... Flint, Michigan
Tino thank you for the excellent site and bringing my two best guys mine my life. I love you for this reason. LOVE ROGER (7/6/2009)

joe from... delmont
i am not able to see any pics! (7/5/2009)

Calan from... who knows!
It would be cool to see a chat room feature on the site. It would be nice to chat with some guys at once. i find it a bit hard to start up a conversation at times with anyone. over all i enjoy the site :) (6/28/2009)

runsforbeer from... il
Any chance of a friendly version of B F. For I-phone to be able to watch video (6/18/2009)

Beautomonly from... France
I like a lot this site.I don't alway meet my man, but I'm sure, he will come like the charming prince. (5/17/2009)

snglcylndr from... memphis,tennessee
not sure what you're lookin for but I've enjoyed my walk through the woods. the bears have been friendly and very receptive ,although everyone seems to be so far away.Germany,Poland,Canada,New York,Atlanta,Arizona,Australia,California,horay for the internet to be able to communicate over such long distances Right NOW! awesome!!!!! (5/14/2009)

queenofthenight from... queenofthenight
why i it so hard for a biggerguy like to find a bearish man!i love bearish men from the age of 25 to 80!i was hoping to that i would find someone here! (5/12/2009)

Phillye2000 from... Las Vegas
I would like to see what type of bear is what. I don't know what type of bear I am nor do I know if I am a bear. (5/8/2009)

barker89048 from... nevada
i get really annoyed when i click to read a profile only to find that the person is married or already partnered......don't really want anything to do with cheaters ( open relationships, my butt ) and of course now i'm listed as visiting their page, can't those profiles have a different color border or something......i can't be the only bear that feels this way......still the best of the sites and i thank you for that......hugs, paul (4/13/2009)

Darthmage from... Greensboro, NC
I think that the bears, chubs and chasers in the Triad should hold an event to meet and do other things.... Anybody with me on this? If you plan to do it hit me back! (3/2/2009) from... barker89048
thanks for the g-rated b-box section.....always brings a smile (2/20/2009)

patc1215 from... patrick
oral bottom in jamaica qns lookin for hot fun (2/20/2009)

jiminto69 from... canada
Would like to be able to delete individual messages in the sent and past messages archives. On the whole I really enjoy the other interactive aspects of this site. Seem to be continuous upgrades, so those I mentioned may happen down the road. (2/13/2009)

barker89048 from... nevada
i'm real new here(less than 24 hrs) and tino has got one hell of a web site. never seen one better, i don't know how he finds the time. a few glitches here and there shouldn't be made into a mountain. they can be fixed. i would like to be able to click onto a name/alias and go to their personal page, just a thought (2/7/2009)

alaska guys from... douwannlei
Going to Fairbanks first of Feb and have only had 1 gentleman respond. Doesn't anyone else up there want to meet new guys? Just wondering (1/20/2009)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Thanks for your comments guys. Please let my know what you would like to see programmed in the coming months. I am preparing my winter work schedule. Enjoy the site, Hugs, Tino (1/13/2009)

arlsws from... Boston
I think this site is great I only wish the men from my region were as good as the site. (1/9/2009)

Jake from... Missouri
I really like this site. :) I just found it and it's awesome so far. Just waiting for messages and people to talk to me now. Hehe. (12/28/2008)

UrsusBorealis from... Northern Wisconsin, USA
Hey Tino, love the B-Box. Wanking hot!! (11/11/2008)

onmyknees from... ohio
I think this site is great and Tino deserves a lot of credit (if not all the credit). Hey guys, you don't have to get rude or defensive if you have an issue, just inform him and he'll do his best to fix it...what a great to find his profile...hehehe (11/1/2008)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi guys, please let me know what you think of the new B-Box Video Forum. Thank you, Hugs, Tino (10/30/2008)

Baredad from... SF Bay Area
Love those new videos, Tino. (10/7/2008)

sxycb from... wi
Well i have to say what a great site..Not here for hook-ups but would like to find my in here..please read my profile first ok Thanks em HAIRY and 38yrs old or older Thank You..oh yeah can relocate if need to anywhere... (9/17/2008)

TeaBear from... Ottawa, Ontario
I woudl like to be able to view only the unread emails in my box... Sometimes I miss some... maybe i am too blonde ;) (9/6/2008)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi guys, please give me your ideas as to what you would like to see added to the website this winter. I am putting together my schedule. Thanks, Hugs, Tino (8/25/2008)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
...about the last comment, that email was a scam. Please report all forms of solicitation to webmaster @   (7/30/2008)

mark wresbear1 from... florida
did anyone else get an email about asking permission to use your pictures for a coke billboard in london. was in my mailbox (7/29/2008)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi guys, please tell me what you think of the new BearForest Mobile Access... (6/23/2008)

timcub1970 from... Las Vegas
Im tired of guys with boyfriend!!!!!!!! You got someone already, let the rest of us have a chance!!!!! I lost my husband 3 yrs ago to a heart attack, some of us are not fortunate to have someone in our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6/18/2008)

timcub1970 from... Las Vegas, NV
Great site!!! But where are all the single Bears here in Las Vegas? If I could meet someone in my own neck of the woods, that would be great!!! Hugz, from a very cute bearcub!!! WOOOFF!! (6/11/2008)

bearspiper2008 from... Quebec, Canada
Great site the best in the web... we have great stories, chat, pics, videos and of course the most interesting bears specimens of the web so, we need nothing more... !!!Long life to Bearforest (5/22/2008)

bearspiper2008 from... Quebec, Canada
Great site the best in the web... we have great stories, chat, pics, videos and of course the most interesting bears specimens of the web so, we need nothing more... !!!Long life to Bearforest (5/22/2008)

Tino from... Toronto
To the previous comment, thank you for your note. The profile was removed. I assure you that I am doing my best to keep out illegal and offensive behaviour from the BearForest. Sincerely, Tino (5/18/2008)

Boyforbear from... Philadelphia, PA
Tino and anyone else who reads this. the profile "barristerharmza cole" is a spammer profile, just thought i'd let you know. (5/9/2008)

Bobsk from... Saskabush
It seems we are tough crew to please - Tino this is a horny, fun site and we are fortunate to have you working hard to continually make it better. This horny older bear chaser loves it. (4/30/2008)

UrsusBorealis from... Noorthern Wisconsin, USA
IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THIS SITE.. Having worked a bit with web development myself, and a lot with computing and tech support in general, I can offer up some tips on troubleshooting problems with Bearforest: First of all, don't assume that if you are having problems it is caused by the web site. There is a good chance the problem is on your computer, and that is NOT Tino's responsibility. So when you experience problems, here are some things to consider BEFORE you email Tino: 1) Do you have CURRENT anti-virus/anti-spyware installed? If not, then you are an IDIOT and should give your computer away to somebody who will take care of it properly. 2) Are you having any power issues at your location such as outages, surges, low voltage? Is your computer connected to power via surge protector? 3) Do you have a laser printer (big power hog) connected to the same circuit as your computer? If the circuit isn't capable of sufficient amperage, then using the laser printer will cause a temporary drop in mains voltage to the computer. That can manifest as frequent crashes or spontaneous re-booting of your system. It can permanently degrade or damage the motherboard. It's also not a good idea to have your computer on the same circuit as space heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, welders.. well you get the picture. 4) Do your operating system, web browser(s) and browser plug-ins have all the latest patches and updates installed? 5) Have you installed any new software or hardware recently? If so, the installation process might have altered some settings that affect your web browser. Same goes for uninstalling hardware or software. 6) Is your hard disk drive nearly full? Do you "defrag" it occasionally? 7) Have you tried logging into BearForest from a different computer? Or have you tried using a different web browser on your own computer? (I always keep both FireFox and IE browsers on my machines so I can switch if I experience any problems on any web site.) 8) Is the web browser's internal security setup to "trust" 9) If you have firewall software or hardware, does it "trust" BearForest? 10) Are you experiencing problems with any of the other software on your computer such as word processing, spreadsheet or database applications? 11) If you are on some sort of local area network, has there been any equipment or configuration changes? 12) Are you experiencing any difficulties with your internet provider or have you changed providers recently? 13) If you live in the United States, have you done anything recently to piss-off Homeland Security? 14) Have you been wanking onto the keyboard? Stop it! That can really screw-up the inner workings!! (4/25/2008)

UrsusBorealis from... Northern Wisconsin, USA
Hey Lord Peenus from Venus, UK: Yes, we do have a bit of a little wanker problem here in America, but he's living in The White House! (4/25/2008)

barebear from... penblade
Check out my blogger blog: or simply go to google and put in box gaysandbisrule ( all one word ). (4/24/2008)

benbear from... benbear
whats with the cutsey pie icons, they are hilarious, what do they mean (3/21/2008)

Lord Peenuss from... Venus, UK
Disregard this litle wankers comment below mine. He is, after all, American! If their economy is screwed financially, he shant have the proper funding necessary eh? (3/20/2008)

Lil'CubbyPoo from... Somewhere NC
I must say, I can understand that the site needs money to keep going, but before I do so, I'd like to see it cleaned up a bit so it doesn't cause my PC to freeze up and stall at times. Yes, I've deleted my cookies and history files, but it still happens just about everytime I go to log off or redirect from the home page. I love this site Tino, but a few things have got to be fixed before I become a member. (3/20/2008)

Tazzy (Kevin) from... Connecticut
Nothing important....just thought I would toss out the names of some of my favorite famous "bears"....(wishful that they just might be gay! and ya never know! ;-)) Jason Varitek, Brett Favre, Kevin Youkilis, Kevin James, Larry The Cable Guy....anyone else have some ideas? (3/4/2008)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
This message is to address the previous message. Please use the BLOCK feature if a profile is causing you trouble or grief. If anyone is soliciting for money please report them immediately to The internet provides anonymity which is a double edged sword. The best solution is to keep a handle on things and moderate the site closely. I assure you that I am doing my best in this regard. Sincerely, Tino (3/3/2008)

bear62 from... who knows!
There is a sicko that keeps deleting himself now before Tino can and he has really been a problem with a few of us by sending winks and it is about time some one does something to stop this. I would like to know is there not some way of not blocking this individual when he sends a wink or do we have to wait until he sends a message? I know who he is and he is not the character he makes believe he is..he is one sick and demented person (2/27/2008)

Homie from... homie
Well, first of all I am a chaser and I just want to make friends and pals. The website is indeed interesting, or better yet GREAT, but I am from Chetumal Q.Roo and it would be difficult for me to meet you guys personally. I would say that you should implement some free videos and more previews. All of you bears look great. (2/20/2008)

BIG MAINE BEAR from... who knows!
WE ARE IN TROUBLE! The population of this country is 300 million... 160 million are retired...that leaves 140 million to do the work... There are 85 million in school...which leaves 55 million to do the work... Of this there are 35 million employed by the federal government.. .leaving 15 million to do the work... 2.8 million are in the armed forces preoccupied with killing Osama Bin-Laden... which leaves 12.2 million to do the work... Take from that total the 10.8 million people who work for state and city Governments, and that leaves 1.4 million to do the work... At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals... Leaving 1,212,000 to do the work... Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons... That leaves just two people to do the work... You and me... And there you are, sitting on your ass, at your computer, reading jokes.. (2/10/2008)

UrsusBorealis from... Northern Wisconsin, USA
Hey Whiners! Listen Up.. BearForest is a bargain. The cost of an annual membership here would only get you a month or two at other sites. I've been a member here for three years now and I'm impressed with how Tino keeps working on improvements to the site. If you really don't like something about this site then you are free to go out and start up your own. But it would be a rude awakening if you did. You'd have to deal with the costs of the server space, changing technology, all of the legalities, hackers constantly trying to fuck up your system, and thankless users whom you'll NEVER be able to please. Give Tino a break.. better yet a pat on the back for a job well done. (2/6/2008)

Nvbear69 from... Gustav
Novice 2 the scene.iso older bear daddy not 2 hung 2 top a 35 yr. Ol bear.snobear169@yahoo (1/31/2008)

Nvbear69 from... Gustav
Novice 2 the scene.iso older bear daddy not 2 hung 2 top a 35 yr. Ol bear.snobear169@yahoo (1/31/2008)

mouse from... eddiejr
i really like bearforest there is a lot of cock and balls,ass.that's what i need and you guys got it here and i love it.the guys are nice and aggerssive that a plus in my ass,but it seem to me that some of the guys on here not knowing what they want or they are affaid of what to said be up front,so here it is.i do get very horny when i'm on here.i like talking to the guys and some of them look good and some not,but that's okay because i'm one of the aveage keep it up,because bearforest is a hit for me.yell at me (HORNY) COCK AND BALLS,ASS FOREVER : ) (1/29/2008)

UrsusBorealis from... Northern Wisconsin, US
Hey Tino, the new "Sent Box" is great! (1/17/2008)

tino from... canosobear
Hi Tino...I want to become a bearForest Member...I dont have a credit card..I live in El Salvador,Central America....My question is....Can I send a transfer via wester Union At your name or anybody elses name..This is the easiest way for me to become a member Beatiful Page (12/31/2007)

trunkmoose from... Albany NY
TINO- I hope that are thick skinned cuz some of these guys are coming down pretty hard on you! I think that you are basically providing a great public service and I know that someone is working ass off. My experience here is that a lot of the hottest guys I come across are too far away for me to meet up with. How 'bout we all throw a couple of extra bucks and, say every two months, we have some kind of lottery/competition/vote where we hook up two guys who couldn't afford it any other way, BEARS BY AIR or something. I know, pretty silly, but still.... hugs, Mike (12/29/2007)

phil from... conroe, tx
I would like to sign up, but I can NOT read what it says. I can see the box but don't know what it says off to the left. I don't know what info you want. It looks like some big-ass bear came by and pissed on all the letters. As I said I want to join but I can NOT read it. Now it's up to you to fix it or tell me; "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT " Thanks for listening, PHIL at; (12/20/2007)

CowboyMuscleman from... Texas
It would be nice to be able to search messages in the inbox by sender. That would be a huge help for paying members who have large inboxes they'd like to cleanup without worrying about deleting important messages. The default "sort" function is already apparently set to "sort by date." A "sort by sender" option would be nice. It would also be nice to have the option of an auto-response to be generated when someone sends a message and the receiving member is on vacation or business and is unable to respond for an extended period. It could be turned on or off by the profile owner, the way some email providers do. That way, when someone sends a message and doesn't get a response within a day or two or three, he wouldn't feel as though he's necessarily being ignored or that the recipient is uninterested. Any thoughts on these suggestions? (12/20/2007)

luvabare from... Scott
Tino i Love this site im in the Northern Minnesota area,and i want to Connect with Good,Honest Bears who believe in Passion and romance,thanks for giving us guys a way to Connect (12/18/2007)

Wyckers from... New Zealand
I have lived a carefully controlled life with my sexual preferences carefully masked as had to be the case to survive the social mores of my time. Now retired the beast within is seeking release. Sadly, it all seems too late. I weep for the person I might be being fulfilled the way secretly I have desired for years. (12/15/2007)

swimmer from... who knows!
who wants to chat? i love sucking cock!!! (12/12/2007)

kjdsahjads from... dsa

cowboy_brian from... well, toto, we ain't in kansas anymore
Well, just cause I can, I'm gonna bark too! I don't like paying for things anymore than the next guy, but this is definately one of those places where, yeah, keep it real, and yeah, I don't have a problem with the small fee that you charge. It's not all that big a deal. Really, I spend 15 or 20 bucks at Tim Hortons, and don't whine about their inferior, poor quality, factory made, microwaved reheated donuts. (I digress, but I suppose that's normal. If you read profiles, do I get the longest profile award?) pay is good. shows committment. if y'll are worried about it showing up on yer credit card statement, get a prepaid master card from the CAA (12/3/2007)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
BearForest offers more guest features than most other personals sites. It also has the one of the lowest membership fees around. In addition, BearForest does not use advertising to generate revenue and relies solely on membership support. Please support BearForest and Become a Member :) (12/1/2007)

concerned non-member from... me
no pun intended Tino ...-Hugz- (12/1/2007)

concerned non-customer from... me
Too bad now we have to be "members" to axcess reverse pal list... Sucks in a way how the world is becomming more and more money-driven..... (12/1/2007)

hugo from... ottawa
hey if any one wants to jo and cam lets see what happens leave a note here ill get back (11/14/2007)

CowboyMuscleman from... Texas
It would also be nice to have an auto-response generated for when someone sends a message and a person is on vacation or business and is unable to respond for an extended period. It could be turned on or off by the profile owner, the way some email providers do. That way, when someone sends a message and doesn't get a response within a day or two or three, he wouldn't feel as though he's necessarily being ignored or that the recipient is uninterested. (11/12/2007)

CowboyMuscleman from... Texas
I'd like to second the comment made previously about the tech request for having the ability to search messages in the inbox by sender. That would be a huge help for paying members who have large inboxes they'd like to cleanup without worrying about deleting important messages. (11/12/2007)

chimpy from... who knows!
hi i just felt like saying Danny Mcquery i love you (11/7/2007)

..woofcub from... UK
Whay do the splotch stand for? (10/31/2007)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi all, I will be working on chat feature enhancements in the coming months. Also, your photo does not show up it may not have been accepted. Sorry, no non-face pics on single photo profiles. Please re-add your photo. Enjoy the site, Hugs, Tino (10/28/2007)

Lil Cub from... Somewhere NC
Well, I can say I've found someone great through this sight! But, why have all the profile pics been replaced with boxes full of X's? While I've found someone, I'm still looking to make friends as well. Impossible when you can't see their faces! :( C'mon Tino...makes us bears & cubs growl out of happiness & not anger. (10/28/2007)

SinCityBear from... Las VEgas, NV
I like this site, it has a really good clientele of non-pretentious men. The interface to do things is a bit tough at times and I sure would like to see some chat rooms. I'm sticking around. Keep up the good work. (10/25/2007)

doug from... toronto

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi Greg, to remove your profile from BearForest press My Setup from the Classifieds area. Please come back soon! (10/19/2007)

Greg from... Oz
Can anyone tell me how you delete a profile from this site? (10/18/2007)

chunky cub from... who knows!
hey tino i think ya should get a chat room set up yal get alot more hits and happier members plz hugz tino (10/18/2007)

Greg from... Oz
Ummmm........It has been nearly a month now since my profile pic disappeared, several attempts to reload unsuccessful.....Several attempts to contact Tino STILL unsuccessful...Just what has one to do? (10/17/2007)


UrsusBorealis from... Wisconsin, USA
Hi Tino! I have a tech request for the site. It would be great if I could sort my stored messages by sender. It would make it easier for me to find specific message threads I've had with a particular person. Still love the site! (10/8/2007)

Greg from... Oz
Tino, my profile pic was somehow deleted over two weeks ago and I have successfully resubmitted it a good dozen or so times since. For some reason it is STILL not appearing on my profile. Can you please make some effort to contact me and let me know what the problem is? If you do not want others to read your response on this site, then could you at least have the decency to email me at Thank You (10/6/2007)

Greg from... Oz
Alex from New York....If bearforest is a well-managed site, then why has the webmaster STILL made no attempt to contact me after 10 days regarding the problem AND why has my profile pic STILL not appeared after my dozen or so attempts to reload it???? (10/6/2007)

Alex from... New York
Forget what Greg (Australia) said about the site not being well managed. I think it is the best managed Bear site on the web period. It also has the most features by far. Thanks for all of your hard work. Alex (10/6/2007)

miguelbear from... portugal
hello. ANYBEAR TO CHAT WITH? (10/5/2007)

miguelbear from... chat
hello (10/5/2007)

DV8bear from... NY
Thanks Tino for all your work! Have been offline a while & glad 2 see you're still here & so are some very HOT bears! woofs abound (10/5/2007)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi Guys, the last few days have been very busy ones and it can sometimes take a few days to get round to updating photos. Normally it is done on a daily basis. Please realize that I have many things to do in keeping the site in working order. Enjoy, Tino (10/4/2007)

flintmiforu from... mount Morris, Michigan
I loaded pics on my profile 3 days ago and they still haven't that normal or should I start all over again? (10/3/2007)

Gregamus from... Australia
My profile picture completely disappeared over a week ago. I left a message on here for the webmaster to explain what had happened. To date he has not yet replied and any subsequent attempts by me to resubmit my picture have failed. I pity anyone who is paying membership fees on this badly managed site (10/2/2007)

LilCub from... NC
one thing that's been bugging me lately about this site is how someone tells ya to empty yer inbox so they can write you, but they fail to do so themselves. there are plenty of real men on here, but for the ones who are having trouble with it, at least be man enough to stick up to your end of the bargain, YOUR word. i ain't got time for games & gettin people off in 5 minutes. if ya wanna be a friend, you're more than welcome. but i'm not a one night stand machine. piss off if ya don't like it! (9/30/2007)

Greg from... Australia
I suddenly remembered why I did not subscribe to this site......It is NOT well managed!! (9/27/2007)

irish stocky cub from... who knows!
heh greg thanks for your words didnt really think anyone would write back! your rite doh just when i was reading it i realised if i meet someone and i want to spent the rest of my life with them then why should i feel the need to stray the other way or for another same sex person for that matter and yes i should be honest and tell them that im bisexual but i only want to spend my life with them and if they cant accept that then mabye its not ment to be. i need to find someone who is open minded and accepts wat i am!... god thats some relief anyway... oh and hey i tryed to upload a pic aswell and but was never put up? maybe tino is having problems with it or has to check aload of them to be approved but wud av no idea to why it wud be takin down? (9/27/2007)

pissindix from... who knows!
love the site, the galleries, the speed, can we add a gallery and edit other galleries that will show self sucking guys? ran up on a few, but hit and miss, auto fellatio is a real turn on, i guess a little jealous. (9/27/2007)

Greg from... Australia
Hey Tino, what's going on? A reply would be appreciated! What has happened to my profile pic, why did it suddenly disappear, and also, why have you not reposted my resubmitted pic? (9/27/2007)

Greg from... Australia
To Irish stocky cub......Waiting for a reply to my comment on here, and read about your 'problem'...Hey mate, fantastic that you are bisexual, just means that there is a lot more variety available to you. If you meet someone, and your feelings are really strong for them, then it is a matter of honesty on your part to tell that person that you are bisexual. If that peron is not narrow minded or ignorant to any sexual orientations, then they will definitely NOT dump you, and your relationship would then depend entirely upon your ability to be loyal; no different to any other gay or straight relationship. (9/26/2007)

irish stocky cub from... who knows!
im really confused? im a young guy in college and should be experiencing life and tryin new things right well i am! i think im "bi" but i never liked the fact that someone could like both men and women and i tryed choosing one but could be walking down the street and see a really sexy minx of a women with nice tits and a curvey ass and go "id love to hop on that!" in my head,then the next see a guy with a cute face a bit of a belly and a nice ass and think the same. ive never had problems with getting women to go out with me and have just started going out with men and have no problem with that either. it all depends on my mood. im afraid of getting into a relationship with someone incase i get a craving for the opposite sexy and hurt the person! i will never be able to accept the fact that im bi and need to find out what i am to be happy but i think i will always be thinking wat if? (9/26/2007)

Greg from... Australia
Tino, I have not edited my profile recently, but for some reason my original profile pic has just vanished from this site. (9/25/2007)

Alex from... Chicago
Hot site, love the stories. thanks Tino (9/16/2007)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Go to your Block List (see sign-in page) and un-block. Tino (9/16/2007)

HorneeBear from... Toronto
Love BearForest site. I accidentally hit block instead of respond to a message and I want to unblock the person I blocked. Is there a way to view your list of blocked persons on the site and is there a way to unblock them? Comments appreciated (9/14/2007)

Tony from... New York
What an amazing site. I can spend hours and hours and the galleries are also really hot. Thanks Tino (9/6/2007)

Rickford from... Watertown, New York
Just a note to say thanks for a great site. Gorgeous hunks, and some very generous guys who have send kind notes. (8/26/2007)

Numbat from... Aussie
What is it with guys that dont keep there fore-skin clean if u want me too sux it please keep it clean...yuk! (7/24/2007)

shagbear from... who knows!
need to sort payment methods out. my card isnt catered for (7/23/2007)

maturevtbear from... Vermont
Looking for other bears that might be going on RSVP to Rome and Crusie . Contack me here on bearforest Have a great day (7/22/2007)

Wombat from... Aussie
Does anyone know of any 'bear' clothing ( t-shirts etc)within Australia that have sizes larger than 3X (7/22/2007)

Jedibear from... NY
Dear Tino and members, Wombatboi is right about labels and we have to stop using them right here and now. Tino, remove ROLE from the profile list and every member should contact the webmasters of all the sites they belong to and have them do the same. Its ok to say what you like or do not like but you dont need to use the terms top or bottom etc. So love yourself and respect yourself - remember, when you say 'gay' - you've said it all! (7/22/2007)

Wombatboi from... Aussie
Do u ever see a guy an think yes he's the give him the look an he stares back an you quickly you look away hoping he didnt catch you but secretly you hope he did;do you ever wonder what he's thinking,is he wondering the same. Sometimes one simple look is all it takes,then where lost;heart taken;soul rejoices.One momment in time seconds pass but feels like eons,time has no bearing,the heart defines its own pace...the father-time gives up. What am I going on about you ask....I was at the local burger joint an happen to notice this really cute guy,but all wrong too short,clean shaven,younger,BUT stocky.Not my usual type i go for.I gazed at him for a while and he caught me...SPRUNG!!!!!I thought he was going too give me a dirty look or worst give me a cusing out an call me a fag. The strangest,most wonderful thing happen I stared at him again an he stared back an smiled.......I was in heaven an he kept my attention for what seemed for ever.I looked around to see if there was some hot chick or something behind know one. FOr that brief momment we shared something a understanding.Time an space stood still,i thought what should I do ,introduce my self,no I could never do that tooooo shy. His order came up an he left.....but as he walk out the door he turn an smiled at me again.I want to run up to him an give him a kiss like some hollywood movie,but i didnt .I mean this is the back waters of Perth,hetro-suburb hangout. So I let a chance of a life time felt like some lost love departed... So I sit here typing about loves-lost ,an I say to you friend dont give up on love ,it can happen in the most wonderful daring an incredible way.At the bus stop ,local shop simply crossing the road. One momment in time a simple gaze which can take your breath away. I'm going back too that burger joint ,the same time same day until i see him again an this time i wont let a chance get away from me. "HELLO do you come here often..." I'll keep you posted.........Wombatboi38 (7/21/2007)

Wombatboi from... Western Australia
I've often wonder about labels we give ourselves,do we really need them to feel connected.Or are we limiting ourselves by our own self judgment. I never know what to call myself;am i bear,or a cub..or even an otter!!!!!It's very confusing;I even heard the word Manatee,what the hell is that.... When I was younger it took me a while to except that I was labeled gay,I much more than that.Then i was label again as a top or a bottom...then theres even more sub-groups like trannie,drag,leather, the list goes on. Are we really that shallow and have self doublt that we need these names that disconnects us from the outside world? The st8 world doesnt have the same labeling, is that why we do?Our we still dictated by the st8 world . I am me...nothing extraordinary a guy in a world full of darkness,others lies an self doublt. I just love hairy , ordinary guys....which happen to be bears. (7/18/2007)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Please give me your impressions of the new webcam system :) (7/16/2007)

looking for a top from... toronto
I've been trying to chat with a few membners over the last few weeks and never get any responses. I've used the feature before and almost always got some sort of a note. I've downloaded and installed the latest Java app but still nothing. Is it just me and its not working on my Mac or am I really the bad a conversationalist that no one wants to chat? Please advise (7/9/2007)


goki from... ottawa
any ottawa guys in masterbation let me know here ,eave a message i like to watch and help vicerversa any how it is late i cannot spell iam so tiered any age thanks tno great site yeye get a page set up well let me know how i can contac u herar ill set up a page for privacy thanks (6/28/2007)

Jacob from... Loma Linda, California
so basically, the little guy on the home page that repeatedly squirts in his own mouth...weird me out! haha, it's not that I object to the act's just like...he's a little guy who is squirting out of his nub's a little unsetting..heh I just thought I'd get that off of my chest! (6/28/2007)

Hal from... Harold Wams
I really love!(LOVE) This site, I am not new to It? But a new subscriber though, Didn't no it had so so many Good lookin hunky bear men in It!! YUM YUM! My question is??? How can you get a hold of the men on this site? Is there a system to contact them??? Good job Tino! My email is, (6/4/2007)

Bearlover1231 from... NY
Continue to strive to change sterotypes.... Let people know Gay Men arent ALL ABOUT sex please... Let's show society who's the Mature one and set an example... (5/30/2007)

tod from... space
high guys tino nice site just want to say two things one men please nose hair NOT part of a mushtash ---- also why is it when i try to talk to guys about anal sex no one wants to admit that poop sometimes come out yeyey clean ur self blah blah---example you had longe week no sex then u meet some one poof it happens u go at it well so guys lets talk what have u done continue even though he is not clean or u not clean and u r being fucked if he says nothing what u do help me on this what is the dirty secrete no one want to talk about no way every gay man cleans every day one not good for ur inside at leas thats what i am told so guys only serious responses ok iam new at this help me (5/20/2007)

Rick from...
It would be great if there was a chatroom. Has anyone out there found a good chatroom that Bears frequent? I'm travelling later this month to Amsterdam, Prague, and London, and would like to meet up with other friendly bears that live in these desitinations. My e-mail is I really like this website. As personals sites go, this is one of the better ones I've found. (5/7/2007)

reindeer from... who knows!
Why is it so very hard for another man to carry on a conversation on this and other guy sites. I take the time to send a thoughtful message, ask questions only to never be answered. Hey guys it is 2007. It is alright to talk and get to know the other. The least you could do is acknowledge that someone sent you a message. I have not found a way on here that allows you to review the messages you have sent, only those who sent you one, or viewed you. Be a man and say thanks for visiting my site. There are many playing games, not brave enough to return a note. These guys are gay shallow hal's. Tired of searching to find a great profile only to find he must not be able to write or read. No response to another guy is a cop out to our manhood. You type with your hands and play with your cock. I quess all the guys I have visited don't know the differance. (4/30/2007)

thanosthetitan from... london UK
just a suggestion...i would love to see a page where you can write down names of guys that play games so that everyone can see if the guy they're talking to is a catch or an idiot...i mean if more than 4/5 people complain about someone and everyone knows about it it'll help get rid of those sad guys that deserve only to be hanged by the balls(actually no...someone could enjoy that...)Email (4/16/2007)

otter from... me ;-)
Guys i just really want to thank you, if you have stopped by to say hi, thank you. I love meeting you and getting a chance to see what another spirit has gone through in life, its like reading a book. Great site Tino, thank you! you have changed my life in more ways then one, and that has never happened! but if it were....... i would be completed ;-) (4/13/2007)

Jedibear from... NY
YOU ROCK TINO!!!!!!! (4/10/2007)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
maybe :) (4/7/2007)

Jedibear from... NY
Are their any furture plans for a video chat room in BearForest? Love the site Tino - Love It!!!! (4/6/2007)

BEAR777 from... ALTOONA PA

builtforcomfort88 from... Mike*
No gruff here just Grrrrrr Tino!! Great site, some wonderful men, and this has been a wonderful experience. Thank you from the bottom of my bear loving heart! Mike* (4/2/2007)

KayJayBear from... Germany
Congratulations to this great site. I've met quite a lot of cordial, down-to-earth and open-minded chaps to talk or get in contact with. Thank's Tino and all you other bears using this site. I do looooooove it. Woooooooof KJB (4/1/2007)

thebackroadsbear from... Laith
I am a new member here, and really like the site over all...however, I feel that at a minimum that everyone should be required to post a photo of themselves. Other sites require them. Why should guys be able to view and contact me, when I can not view them? (3/28/2007)

Alex from... New York
Just found this site. There are so many hot bears and daddies on here. I love it! I'm off to the woods... (3/16/2007)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi Buddha, I've sent you an email to try and figure out your problem. Contact me through there. Tino :) (3/16/2007)

Buddha from... Carbondale, Illinois
Hey Tino !!!!!!!!!!! Ever since I paid for renenwal of membership I am having trouble logging in. Please check it out. (3/15/2007)

Paul from... England
I saw a classified that stated he didnt want to hear from anyone grossly overweight and he would decide that for himself. This really isnt the place for comments like that let alone anywhere else in this world. I wouldnt mind but he wasnt exactly Mr World Bear. He just had a big dick which he obviously thinks gives him the right to make statements like that. I for one wont be at his alter to worship it! I may be wrong (3/14/2007)

Knighted from... who knows!
I can't seem to add photos to my profile. I've tried mnay times. What gives? (3/13/2007)

tater from... georgia (3/9/2007)

hibeams from... tom

bear62 from... nova scotia/canada
Does anyone have the problem of the pictures coming up and just an empty box with an X in them. Maybe it is something I have done and will admit I do not know much about computers so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (3/1/2007)

Tazzy from... Connecticut
Does anyone else think Larry The Cable Guy is hot? Anyone think he could be gay or at least partially gay? My little nephews love the movie "Cars" in which he voiced "Mater", a lovable simple-minded Tow Truck. I understand he's married with a new baby....but that doesn't mean he might not enjoy a tumble with a bear....he certainly looks like a bear, doesn't he? Oh well, let me know what you think! Just thought a little light hearted banter might be fun! (2/23/2007)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
for previous writer... disable any pop-up blocker while using BearForest. Enjoy the site, Hugs T (2/21/2007)

rp from... Ottawa Ontario
Tino...when someone on this GREAT site opens up a chat window and I don't recognize his name and I try to "view" said Profile, I get "Google Tool Bar Blocked"... admittedly I am not so computer savy, but can you give me some advice on correcting this annoying problem?? Much appreciated and this is an awesome site.... many thanks sport! (2/7/2007)



tp from... to

Nobody from... Me to you
Too bad that Tino does not check out anything before he just throws people out of here and bans them for ever. If one person makes a complaint and "claims" that he has been harrassed by somebody.. That "somebody" is tossed out. And Tino does not know if the complainer has a legitimate complaint or not. He does not know the story and apparently does not care to know , nor does he ask. He then allows the cry baby complainer to stay and go on with thier lying profiles and doctored photos. This could be a good site if managed better. (1/15/2007)

primate from... florida

LIttleBear from... Leland, NC
Man, it's the beginning of a new year and hope to get things rolling soon. There's not alot of bars in my area that are really big on the gay secne and I don't do phone lines very much! I have seen some of the hairiest and sexiest guys one here! Guys I used to dream and fantasize about! It's hard to make ends meet sometimes, but I can assure myself that I will be working extra hard to try and make those ends meet! Life is vicious at times, and it ain't worth going through alone! I'm going to do my part and my hardest to make dreams a reality! (1/1/2007)

glovechub from... UK
I'd just like to take this oppotunity to wish all the guys in the forest a happy and proserous new year. Warm gloved hugs are being sent. (12/28/2006)

jj from... Toronto
Hi great site ---but that one comment iread from guy Me-- about spelling just to let them know their are many great prople who cannot spell they are very inteligent people if u were whatching much music that lead singer admited she cannot spell so she is rich famous etc. I guess she is stupid right I would suggest u THINK BEFORE U OPEN YOUR MOUTH since YOU have O inteligence of judging people shame on you shame on you .SPELLING DOES NOT MAKE THE PERSON I am sure YOU HAVE MANY FAULTS any way thanks tino great site wish every one the best (12/24/2006)

Ozbear from... who knows!
Was just wondering if you can help me. I'm a paid member and i can't veiw photo's of who is on line, or galleries, can any one help. Cheers (12/17/2006)

Daddybaer from... Indianapolis
There are a few sites that offer the ability to look and see who has viewed your profile for the past seven days or so .. they're usually divided according to sexual role .. TOPs, BOTTOMs, Versatile etc .. this would be a nice feature here as well. (12/4/2006)

Jedibear from... NY
The 4th guy I ever talked to seriously online is now my huzbear of over 4 years and growing. I believe that it is the will of the force or that gut instinct that tells you to go for it. Of course it's scares you - love is a powerful energy because it is a positive force and boy does it shine! There is nothing positive about using someone for sex so the energy is negative and that is why guys chicken out - it just doesn't feel right - nothing grows in darkness. (11/20/2006)

bearmale from... RI
I'm fuckin' horny and need to get my hot tight hairy ass cock fucked and filled with a hot creamy load...I'm looking for any horny bear willing to fuckin' breed my slut ass (11/19/2006)

Jedibear from... NY
I absolutely love this site and would like to know if there are any plans to allow paying-members to add video clips to their profiles and can we get a link to the XXX files from the members' profiles instead of the other way around? Thanks - Hugs to all! (11/11/2006)

furball45 from... Nort Bay, Canada
Speaking from my own experience, I have met a couple decent guys on here and yes, I have travelled to meet them in person. In fact with ine, we have since planned on meeting again in the next month, by mutual agreement and mutual trust. What I find is during the dialogue prior to arrainging a face to face meeting, honesty has to to be used. Plus the person has to rely on their own gut instinct. Yes they will always be peopel who have no intention of meeting and most times, one can determine if this is the case or if the other person is still nervous and shy about meeting at that time. It just takes careful planning and negotiation before those guys will show up and not "chicken out!" The less expectations there are for the meeting, the less liking you'll have a no show. (11/1/2006)

SantaFeBear from... Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
Many guys report they've had a hard time trying to arrange face-to-face meetings with contacts over the Internet. I hear a lot about enthusiastic evasions, sudden cessations of communication, and outright no-shows when they've tried to pin down specific dates for meetings. What's been your experience? And what suggestions do you have for discerning in advance when somebody's expressed enthusiasm for meeting is genuine and when it's bullshit? (10/27/2006)

charlemagne from... provincetown
Love this site. The guys here are the real thing. (10/15/2006)

Teddy from... California
This site totally rocks! (10/11/2006)

Me from... Toronto
Isn't it funny how many people that value intelligence on this site have the poorest spelling... (10/8/2006)

jack from... ottawa
hey guys I have 3 issues one tell the truth when you clame to be mucle ok it is diapointing to get undress and the person who claime to be mucle is just skinny or just plain. Look at a mucle mag to get the right definition for what is mucle body. the second is if you claim to have a big cock or realy thick please do do not get us guys looking forward to a nine inch cock to suck and get fucked by that it turns out you have to press hard on the guy pelvic fat where your pubic hair grows to get full lengh look ur 8-9-6 what ever be that hard or soft but be that ok should look what you clame and if i or any one uses a ruler to measure we should not have to press hard againts the pelvic area to get all the meat . Now the third issue smell take showeres please I do not care what any guy claims balls and cock sweat they smell for some its great but do not be an all that guy saying claiming to be very cleane I take two showers a day when i get up and go to bed I do manual labour I sweat so put it together this also inclueds your butt look you go for a poop no matter what unless you use soap and whater you are not fresh their aswell ok so for those guys claiming to be extremly clean yay right ever poop think about it paper only cleans so much so thats it make sure u tell me ur mucle 9 inches cleane be that ok do not be so upity about yourself ----thats why I like to take showers with my guys befor total body contact Iam 5 inches and proud of it cleane to clean I can be and fat manboobs and all thast the truth (10/1/2006)

Bearsteve from... UK
Really great site thanks (9/30/2006)

behrhuggs from... tazewell, tn
i have tried to get to the members area, can you help me the weird message i get is that it cannot validate my password and user name.... (9/29/2006)

behrhuggs from... tazewell, tn
hey here is an idea, give guys a chance to decide if they want to automatically start photo mode and let us select it in the set up menu. that way we wont have to keep clickin it to start it over and over and over and over and over and ....... (9/29/2006)

erin from... jersy
look guys great pics nice bods but guys with facial hair one tip---NOSE HAIRS ARE NOT TO BE PART OF YOUR MUSTACH ---GROSS SO CLIP IT.It is nice to kiss but no nose hairs guys (9/9/2006)

arctic from... new york
I was deleting some of my in box mail and I deleted one e-mail from someone by mistake can you put all my deleted e-mails back in my in box? I never read the e-mail or looked who sent it. Please help!!! Thanks, Doug, PS I love Bear Forest!!!!!! (9/5/2006)


Feygele Goy from... Minnesota, USA
I have also had my profile deleted twice, each time within twenty-four hours. I didn't display nudity or talk about sex beyond suggestive language. I can't think of anything else that I mught have done that would violate any rules. It would be helpful to have a TOS or other list of rules easily available. (9/4/2006)

Feygele Goy from... Minnesota, USA
I have also had my profile deleted twice, each time within twenty-four hours. I didn't display nudity or talk about sex beyond suggestive language. I can't think of anything else that I mught have done that would violate any rules. It would be helpful to have a TOS or other list of rules easily available. (9/4/2006)

bigmike from... who knows!
love the site, think it is great, never seen so many good looking men!!!!! (9/1/2006)

Adam from... Tampa, FLA
Wow, I'm really glad I found this site. It totally rocks, the sexiest guys I've seen around. Thanks (8/31/2006)

pissed off from... who knows!
what the fuck man!!! why did you delete my profile? its like the 10,000th that my profile gets deleted for no aperent reason. what kind of bullshit is this. i was gonna become a member, but i dont see why i would go and spend my money for no reason. (8/30/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
just Edit Your Profile :) (8/29/2006)

brownasian from... who knows!
my previous e mail address registered to this site has been recently hacked.. how can i change my e mail address? (8/29/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
To delete your profile click "Change Yourself" from the Classifieds area. Come back soon, Tino :) (8/27/2006)

bigdavebanana from... washington
how do i delete my profile? any sugestions guys. (8/26/2006)

Alex from... Ohio
What an amazing website. I really like the new features. Cudos Tino (8/23/2006)

kannan from... Tirunelveli
"Love,quarrel,reconciliation and intercourse, these are the advantages reaped by those who marry for lust" (8/21/2006)

GentleBen from... New Jersey
Would it be possible to narrow the search areas a bit? I'm in central NJ and it does me no good to hear about bears in the far southern and northern areas of the state. Otherwise, great site! (8/21/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, ON
Hi guys, if you are having trouble signing in or creating a profile please send a note to the Note that some profiles are deleted at the discretion of the webmaster. Tino (8/21/2006)

trevor from... toronto
yo dude whats up yo man get this fix look I am having problems my self I want to join but not if this place have this many probs man dude you have to work out the kinks look you have a guy from ottawa here with three copies of his gruff man how this happen he does not know what happen to my ad look dude befor i give money man fix this it is a great web hot guys but if i have no access no fun dude oh ya I am not using aol i have yahoo so dude whats up let me know peace man good will to you dude (8/20/2006)

jojo from... bc
whats with your system I can not sing in cannot acess my profile what I read here lots have same problem you should fix this man whats the point of having this web if you do not have it operating proper also how do we get in touch with your custommer service do you have one get this fix thanks for hearing me out (8/20/2006)

frustration from... ottawa
Look I just want to know if all gay men only want sex yes may seem stupid queastion but it seems the majorety of guys I talk to enjoy UN SAFE SEX YOU CAN USE A CONDOM FOR ANAL BUT ORAL U CAN GET HIV THROUGH PRE CUM when i ask if they would get tested if we become a couple they said or I should say some replied OH YOU WANT BARE BACK I said no just want to play safe with only one guy that alone I get strange response and something not 24-7 but casual safe fun like using condom for oral etc but does not seem what guys want since the rise of hiv amoung gay men is up again it is not as safe as we might think let alone the other stuff we can get look this is not for every one IAM NOT HERE TO JUDGE I just want to know if their are other guys who are looking for the same thing as me or am I in a fantasy world that two people can get romantic enjoy hrs of fun not 24-7 but safe willing to be tested have only one partner and reframe from having other partners while we see where this goes their are other ways to enjoy our selves while we waight untill we do the deed of full penatration ie masterbation safe yaya boring but does any one care to be safe enjoy one person knowing when your with that person if the condom breaks and he cums in you before he can pull out that their would be no worries any how get back here in gruff let me know if any one interested leave me a message here att frustration with a email or something I can contack you thanks for hearing me out I wish everyone the best good luck in finding what your looking for (8/20/2006)

prtr from... to
yep me again tried it DID NOT WORK WHATS UP THOUGH GIVE ANOTHER TRY NO GO thanks for trying to fix this but does not help me what ever you tried to do good luck wish you the best leave me a note here if u have Ideas howe i can retrive my 3 ads which I did not want to have thank you GOOD LUCK ALSO WHERE IS YOUR HELP LINE EMAIL ADREES YOU NEED ONE TO HELP THOSE IN NEED OF SITUATION LIKE THIS like me and many more well goodluck have a nice day wish i could meet a bear (8/20/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, ON
Hi guys, if you were trying to create a profile during the last few days, you may have encountered problems. I hope to have resolved the trouble. Sorry for the inconvenience, hugs, Tino (8/19/2006)

prtr from... To
yes me again I just read some gruff and I am not the only one with problems I myself ended up with 2 ads I could not finish the first beacuse it skip the last iteams for me to fill in and disapeared when I tried to finish so I thought it was cleared I did it over and little did I know I had 2 ads and both your system would NOT let me acess why so I redid another ad used a difrent name as not to confuse people now I canot acess that one ID retrieve does not work it says in valid email funny though it works for every one else email requirements so now I have three ads AND NO ACESS THIS IS FRUSTREATING SO THATS WHY I SAY NO THANKS YOU NEED TO FIX THIS IAM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM great web but lousy access so i will look else where good luck I wish u the best let every one know this is fixed in the gruff here with a big all fix or something since I cannot use it with my email and u do not have a place where anyone can email call for help thank you good luck (8/19/2006)

prtr from... To
your id look up does not work----does not accept emailadresses???????????????? this is frustrating thanks any way but u need to fix this and other problems with this web site where is the support thanks no thanks (8/19/2006)

ii from... kikk
iii (8/18/2006)

David-Jack from... Central Coast, Australia
Bearforest is great, but every time I add my profile, it is autmotacically deleted the next day. So if any bears want to contact a young, vibrant, intelligent, funny, down to earth cub/chaser, then please email me at ..: I can't wait to hear from you! Mwah! (8/17/2006)

tito from... trucker
having trouble signing in, cannot get my id lookup on my hotmail account. any suggestions? Trucker (8/15/2006)

nyrican4u from... who knows!
have been trying to log in !! i am a member and it is not accepting my info.. i tried id lookup a hundred times and the info is not being sent to me to my email ..whats up with this >>? (8/14/2006)

littleguy from... Fort Erie<ontario
Cant seem to log on for some reason. (8/12/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, ON
Get an audience... Please send you Bear/Gay stories to me ( (8/11/2006)

woodster from... canada
cannot retrieve sign in info. Tried id lookup but do not get the email that says sent to my hotmail account. tried a new "add self" but will not accept as i'm told i have a classified already..I know i do but how do I get back in? woodster (8/10/2006)


buttons from... the Netherlands
I was thinking of submitting some fiction I've written. does anyone know if it's possible to add drawing to the story? Could anyone let me know? (8/10/2006)

solly from... florida
i wana fuck a bear .... if u interested (8/9/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, ON
Hi Ben, just updated the Bear decks, added thousands of new pics to Hard Core Bear and video coming soon, hugs, Tino (8/8/2006)

gemineyer from... cincinnati,ohio
Looking for friends to share traveling experiencess with........near and far. Guys in other cities to give the nickel tour. I'm partnered but we play too.we can reciprocate to other who visit our area (8/6/2006)

big_hairy8 from... who knows!
i just want to find some men in eastern oklahoma(haskell county area) that i can have some fun with come there got to be someone close that want a big hairy top (8/4/2006)

I have enjoyed the forest for a long time but am tired of weeing the same old videos and card decks. Would bery much like to hear from you (8/4/2006)


larrybear from... versailles
having continuing problem signing in, as it will only last for a day or two, then I have to "add" myself againe and lose my pals, and e-mail contacts (7/31/2006)

twocubs from... who knows!
thanks for a great site on here looking for new friends from all over the world once again thanks for a good site (7/31/2006)

hairydaddyman from... chuck

Stephen Glowatz from... Stefon69ny
I have never in my life been featured on the opening page of a web site. What 2 my surprise when i went to check my mail. WAS ME I Know i'm not a payed member but your site has helped me meet 2 of the most greatest guys. Thank you!, Thank you, Thank you (7/28/2006)

dady's home from... warren,ohio
Atlas Asses: Who decided to put all those oiled up model smoothie boi's in there? This ain't a twink site! WE WANT FUR! WE WANT FUR! (7/27/2006)

inman from... buzz
Great site and all seem sincere, trying to locate bear men that wrestle erotically, all in fun. Trade hot holds, explore and test eachothers masculine savy.. hot and ready any takers for fun (7/19/2006)

gulf breeze bears from... fl, g.breeze
wonderful sight (7/17/2006)

aseel from... yemen_sanaa
hello : arabian handsom tooooop guy very very active ,, hairy body ,, lettel dark skin with the big hard dick ,, looking fo handsom big man bottom over 4 to marry ,,,,any one intersted ,, let me know my e mail ( please sent to me with picts (7/15/2006)

mdbearbait from...
TITO! I had to delete my membership recently because a google search pulled it up, including my pic! As I'm "in the closet" this is a big issue! If you can stop the google indexing, let me know. I miss the bears (7/13/2006)

CockneyGuyTom from... London
I think I've found the man of my dreams in the forest, what's even more surprising is that I haven't felt like this about a guy for a long time! However...It looks like I'll never hear from him again and I'm miserable! - it's such a shame. (7/12/2006)

Manny2006 from... Puerto Rico
I thought I would end my search in the Forest but seems it not working for me. Am very lonely and horny. Why do some guys send messages but never respond to them? If you do send me a message please get to know me firsthand and let's see what happens (7/11/2006)

ONEhuskyBear from... Brampton
Hi, i,m trying to get my password sent to me by email. I said (check your email). but i dont get anything. Why? I check that junk box too.. Please help (7/5/2006)

bubbers64 from... Lincoln Illinois
The best website for us gay men that are bears and proud of it! I feel right at home! Keep up the great work! (7/3/2006)

CubbyHole1 from... Floral City Florida (7/2/2006)

CubbyHole1 from... Floral City Florida
I want to suck cock rim ass and get FUCKED!!! (7/2/2006)

Chuck- from... CHICAGO IL,
HI, looking for more than Just Sex, - any Bears out there,? any one near CHICAGO IL. PEDARSEA@YAHOO.COM that's me, My art work is there, let me know if your in my work ; I'll get you the Photo . (6/30/2006)

beary from... Toronto
I'm trying to get my id with password but somehow I don't think the return information is getting back to me. I have a hotmail address and I know it might be blocking bearforest information. Is there another way to get my id and password... so I can get to my emails. (6/30/2006)

hairydaddyman from... South Gate CA
A friend turned me on to this websight andit';s rea;;y a great place for not only us beae's but foe thise men who like us. I have met a few in my area and have become friends already if yo uknow what i am saying. Thanks again to whoever came uo with this web sight (6/22/2006)

Roger from... LaPorte, Indiana
I need some help I am in the process of growning a goatee. i wonder if there is any guy in my area that would be willing to meet me and help me with tips on how to grow it and groom it. Hands on experiance would be even more benificial. and we could go from there if wanted to. email me with picturesa to the following email address. all responces will get replys. THANK ROGER (6/18/2006)

Ladyroze from... Ladyroze
I have never seen anything like this, my thought is, while he's fucking you - PLEASE fuck me (6/17/2006)

likesafuntime from... Nova Scotia
Best gay site I have ever checked take your work seriously as is shown by the quality of your site...Be Proud Guys...Leo (6/17/2006)

socawarrior from... Trinidad
It has been a pleasure joining this site. Hope to meet many friends who care and can share (6/16/2006)

bearchaser1 from... Australia
I can't sign in. The sign in page comes up and I enter my details, and then it says there is some kind of internal error...what's going on? Is it my computer, or is it Bear Forest? (6/15/2006)

bearchaser1 from... David-Jack
I love bearforest! There are so many hot, wonderful men on here. It's a shame I can't meet them all! email address is (6/15/2006)

bearchaser1 from... David-Jack
I love bearforest! There are so many hot, wonderful men on here. It's a shame I can't meet them all! (6/15/2006)

Gravekeepesven from... Sven
New to the club. I really like bears! Being an sm goth type slender build definitly has its ups. i like cool people! (6/14/2006)

CantonCub from... Michigan
Hi, new guy here. Hope to make some new friends and hookups here. (6/9/2006)

longtermman51 from... who knows!
why do gaY men make relationships hardwer then they really have to be. they say they are in love with you and there is no other but you find them on the internet talking with other guys and i mean real flirting arranging contacts and so. this is not love this is lying. if you want a open relationship then just say so from the begening. then you can fo your way and me my way. i dont need this shit thank you very much. im the kind of guy who wants one man and one man only. no open or three ways if you cant live with that oh well move on. (6/9/2006)

wisdom from... ghana
i want some one who is kind and can help (6/6/2006)

NYBearluv from... New York, NY
Polar Bear visiting Sweden, Finland, Baltic Countries & St. Petersburg in July. Looking to meet local guys. (5/29/2006)

asiayoungman from... china
i like older man and daddys very much.who want a young man. (5/25/2006)

jammer from... kentucky
what does it mean when people say they are looking for their significant other "with benefits"? I've noticed this in several profiles. thanks for answering. (5/18/2006)

robbie from... Benton,Illinois
Hey Southern Illinois! Holla here from Benton. (5/13/2006)

sedohre from... Ireland
Hi there, Can anyone let me know if they have come across a website or suggest any good dvds for fit bears Thanks (5/13/2006)

Heart Broken from... Ft Lauderdale....
I discovered this website when a friend told me my baby had a profile on here saying he was looking for fun.....Now he's doing a lot of chatting with some bitch from Boca. Guess I won't be the one having fun anymore....feel like I am on Jerry Springer! Is there something in the water here in Florida????? (5/12/2006)

Chief1 from... Iowa
It is back at it again. I am useing the ID and Password you sent me. Even cute and pasted it.It still won't let me in. (5/9/2006)

Roger from... Roger
HELLO SEXY TINO LOVE THE changes in the profiles keep up the excellant job. LOVE to hear from you. ROGER email me at (5/6/2006)

sam from... usa
werwfre4g5te4w5t4 (5/5/2006)

Chief1 from... Iowa
Why will my sign on not work? Have asked for the information a number of times. It is always the same, but when I use it, it still will not let me in. (5/5/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, ON
Hi everyone, I switched servers this week. Please send me a note if you find any pages that don't come up. Thanks, hugs, Tino (5/5/2006)

Chief1 from... Iowa
Have tried 5 times to get signed in. Sent for Name and password. It is the same as what I am using. What is the problem? (5/4/2006)

Chief1 from... Iowa
Have the damnedest time logging into your site. (5/4/2006)

Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
good every night (4/30/2006)

Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
good every night (4/30/2006)

Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
good every night (4/30/2006)

Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
good every night (4/30/2006)

RET from... RET
I am here because I like to use mature men for my pleasures. I want a man on all fours at my feet, thats what I like, a sub man is my favorite pleasure but its difficult on BEAR FOREST not many state their preference in the first line - THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE so that I don't have to search around all the time, wondering if, asking if, trying to figure out from the short text if, man I wish it were easier and much more important I WISH I HAD A SUB MATURE MAN AT MY FEET. Is that you boy, if it is, tell me DIRECTLY at Montreal (4/29/2006)

Sed from... Ireland
Love the stories on the site, they realy give me a release on some lonely night. feel free to drop me a mail and say hello, Thanks! (4/27/2006)

KAZ from... Orange County CA
Looking for hot bears and chasers for photo projects. Naked...not porn...(necessarily) lol Let me know you're out and about in Orange County. (4/26/2006)

FaceFurFiend from... New Westminster
BEARDED MEN ARE AWESOME! And now that its spring there is one everywhere I turn. I am hapillly attached so I don't play but they are all so nice to look at! (4/24/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi everyone, I am looking for actors for my next video in the Ontario and North Western New York state regions. If you are interested drop me a line at (4/7/2006)

dutchesscoguy from... Rhinebeck
I think this site id great. I enjoy surfing it. The only reason i have not become a full member, is,there are so few members within 50 miles of my zip code. It seems as though most members are in the large cities. that may be due to the fact that the more rural and smaller the town the more the need to be closeted. therefor many are still afraid to expose themselves even on line. Hopefully that will change and your rural membership will grow......Rick (4/6/2006)

MackV from... MackV
Great idea spokub has on the area code. It could be made an option on your profile, and added to the "search engine field". A great way to find Bears that live close to you. (4/5/2006)

Sir PeeWee from... Ken
I love this site, keep up the good work (4/2/2006)

emilio from... germany
hi (3/31/2006)

spokub from... who knows!
can you make the search engine by area code? it's much easier for us. thanks spokub (3/29/2006)

asian from... john
i lost my code the old one can u please send me thanks a many... (3/28/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, ON
Hi all, I've made some changes to the Instant Messaging which should make the overall site faster. Enjoy, hugs, Tino (3/23/2006)

nana adjei from... ghana
please i am from ghana i want to make friend with my e- mail is thank u. (3/20/2006)

nana adjei from... ghana
thank u . (3/20/2006)

Telbrew from... united kingdom/England
Hi Tino, Great Site my friend - always good to hear from other guys."all over" (3/16/2006)

bbrick85 from... who knows!
any guys from ny (3/13/2006)

pal from... pal
hey tino hanging in there for the new login stuff getting the jones for hot bear men on the best hot bear site!! umm for you that dont know thats bear forest.... (3/13/2006)

Aquarius from... texas
to webmaster i cant sign in help please. it wont let me use old format or new password assigned by you. to all the bears ou there hello. great website! i am looking to meet people in tx area if interested you can contact me at hugs to all (3/11/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Please bear with me in the setup of the new User Name/Password sign-in arrangement. It will be beneficial in the long run as you will be able to change your password easily and also retrieve it more easily using a Secret Question/Answer. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Tino (3/2/2006) (3/10/2006)

nyhunkyguy from... joe
so fucking difficult to log in here... i'll try a few more times, and then give it up.. (3/9/2006)

Rory from... Rory
A new site. A different site. A site for man-man-sex guys, not for man-wanna-be-gal-sex-guys. I'm a bi-married guy. I like this site. When I wanna be be with a dame I be with a dame, when I wanna be with a man, I wanna be with a man. Nowadays, mostly, I prefer to be be a man with men. The pleasure in that for me is that he is a man and I am I man and it is the togetherness of the man-ness that makes things hot and good as before it was in the difference of the man-ness and woman-ness that did like that for me. But for now I want and need man meat, man smell. man fur, man sweat, and man fuck and this looks like the kinda place where a guy might encounter men of like mind. Am I right or am I wrong? (3/5/2006)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Please bear with me in the setup of the new User Name/Password sign-in arrangement. It will be beneficial in the long run as you will be able to change your password easily and also retrieve it more easily using a Secret Question/Answer. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Tino (3/2/2006)

dannyboy from... appalachia, virginia

allen from... florida
the password is too sensitive. this new system doesn't want to get me on line. let's go back to the old system tino. it was much easier. (3/1/2006)



Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
want talk (2/28/2006)

Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
want talk (2/28/2006)

Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
want talk (2/28/2006)

HI, looking for Friends here - my e- is PENDARSEA@YAHOO.COM it's alway good to hear from friends . i'm out side of Chicago and looking for Love , not just sex, But a real Friend, I want to give all and see what can happen ? (2/28/2006)

lostwolfe from... who knows!
thans. spam all dealt with. ;) (2/25/2006)

lostwolfe from... who knows!
this still seems like a monumentally dumb question, but where do i report spam? ;) thanks. (2/25/2006)

Bharat from... India
Just joined the site. Certainly something i was searching since long as i have a fixation for old hairy oldies( u can call that unresolved oedipus complex or is that an electra complex)Any hope to find my soulmate here. Amen (2/19/2006)

BareNaked from... Ark
so whate up around here what going on (2/17/2006)

pierrefe from... south of france
Hello guys ! (2/17/2006)

Stephen38 from... Phoenix Arizona
I love the site, the only improvement would be if there was a stats side for what you are and another one for what you are looking for. Being a chub as well as a bear it would be nice to know if the person you want to contact has a problem with chubs. Overall GREAT site!!! (2/14/2006)

renzo from... peru
someone from latin america (2/13/2006)

renzo from... peru
hola como estas (2/13/2006)

Beartrap_co from... Denver
Tino, I just joined the site and have already met some great guys as friends. Thanks for starting the Forest. (2/11/2006)

fatandfortysomething from... ireland
its so difficult to get chub or bear cocks to suck in ireland. Any volunteers. (2/2/2006)

Antonio from... Brazil
Good Night, I am Brazilian, I found attractive, sensual, pretty you very, with a mustache of gives water in the mouth. Its in my email orders more photos. Here my profile goes: I am low, hair grisalho, colored person, taste to fish, am not very to leave, taste more than to be in house. One I hug, Antonio (2/1/2006)

gene from... palestine,tx
looking for someone here help (1/27/2006)

southtexcub from... texas
I think it would be a good idea to be able to search through profiles by sexual role. (1/26/2006)

martae from... denver,co
where are all the hot bearmen in denver (1/23/2006)

blondebottom from... who knows!
New to the site and just wanted to say how absolutely cock tingling it has been for me to finally see and chat with some REAL men for a change. I can't tell you how sick I am of those hairless, skinny, flamming fem types that I have found on other sites. Not that they don't have a right to do there thing but it makes my cock go limp just to see them. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to check out profiles of guys who's interests and attributes match my own. I'm new to this scene and can't wait to experice being with another guy who fullfills all my deepest erotic bear fantasies!! GGGrrrrrr I'm hooked!! Great Job T (1/19/2006)

larrydrake from... larrydrake
i think that this is an absolutely wonderful site and have thoroughly enjoyed meetingall teh guys i have met. however, there have been a couple of situations taht have prompted direct responses to several members and i need to share the thoughts from that but not about them. first off, when you invite someone to be their bearforest pal, don't just leave them hanging in the lurch. communicate. they have no idea nor are they psychic whats going on in your lives that you wish to share, much less ignoring them. i find that to be rather tasteless and rude. if you are in a professional position and the risk of making them your pal may cause ethical concerns on your job, then kindly pay attention to their pic if available with file before deciding to do so. that will avoid any n all hard feelings. secondly, if you don't wish to continue corresponding with x person, kindlylet the person know. do not under any circumstances put up a message block. that is crass, rude n immature. the sender is not a mind reader and a message block resolves nothing and only adds to further hard feelings in the future. thanks (1/16/2006)

X_Fiend_2005 from... Shellsburg, IA
This site is the shit. I love it so much. This website is like a home for bears and their admirers to nourish their fantasies into healthy, juicy, dirty and explicit ones. Every part of the site is so hot. This is the only place you can really do that in a country full of silly morals and phobias. I LOVE COCK! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am in love with men, and no one's changing that! Fuck anyone who thinks they're better than us because we are looked down on. Massive props to Tino. hot bears look for me in Iowa listing and IM me. I like to share pix. Peace. -Bruce (1/3/2006)

gingebreadman from... nebraska
I have no problems with the way it is now. if I want to search singles that is what I search for. You people out there who are not looking for couples or married, don't include it in your search criteria. (1/2/2006)

david_7f from... Kansas City
I want to see HWP bears & muscle bears. It is not the quantity of hair but the look that can get me hot. (1/2/2006)

medic from... who knows!
just viewed video 2. friggin hot. scene 1 was hot as hell (12/27/2005)

Bonnevlle455 from... Minnesota
Need to seperate couples and married and bi's from single men. I'm single and don't want to deal with their bullshit. (12/27/2005)

CHEWBACCA from... who knows!

blacktourmaline from... london
looking for someone or something different than before. Think i might find it here. (12/24/2005)

Jim from... arkansas
hey guys i want a guy that has a hairy chest.not just a little hair a pretty good know what i any one out there that can fit my wants??? (12/22/2005)

Born_to_be_Bear from... London
Just surfed in and had a great wander around the site. Loved the bear pics and the fiction guys! (12/17/2005)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi guys, I have made some changes to the Instant Messaging Bar. Please let me know if you have any troubles. Happy Holiday Hugs, Tino (12/14/2005)

bad from... Pretoria, Gauteng
Would love to meet wonderful friends and meet lots of nice men on this site. If I am of line my email addy is "" drop me a line (11/26/2005)

loswolfe from... who knows!
how would i report spam? i just got some. :) (11/25/2005) from... london
any bear from london or visiting london pls get in touch for fun & pleasure............. (11/21/2005)


Jedibear from... The Outer Rim
Bear Forest creates a very powerful stirring in the force...and my groin!!! (11/20/2005)

nbigbearcan from... who knows!
this site has so many great men and am pleased with those that say high,sexxy men willing to chat and cumm for a bigbear with the imagination to chat about having his face fucked till you drip cumm all over. See what happens don't be shy (11/17/2005)

nbigbearcan from... bancroft
Never went on an openchat before so here goes (11/17/2005)

lostwolfe from... who knows!
re:bear code: there's a real simple way of sorting that out. [assuming you want to add it back in] - simply make the site do two signup pages when you're working through signup [or include an "optional" section right at the end] - now, for each part of the code, add a dropdown box. each dropdown box includes one of the bearcode values. if people *want* to fill that in, the go ahead and let them. nice site, by the way :) (11/14/2005)

TrickyToro from... California
Are there plans to add filters to the classified region search, specifically city in addition to state (province) or maybe this is available to full members? Would be very helpful. (11/13/2005)

david from... new york
hey Whats Up latino Guy Here New To This And Im So Fucking Horny man Looking For that Real man To Show me A good Time Willing And Able To Do What ever You Want To Give Me David (11/9/2005)

n2tops from... who knows!
Being a black male on this scene, it pains me to have to let everybody know that I am tired of going to bear nights at clubs and having to survive the racist attitudes of some Bears. Some are so ignorant. By no means am I saying that this show of hate and indifference is the norm, but it seems to show its ugly head ever so often. Race plays a big deal in the minds of some bears. They see race before they see anything else. I can readily understand someone being turned on by a guy's skin color or ethnicity but to equate that only with sex and usery is fucking disgusting. If this bear scene is welcoming to racist arrogance, then I don't want a fucking thing to do with it. You see, it's like this: I propose to begin a "Bears of Color" national chapter so we won't have to put up with any guys who are assimilating "their" oppressors with their condescending racist attitudes. All of the talk of gay rights and respect from society. Maybe what is really being said is rights and respect for white gay people. I am astonished by the mistreatment I get at these venues. Black men are too beautiful and hot to have to be disrespected. I am turned on by all different races and ethnicities and I think the Bear scene needs a lesson in diversification. Maybe it's part of that German S&M shit that cycles and recycles but the next time I go to a Bear night and experience racist attitudes, I'm going to name the venue and put it on notice. I don't mean to be a hard ass but let's make "friendliness" the norm. N2 (11/8/2005)

Geil from... Berlin
Great and good for my hormones (11/8/2005)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
In response to the confusion surrounding the "BearCode" I have decided to remove the parameter. It will only be available for pre-existing profiles. Sorry for the confusion. Hugs, Tino (11/7/2005)

Wright from... NYC
Yeah, Stoge, had the same problem. If you go to all the trouble to do a fancy site, at least make it possible to sign up (11/6/2005)

stoge from... who knows!
I found it impossible to sign up because at the end after yu have filled in every blank it has one for "Bear Code". What is that? (11/6/2005)

ausbear61 from... Australia
Hmmmmm. bears, drool time. seriously though, I love the site and have met some great people here, thanks Tino. (11/5/2005)

shannonspoon2004 from... NYC
Wuff - love being with bears and rubbing hairy dicks (11/4/2005)

krokkie from... pretoria
Sorry, i only saw later that i am supposed to leave my e-mail address in the body of my message for persons to respond. Well here it is now (11/4/2005)

krokkie from... Pretoria
I am totally lost on this sire, as i have registered but seem to have a problem logging in. When i enter my alias, i get told that the name does not exist, and when i try to retrieve it, the reply i get says bad request or something like that. Where do you get the support on this site??????? (11/4/2005)

boyfucker from...
Im looking for bear (11/3/2005)


Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, ON
Hi everyone, check out the latest BearForest release, volume 4, Classic Bear. Press BF Videos on the button bar. Enjoy, hugs, Tino (10/30/2005)

lildaddybear from... mississippi
i created a ptrofile approx 6 months ago i could not get my password i let it drop . i noew try to get it abnd it says i don't exist and i can't get help back from tino on my log in infomy alias was lildaddybear , my e mail was and is kelly (10/27/2005)

klavx from... hatboro, pa
i think you should have the option of viewing and saving pics of the guys who allow it ...i would like to see who has viewed my profile... (10/26/2005)

cowboy21 from... indy
new to sight and love it theres alot of interesting men out there and men hunting for that special someone they are here dont be a fool and let them get away whenu find them because when u do then youll be sorry then smack yourself for that thanks tino ur the best (10/26/2005)

Gaybear13 from... who knows!
Does anyone ever use the chat room around here? (10/24/2005)

Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
Any one to chat with me if like asain (10/21/2005)

hola from... mexico
hola busco gordos soy chaser para amistad o lo que quiereansoy de veracruz (10/20/2005)

Th duck from... who knows!
Love the site and chatting with all the Bears...I really just like getting fucked and sucked..The Duck (10/19/2005)

Hairystudboy from... Puerto Rico
I just found this site and it is wwwooofff hot. all the bears in the pictures are so uuuuufff hot. Hope to meet some..I love to pump my cock and balls in a vacuum pump and I am looking for those bears who like the same. e-mail me at so we can connect...wwwooofff (10/17/2005)

BigBobby from... BIGBOBOBOBOBO!

Woulfe Maelstorme from... Michigan
Read much of what is here and figured this perfect. Rants? something on my chest? You bet. After finding BearForest, I'm hoping that maybe I won't feel quite so out of place. But then this place may not do it just shows the most potiential. I very much consider myself a stereotype buster and really don't understand why the exist. One thing I need to konw, and to hear agreement with my mate, I alone in finding very little tolerence for the hairless feminine wonders out there who call themselves queens. Granted, they are funny to watch in a movie. but like the movies...some things need to stay there. I live my life with the current guy I am with because I like my men honest in every concievable way. Yes that includes the hair. If you can grow enough to cover a spot on you decently enough...let it grow already. Stop waisting that wonderful male gift known as testoserone. I make this a point because a freaky electrical accident left the rest of my body hairless for quite some time. Just now getting it on the chest. Plus I think my mate is getting as bumbed out as I am being surrounded by so many hairless wonders in this city. Like it says in my profile...starving for bear contact. I really wouldn't mind some help in making good local friends with a bear or two and get this city bear's mind where it the country. Like it says for this section got something on your chest, let us know about it...and so I have. One more question for you bears out I the only one who feels like getting slap happy with queens and twinks everytime one (grrr) flames out on you. Sorry queens I'm not, or ever will be, your girlfriend !SMACK! no go crying home. (10/15/2005)

Alex from... New York
new video looks real hot! (10/14/2005)

brandon72 from... Dallas
New to the site (10/12/2005)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, just wanted to tell you that I just released Video Volume 4 - Classic Bear. Check out the stills and trailers... press Videos from the main button bar at the top. Enjoy, hugs, Tino (10/11/2005)

TwoGuysNYCandNJ from... NYC and NJ
Looking for stocky/chubby men in Manhattan today (10/8/2005)

pello69 from... Milan/Italy
Is any nice big bear coming to Italy for vacations? I'd be glad to host him in my place! (10/7/2005)

anserman38 from... San Diego
Does anyone have any "Bears shitting in the woods pics?" (10/3/2005)

iunknown from... sydney
great site, just sitting here, thinking about how great it would be to hold a hairy chub in my arms.. lie beside him... forever.. sharing the same body heat.. rubbing against one another.. in a cool breeze.. *sigh* blissful state then again, im just 21, living with over protective non-open-minded parents.. step 1, move out :D (10/3/2005)

Will be in N-Ireland in November, anyone interested in being a travel companion. (9/28/2005)

music-boy from... Maryland
I love this site, wish more guys from Maryland knew about it. I've only been in love with one guy who I think would have been a cross between an otter and a cub, damn sexy man. I still love him in a way and miss his friendship most of all. very sexy guys on this site but haven't met anyone from here as yet. I am really looking for a LTR with a cub, bear, otter, chaser or whomever as long as I find you sexy. FYI, I was married, I'm bi (but like guys much more and don't want another woman EVER) and I'm someone's dad, just thought I'd be upfront with that information. I hope it's not an issue for you. Y'all can reach me at, my handle on yahoo is park_guy1 ... I usaully cam on the weekends, chat me up and we can get off together. Later guys... (9/22/2005)

consult_45_28 from... New York
to paulchubnorwich from . If you go back to Tino's post here on 9/5/2005 you will find the answer to bear code. (9/21/2005)

paulchubnorwich from... UK
when i created my profile it asks for "BEAR CODE" now im not a novice at this but i never seem to find a list of what the bear codes are and if its what i am or if its what im looking for!? any help (9/19/2005)

MANI from... INDIA
I LIKE BEARS (9/18/2005)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, please don't use the Gruff Book for support related questions. ...if you have looked at things carefully and still can't figure it out, email Thanks :) (9/17/2005)

redhead_45_28 from... New York
Tino, Thanks for your answer. What ever the problem was it has cleared itself. May have been with my provider. Thanks again for looking into it. redhead (9/17/2005)

bigredpaul from... san francisco, california
How do I delete my account? Not that I necessarily want to do it right this moment, but I can't see where to do it on the site. (9/17/2005)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
... for support, if you have looked at things carefully, email (9/16/2005)

Tactile Bear from... Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
My computer crashed and I lost my membership ID. How do I get a new one? Also I want to add a photo to the one currently listed. How do I do that? thanks (Joe Banks) (9/16/2005)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hmm, about redhear_45_28 trouble, I'm not really sure what is happening. I don't see any problems on my end. Hmmm (9/16/2005)

redhear_45_28 from... new york
Tino, for the last couple of days when I check in I get the message that the page cannot be diplayed. after a little while the page sometimes comes up but not always. Do you know what is wrong or is it my machine? (9/14/2005)

BearlyHairy from... BearlyHairy
I would like to express to Tino and the rest of you wonderful men out there, In all my years of living the lifestyle na dlearning what I have over 25 years of being gay, I have never found a more WONDERFUL place as I have found so many wonderful men here, men that have been used and abused and men that still have faith that they will find that special man for their life. I have talked to some very beaytiful men and I am not talking about looks as with time that fades. This is a perfect and wonderful site to meet people on and not only for sex as there are plenty of men o here looking for LTR's. I have become so moved by the stories that I have herd and verifying them to be true that at times I just want to cry. I do nto see HOW anyone who claims to be looking for their "MR. Right" could ever hurt someone the way I have discovered. Men, if your really here to hurt people then please reconsider whateffect you have on there lilves and ask yourself wodl you really want that done to you?. People have enough stress with just living life day to day that NO ONE needs to be abused mentally or physically. When ever happen to just loving and wanting to be loved. Nothing personal guys as I am 45 but most of the men on here are of age and realize that the headgames and the one night stands are a waste, so we come here looking for others that feel the same as we do, not to find people that mislead or lie, and well when you do not fill out your profile it is liek your trying to hide something. we all have and done things that we are not proud of but we learn and we go on. That is no reason to not finish your profile as you can choose what you want to say but just be honest as that is all we can expect from anyone. Well guys, I hope that I have not wasted any of your time I just am so moved by this site and the men on it that I wanted to say how I feel. I wish happiness and peace to all the men here and as always keep up your search, there is a man out there for you I am sure of it as I have found mine and it was on BearForest that I did. Sincerely, Jim (9/11/2005)

redhead_45_28 from... New York
Why do so many people enter chat and then sit there without answering when somebody else enters and talks to them? Is it possible that their name is noterased when they leave? (9/8/2005)

redhead_45_28 from... New York
Thank you Tino for the directions to get the BEAR CODE. It was very interesting. (9/7/2005)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, ON on the Bear Code - press the "BearCode" link next to the code on one's profile... (9/5/2005)

redhead_45_28 from... New York
why doesn't some one make up a list of instructions on using the chat room (9/4/2005)

okkiecub from... oklahoma
Just wondering if there is anyone out there that will answer a contact!! Whats the point of being online or even having a profile if you will not converse; especially if you typed 'looking for friends' in your profile! Thats my gripe! Just wondering! (9/3/2005)

redhead_45_28 from... New York
Can anyone explain the "BEAR CODE" to me please. (9/2/2005)

redhead_45_28 from... New York
In the chat room does the name and room show anyplace so you know where you might find someone? Everytime I go on there is no one listed and I can't get anyone to answer. Would like to hear from someone on this. (9/2/2005)

brrcub from... illinois
I chat early mornings and evenings... some days thru the weekd..since days off vary (9/1/2005)

REDHEAD_45_28 from... NEW YORK

janesvilllebear from... basha
hi , sorry 4 late , its 29th i ve a lot of work 2 do by the end of every month , 2 close the period of the month .. any way am here , tell me ab out ur self , i want 2 know who is my hero..! (8/29/2005)

brrcub from... illinois
this site has a greatr chat room feature ..nobody uses it.. seems a waste (8/27/2005)

kwt195 from... Pennsylvania, USA
I fear that men in general are not inclined to settle down and nest. Straight men get hooked into marrige and the rules of society say they should stay in that relationship. Gay men have no "MARRAGE" to lock them into a relationship, so they just roam around looking for their next piece of ass. Thare are a few who want to settle down, a very few, and I'm one of them. But the older I get, the more I doubt I'll ever find another nester for me. Most men here are just looking for quick sex, nothing more. Too bad, this could be a way for gay men to find the one love for them but untill they want more from life than just quick sex, that will never happen. "" (8/24/2005)

Canbear from... Byron Bay Australia
Looking for fuck buddies - casual only. (8/23/2005)

LightBearPal from... Ukraine
...So few mens everythere can say: yes, I love another man. So little gays here can show your face. And so much people around the world trying to find one another... I promise - all my contacts with THIS REAL WORLD never destroy it. I know - one day THIS REAL WORLD destroy me. I hope - REAL HUMANS still live in THIS REAL WORLD. I belive - every REAL HUMAN one day find another REAL HUMAN around THIS REAL WORLD. The world must stand BEARable... (8/22/2005)

Lam -Hung-Phan from... Houston -Texas
want to chat (8/21/2005)

Blacktopbear from... Indiana/Goshen
LQQKING for fuckbuddies "Mature" Fishing Buddies" (8/18/2005)

impluse from... mobile, alabama
whats going on??? (8/15/2005)

redhead_45_28 from... stony creek, ny
New to the site. So far I like it. I can't find any way to just look up profiles ao members from a specific area. Is there a way? Other than that it is good. (8/14/2005)

COWBYCUB from...

Kentat from... Rhode Island
just started checking out Bear Forest, this is great i'm enjoying myself. Now if i could enjoy myself wrapped in a big hairy, tattooed bear's arms, well then i'd be a real happy camper. (8/10/2005)

Raul from... Panama city
hy, i looking for a chubb bear or daddy into 35 to 65 years old i am 31 y.o. working and finished my univesity in system Eng. and want find a man with a open mind than like enjoy the pleasure of this life see another chubb bear and talk about with out any problem have sex dont worry cool is good all i want is a man with my all the rest of my life. my mail subject:"open mind" (8/9/2005)

Greg from... Hairybear
Hi I'm likeing this site. Hope to find a Husbear in here. You can e-mail me at Or getting to know you is just fine to. hope to hear from you guys! Hugs Greg (8/8/2005)

Jack from... Maryland
Hello from Maryland. I am really liking this Bear Forest site. (8/6/2005)

wscigarpig from... tacoma WA
Looking for hot bearded older cigar smokers to smoke with and have some wet fun in my Sling Jake in Tacoma Washington E Mail: (8/4/2005)

jerry from... illinois
still waiting for my bear hug,and a great time guys,actually i am from the burbs of chicago, if you are near me lets hook up,i also like men in uniform, or leather if your in to that,i won't let you down,so cummmm on guys (8/3/2005)

jerry from... illinois
hey guys just looking for a great bear to give me a hug ,big, and hairy hiv free, in the chicago area, we can make plans. if interested send cumments, and a photo would be great,e/mail pictures nude would really help, rubbing, playingwith yourself .what ever you got man i will take it you know,please no prudes or i will change my e/mail address ,hope to here ,and see my bear from the woods soon jerry (8/3/2005)

Hunghorny asain from... Houston -Texas
some want chat with me ? (8/2/2005)

laitechs from... the planet sin
nice site so far,, i'm all new and stuff just lost in the woods right now. ;) (8/2/2005)

dutch from... swansea
i'm looking for a hairy passive friend (7/31/2005)


beardebeers/Mike from... El Paso,TX, USA
To the organizers of Lazy Bear 2005: Thanks for a great event. It is no wonder this event lasted ten years and more to come. You all know how to entertain bears and others. Thanks again. To all the bears, cubs and others who I met at Lazy Bear 2005: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and those who let me photograph them, thanks for the memories. You all made my holiday very special. (7/28/2005)

Lam -Hung-Phan from... Houston -Texas
i live in Houston , some one chat with me my email (7/23/2005)

Lam -Hung-Phan from... Houston -Texas
my email (7/22/2005)

Lam -Hung-Phan from... Houston -Texas
want to chat some guy in Houston (7/22/2005)

southtexcub from... who knows!
Thank you so much for existing. Keep up the good work. (7/18/2005)

TuffCub from... Seattle
Hi guys! I am having a hell of a hard time finding license plate holders with either the Bear design or Bear pride. Can anyone direct me to somewhere that sells them? I have looked all over the internet and still no luck. Thanks, Clint (7/18/2005)

wscigarpig from... Tacoma WA
First off I think this is a very good website for bear type GAY men to correspond and maybe meet each other. It's refreshing to read profiles and text in here that does NOT revolve around the so-called BI-sexual looking to get fucked by YOU while the WIFE watches,or bitchin 'n moanin about NOT "getting any" from...HER! Face up to It "Marrieds" are LOSERS if you cant keep the wife satisfied in your bedroom! Dont come into gay websites thinking that WE want to suck your cock or fuck your ass becuase your Li'l Woman isn't "giving you some"..Brush up on a few intimacy issues,and learn how to LOVE your WOMAN and leave US the fuck ALONE. Sites like "Silverdaddies" are 89% Older Married Bisexual men ranting on about "Eating Pussy" GAY MEN thats as offensive as we would be as Men entering a straight adult chat and ranting about how great it is to suck another man's cock. Lets keep THIS great site..BY and FOR GAY Men. Jake In Tacoma Washington E Mail: (7/18/2005)

Blacktopbear from... Indiana
LQQKING for MATURE Bears Cubs SAFESEX ALWAYS Friendship[Fishing Buddies]openminded down-to-Earth" (7/15/2005)

Bob from... Toronto
I have a penis pump made of brass by the Boston Pumps company as well as a Boston Pumps 2.5 inch cylinder for sale. Purchased at www dot priape dot ca. Original price is $75 for the pump and $120 for the cylinder, plus taxes for a total of $224.00. I will sell for $170.00 or best offer. Please email with PUMP in the subject line for more information. Prefer to sell to someone from Toronto although will mail it if needed. GO to the website above for more info and click toys, then pumps for detail info. (7/15/2005)

greatguy05 from... Florida
Where can I find the messages I sent??? Thanks for your help. (7/10/2005)

greatguy05 from... who knows!
I am wondering why no one is ever in the chat rooms on this site???? (7/10/2005)

TheMediumBear from... So Cal
Husbear and I will be headed down to Pride San Diego. Looking for good times and good friends for social interaction. Ideas/Invitations/Suggestions welcome (7/9/2005)

Torn from... who knows!
So What is with all you hairy bears in Toronto that you have to so......ah why bother. Well I have come this far, it is just that it was pride here lastr weekend and I talked to and had fun with a few bears, But not once have I ever done that with any bears from here. (6/29/2005)

John from... us
I am 36 years old with brown hair, green eyes and a goatee and I am 6'0 and weigh 170 lbs. I am a down to earth trust worthy guy who is very caring, loving, patient, Compassionate, Affectionate, Romantic, Masculine and Sincere. I Love to go Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Cooking and playing the Piano are just a few of my interests and as you get to know me you will find that there is so much more to be discovered. What I am looking for: I am at the point in my life where finding someone to share it with, not only the good times but the bad one's, would be the greatest blessing but at the same time there are a few things that must be of utmost importance in order to reach this goal. The first thing is to make friends and see what we have in common. My soul mate should be someone who is drug and disease free and that he is Honest an Loving an Caring and That he is Passionate an Romantic and Affectionate. I would prefer someone that did not drink but smoking is okay. A man that believes in complete monogamy and enjoys nights cuddled up together on the sofa watching TV. A true homebody who isn't into the bar scene, that loves to kiss and hold each other both giving and receiving affection is something I can't do without someone that loves to Camp an Hike an Fish as well as Loves the Outdoors just as Much as I do. I am Sorry Guys but I am not looking for a hook up or just out to have sex with anyone because I am not into Hook Ups or to have sex With Anyone. I think Sex should be shared by the two who truly love and care for each other.I am looking for a Monogamous Relationship with that Special Bear or Cub who believes in Total Monogamy and who will love me and care for me and will be there for me through thick and thin as Much as I would Love an Care for him and that I will also be their for Him through thick and through thin and I also believe in total Commitment with each other to as well as 50/50 it works both ways. Please Feel Free to Privite me or Email me and get to know me. Thanks so Much for readiny My Profile. I Really do appreciate you taken your time in Reading it! (6/26/2005)

tomy from... slovenia
thank you for existing (6/23/2005)

Dave from... San Jose
Yeah, this is a great site... more personable than bear411 or bearwww. There are a lot of guys that seem to open up more on this site (no pun intended!) (6/22/2005)

hairychestedindian from... KAMPALA,UGANDA
I'm a sorted, confident, 32year old Indian guy. I'm on here for friendshiom'> Fantastic website ... enjoy it very much. (6/17/2005)

chunky bear uk from... uk
looking to chat (6/17/2005)

PS--- JUDEFFEE@MSN.COM (6/13/2005)


john1 from... who knows!
any bears in Maastricht Holland (6/13/2005)

john1 from... who knows!
anyone for a wank (6/13/2005)

CityBear from... Philly,PA
I've chatted with lots of great guys here and created some new friendship. They are just as cool in person! There are lots of fakes, flakes and loosers on line too. You gotta be careful when it comes to who you connect with on line. I'm a very nice guy not stupid. (6/9/2005)

davebear from... who knows!
think i was wrong turned out to be a dick (6/9/2005)

sabeartooth from... san antonio tx
looking for fun bears in my area to get together i like all kinds of men and all kinds of sex (6/8/2005)

Blackpumper from... INDIANA
LOVE BEARS AND CUBS BOTTOMS/Friendship and SEX (6/7/2005)

beargold from... victoria australia
Fantastic site ...would love to meet guys here in Australia and US and London in fact from anywhere ....hey guys send me a message l am an ex footballer hairy 47 6'1''..woooooffffffffff (6/5/2005)

CityBear from... Northeast Philadelphia
OOPS! Karl from Philly LOL! (6/4/2005)

CityBear from... Karl
Bear Forest Rocks! There are so many great guys here. I think I've connected with my future husbear. I want you Davebear butt U already know that. (6/4/2005)

dave bear from... new jersey
i love this site i may just have found my soul mate and ltr husbear we are very happy Dave (6/4/2005)

Barebear from... Bradenton, Florida
Looking to meet up with some bears at Gay Day at the Magic Kingdom Saturday June 4. E-male me at if you're interested. (6/2/2005)

donn from... blackpumper
iam new to the BearForest room and wanto get the feel of things and so far i like. the chatroom is slow but have talked to more than afew bears and cubs in the BearForest iam looking 4 guys in my area'"Bear Forest" is pumping i give it good marks.thanks. (6/1/2005)

Sid from... Toronto
this is a really cool website, i actually saw gay men in India, never thot i would ever see one. too bad nobody uses the chat, or actually talks to poor souls like me. ill be the one hoping to get someone to actually reply to a msg i send. thanks -_- (6/1/2005)

Sid from... toronto
and what is vanilla sex anyway??? (5/30/2005)

desifurlover from... toronto
why is it so hard to find older hairy men in toronto??? i cant help it if im 20 and love older men, theyre the type ive been around and been with all my life i like them older. also cant help if i weigh 230, id kill to be this buff little cub, but then again fate has never been kind to me. cut me some slack here guys, all im lookin for is a daddy, or just someone who's cock i can worship? any takers??? i thot not, obviously -_-*** (5/30/2005)

Any1 from... Rodie
Is any1 up 4 a gay chat If so my email address is (remember the capital at the start) I have MSN Messenger so if u add me then we can ave sum instant FUN! (5/19/2005)

jerry from... jerry
I think this the hottest website gay website I have seen in a while. I love looking at these beefy, hairy males, esp the ones with hot and hairy bodies. Jerry (5/19/2005)

Doyle from... lousiana
how about fixing it where webtv guys can chat with others, we can't do java based chat,so see if its possible to add a chat where we ALL can chat with each other. (5/16/2005)

reiley from... Australia
M an asian cub, wondering where are all the bears and cubs into asians ??? (5/13/2005)

angelo from... brazil
i love bears (5/13/2005)

gr8rubs from... southern indiana
Need practice..... Would like to offer a massage to guys my area. First one is on the house (5/11/2005)

bicurious guy from... six feet under
if u are reading this i am dead in five minutes im going to slit my wrist and watch it bleed so if u want to talk u shoulda done it earlier i dont deserve to live so i wont (5/8/2005)

richard from... from toronto
hungry for hot hairy moustached top bears with hard hot big cock (5/6/2005)

BJNEWW from... Moncton
Hi Guys! I'm new to the scene, new to this whole new lifestyle . I'm 42 and just coming out . Better later then ever . I am nervous , but yet looking forward to meeting new friend . Send me a e-mail (5/6/2005)

curious guy from... some where
hey every one im straight but curious and dont mind talking so send a message and ill reply (5/1/2005)

mikey from... vegasbottom4tops
joined 5-2-05, hoping to hear from bear tops who enjoy whimpering ight little bottoms! truckers or other cumming through vegas! I am soft bottomed, bouncy buns, soft and fleshy, tight little hole and I am a whimperer and cryer (hope this turn you on) (5/1/2005)

confused but straight from... who knows!
hello (4/29/2005)

Sarge from... who knows!
43 mwm. 7in, 6ft stocky, looking for a man! Southern Indiana, can travel with in reason. drop me a line, chat lets see where it goes. Yoou wont be disappointed. (4/29/2005)

yeshushuia from... brylis
20 male in indiana 5"9 143lbs mexican/blk/arabian and polish iam. i know im a heins 57 lol but if you looked closer im also a twink. and im insearch of bears! cubs and chubs. all hefty men are good. im also vers taned with long hair and brown eyes with a 9 inch cock and 6 round cut and std free. if you like what you read so far then email me at (4/29/2005)

nancy from... me
hello (4/28/2005)

sarge from... Indiana
I have been in the forest for two days and have talked with a few members already. Look forward to getting to know more. Am new and looking for new friends. (4/22/2005)

BigFucker from... Philly Burbs
Big man here who likes other stocky and bigger men!! Bttom, top, love it all, looking for Friends and Fuck buddies!! Always interested in hooking up r/t not looking for a pen pal!! Travel to NY, NJ, CT and surrounding areas on business frequently. Lot's of loneley , horny hotel room nights!! (4/21/2005)

Okumba from... Phoenix
Im here in the hopes of finding a top BEAR. Im 40 yrs old, and in all this time, Ive only had bottoms in my life. BUT IM also a BOTTOM at heart! Thats what I truely want to be. I want a BIG GRUFF bear to be my BIG TOP bear. Im sure there are some other Gruff looking Bottoms out here that are constantly mistaken for tops. And I bet you too are longing to be in the arms of a big rough daddybear too. but time and time again, your paired up with someone smaller than you and a bottom as well. So were callin out to all the DaddyBears, leave the twink boys alone, some of your fellow bears need lovin too :o) (4/17/2005)

I Just Adore Hairy Chests! from... Montvale, N.J. (Bergen County)
Hey guys! How's it going? my name is Richard, I'm 49 and live in Montvale, n.J. (Bergen County). I'm 6' 2", 190 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes and a moustache. If you're a hairy-chested guy looking for load-shooting buddy, I'm at I have a web cam on Yahoo too. Hoping to hear from you soon, I send you a warm hug.......Rich. (4/16/2005)

easybear from... londonuk w6
need top man to call and top me hot and kinky (4/12/2005)

prariestud from... saskatchewan
i am searching for a big masculine beefy daddy to share my first gay expeirience with but no luck so far. I like this sight it is perfect for me, it has exactly what i am looking for in men but sadly enough they r not looking for me look me up if interested (4/12/2005)

Blk furry cub, Looking for some BIG BELLIES, NIPPLES, LOW HANGERS & LARGE LOADS to catch if interested let me know. (4/10/2005)

Roger from... Indiana
anyone interested in chatting about sex and anyone with facial hair and cigar smokers who want to chat and maybe even more.Email me at also send nude pictures if possible all emails will get a reply. Ones with pictures and cigar smokers will get top priorities (4/8/2005)

Pyrobear from... Anchorage, Alaska
Hey Jon, I know where your comming from! It's really disheartening to see our so-called Community in action sometimes. So many guys seem to have a fuck'em and forget them mentality towards their fellow men. Then these same people are surprised when the have trouble finding a decent relationship!! Part of the problem though is that your talking about relationships that were based, at least from what I saw in your letter, on sexual desire rather than an emotional relationship or shared interests. I know that sexual desire could count as a shared interest, but I think you know what I mean. It's not like you met the guy in, say a model rail-road club, and then both discovered another mutual interest in man-love...for example. Anyway I'm ramblling at this point... probably need more coffee. Take care man, Pyrobear / Geoffrey (4/7/2005)

Jon from... Oakland
Great site, Men! I'd like to relate an experience I had the other day, but first a little backstory. I used to weight between 250 and 260, got attention from a lot of chasers (it hepls that I shave below my dimples), then - about a year & 1/2 ago my doctor told me I was diabetic and had hypertension, so he put me on a diet and I lost 40 pounds. The other day, I was walking down the street and saw one of my boys coming toward me. We hadn't seen each other since before I got on this diet, and he walked right past me. I called out his name and he turned and looked at me with absolutely no recognition. I said, "It's me, Jon." It took him a minute and then he said, "Wow! You've changed!" I laughed and told him the story and suggested we get together soon. He got a bit of an uncomfortable look on his face and made excuses and walked away. Later, I called him several times, invited him out for a beer; once he even accepted and then didn't show. The point here is, I know he's a chaser, but I also thought we were friends. Apparently, I was wrong. This used to happen when I was much younger and just coming out and I never understood it. Unfortunately, I'm aware now of how common such a thing it is. I'm mostly over it, but it makes me feel a little sad that people are so focused on their own thingsd - fetishes, if you will - taht they don't connect on a deeper level. Any thoughts on the matter? (4/6/2005)

Barefootirishman from... Florida
where can I get a bear forest banner to link this site from my homepage? Making one available to the members could increase membership (4/3/2005)

Jay from... WHTbear4BLKbear
Like to see more on Interracial Sex, and Rimming. Where are all the hot black bears hidding? Woof! (3/31/2005)

cubbydug from... gulfport Missip
BearForest is Awsome. many Great possibilities to find my TopDad, keep em cummin,,THNX BF (3/31/2005)

cubbydug from... gulfport Missip
BearForest is Awsome. many Great possibilities to find my TopDad, keep em cummin (3/31/2005)

7Upbear from... who knows!
excuse me while I adjust my jewelery... (3/28/2005)

hothands from... massage1004
this is a really cool site and love the response that this new cub has recieved. thanks to every one who has responded (3/28/2005)

jack from... beardedcub
i am on this site to meet hairy men into both vanilla and wild sex. i like it all. love to snuggle with a hairy man all night but also love to be tied up and fucked deep and hard at both enda and more by one or many hairy men. i am here to hook up, find hairy men to join me at hillside camp this year as well as meet me sometime for no holds barred action would love a group of hairy men woof (3/28/2005)

sexybear from... bridgeport, ohio
love to meet cubs and other bears from all over (3/27/2005)

sexybear from... Ohio
hello there (3/27/2005)

backmacc from... who knows!
looking for bears in southwest missouri, anyone out there? (3/26/2005)

cuddlebuddy26 from... massage1004
help i an having some diffulcty getting arround the forest here it is a little confusing on us young cubs. thank you in advance to all who respond. (3/26/2005)

Bruce Twilla from... Iowa
I am soon going to send money to start up my membership. I have been an unofficial member since November. This site is great, I love it. I just have to find a way to get my picture on my profile. I have no scanner. Anyone recommend another way? (3/23/2005)

dreod from... Perth
I just can't believe it....between this site and Silver Dad. all I get done every day is wank, wank, wank one after another. any one else feel this way? (3/22/2005)


randy from... cockybear
I joined this site this past week and enjoy it very much..i have met some really hot bears in here already and hope to continue to meet more...keep the bears coming.. i never thought i would love to spend so much time in the have a great day my fellow bears...... (3/20/2005)

rcapp75 from... Ripley, Tenn
Hello, This is for Puzzed but still unfortunated straight guy from UK. It is all in what you are looking for and I can't explain it all, BUT.. I will tell you that if I had an erection as hard as a brick wall and I started to watch a woman do anything concerning sex I would loose it in a matter of seconds. And if I started to watch to big sexy bearish MEN to even start taking thier cloths off I would bust a zipper out of my pants if I still had them on. It is just something you desire and if you are not appealed by this type of lifestyle then get off this site and stay off of it because YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO BE OFFENDED!!!! (3/17/2005)

rcapp75 from... Ripley Tenn
Oh I am from Ripley Tenn or West Tenn. (3/17/2005)

rcapp75 from...
I really love this site and get all worked up when I'm on it. The only way I can say that it might be improved would be the addition of a webcam section where members could get on cams if they had one and chat and meet other bears that way. (3/17/2005)

Blue from... New Coming City
Just want to say hi..... Do take care everyone & have a nice day. I love you all. (3/15/2005)

walterdr11 from... Downingtown, PA
This is for "Puzzed but still unfortunated straight guy from... UK". Some people like red, some like blue. Some like strawberries while some like grapes. It's all wired in. I'm not sure that there is an explanation; it just is. I might see a hot woman and thing "Wow she's hot". Put a hot woman and a hairy stud in front of me and I guarantee the woman goes home alone. The other guy might go home alone, but it won't be from my lack of trying. Don't try to read too much into this. It just is! Actually you should feel complimented that your bud found you attractive at all. At least he doesn't think that your some troll. Bottom line is that if you don't like, don't do it. By the way, why are you looking at the other guys on this site anyway? Remember it's all in the wiring. Maybe your friend knows you better than you think. Good luck! (3/15/2005)

silver not dead from... Central Ariz.
We tried MANY other gay male sites with few replies or off-topic replies. This site for some reason works ! You guys are soooo nice I thought I got some one elses mail. Hope to meet that elusive third man soon and I'm sure he will be from here. We're Silver not dead... (3/11/2005)

Big Phat Bear from...
more butts more butts more butts. (3/7/2005)

needabear from... Lebanon Missouri
man this site is great, and i;lam having fun in here,, Ilam a 38 yr old cub and man I;am totally lost in the, meat and FUr, I;am likeing it more and more,, hope i can find the ultimate friend that can truely let me place my gotee whereit belongs,,, (3/6/2005)

Puzzed but still unfortunated straight guy from... UK
I am on a mission to investigate sexuality to it's very depth. Woah...Wayne and Timmybear, I'm not trying to offend anyone, just figure out the meaning to this whole site. People you gotta help me though! Tell me why oh why do you find big hairy grizzly men having sex with each other appealing? Tonight people, go and look at some naked women on the internet or magazines and see if that remotely pleasures you or have you all become raving homosexuals with no point of return.... The reason why I chose to investigate this site is because a male friend of mine (JUST A FRIEND, I'M STRAIGHT) tried to touch me up one night and started kissing me....Yeeeeeeugh (2/28/2005)

Trojanbear from... who knows!
Hello staff, Thanks for a great site, I have met great men both here in US and UK from this site, which provides great conversaton, care and friendship.People who have gone out of their way for me, people who make themselves available for friendship and honest communication. I have spent idle, useless time on other sites, but am always surprised at the number of men on this site that are so very approachable, and do not have a lot of attitude. To the men who I have met and who take the time to communicate with me, know that you are the best!! There is a different feel to this site. I am so happy to be away from Biggercity and glad that my subscription has lasped,I will not be back, there is no quality comperson with BC and BF. Take good care bears.............Trojanbear (2/28/2005)

Wayne from... Indiana
Leave all the gay stuffin. It is an excellant site. If you are not gay and do not approve stay outand leave us alone. We are not hurting anyone. [email me at] BIG BEAR HUGS AND BIG BEAR KISSES WAYNE [frome Indiana] (2/27/2005)

Timmybear from... Canada
But, if all the gay stuff were taken out, it wouldn't be a 'great' site - it would be a NON-EXISTENT site. (2/27/2005)

Scared unfortunate Sraight guy from... UK
I'm not a homophobe or anything. But I was tricked by my friends to go to this site. I sware after the material I just saw......I'm never using the internet again. Big hairy burly men in leather shagging each other, that is not sexy, it is vile. Please come back to the straight side and screw women again. I prefer a wet pussy, not a big hairy arse! Great site though guys, just take out all the gay stuff... (2/25/2005)

sungod92001 from... florida
Hi all I'm a older masculent bear living in florida. I have tried to fine a really nice and honest younger cub to date and get to know. It seems to me that there is no one out there who is willing to take a chance to get to know anyone. All they want is quick sex and good by. Where are the guys of yesteryear when gay men took and honest and carring interest in the guy they were so called dating. Hey if you know any one out there like that let me know please dieing of loniness here in florida. (2/23/2005)

Wayne from... Indiana
Love the site met a few HANDSOME Men looking for a Cigar smoking buddy with facial hair. Anyone interested please reply with picture at the following email address. All replies will get an answe. (2/22/2005)

jon from... yngchaser82
I just joined bearforedt but i really likeit so far. People have messaged me but not just to look for sex or something they have nice stuff to say and very kind. I have been going threw alot of sites and haven't found any like this this site rocks. I Admire Bears (2/21/2005)

McKinney Polar Bear from... McKinney TX
It's not as easy as most folks would thing to get sucked or suck another bear! I play around in these bear websites in hopes of finding a playmate but it usually doesn't happen. (2/18/2005)

nthforest from... jay
I luv the bearforest , makes me feel happy to know im not the only one ,im lookin for a bear to school me .ty bros (2/15/2005)

tino from... acquired_meat
thank you for my pic of the day (2/15/2005)

Jay from... bidiver
Looking for a dive buddy to go on a dive trip to the tropics this spring or summer. I'm versatile, prefer bottom for anal. Any studs want to go diving? (2/13/2005)

KellerGrr from... Gary
Sure would like to find some HOT uninhibited bears in Fort Worth area to play with..perhaps more... (2/6/2005)

scorpiobear from... mike
I hope my picture showed up. (2/6/2005)

barebear69 from... laurel del or call me 302-875-0719 NOW! (2/5/2005)

barebear69 from... laurel del
travel alot 9" dick here in delaware looking for another bear guy! (2/5/2005)

ChefBella (James) from... Hickory, NC
I had the distinct honor of being chosen as the featured "Bear of the Week" from Jan. 23-30. It was not only a surprise for this ole country bear, but it opened the door for many new friendships from around the world. I received many messages from old friends offering congratulations, and many messages from new friends and some men showing interest in me. That meant so much to an ole bear like me. Thank you, BearForest, and keep up the good work on your site. It is nice to have a site to come to that offers so much for the Bear community. I love all of you Bears out there in this old world. Take care, stay safe, together in hair. HUGZ, CHEFBELLA@CHARTER.NET (JAMES) (2/4/2005)

Paul from... AZ
I would first like to say gggrrrrttt site. I am new to the site and am very much ready to meet other bears and some day find my papa bear. I am looking to be a center for a party of older bears that would be willing to cover me and fill this cub. any party in in az? (2/1/2005)

Tino from... John
Hey Tino, I want to thank you for the "Super Bear Search" section. Met a real nice guy on there first day on it. (1/28/2005)

FurryFLbear from... Ron
Hey Tino- Thanks for the new SUPER BEAR SEARCH feature. It's GREAT! This site's the best! Have a good evening! (1/27/2005)

Mr Faggot from... Mr Faggot
I agree with previous comment. Not that I am into excluding people. Maybe a brief reminder about "politeness" would be helpful to "guests". (1/27/2005)

veryeas from... west london UK
I get messages from guys but no profle,WHY? dont know how to respond frustrating (1/27/2005)

semocubb from... poplar bluff/montreal
what an awesome site.... it's nice to know what guys are tops, and which ones aren't. it helps a guy like me who knows what he wants to get there and connect with guys that can get into me <EG> love the site tino!!!!!! and i wanna be in a film!! (1/25/2005)

GreekKoala from... Greece
This site is very good :):) With a few more additions/features it will be perfect! (1/25/2005)

sunnycub from... bombay, India
this is a wonderful site. I am trying to update (post a picture), how can I do this. I will be in KL, Malaysia next month, any tips for saunas, bear pubs? I am into heavy hairy daddytype bears. Cheers from sunny ( ) (1/24/2005)

Al from... SporeCub
Hiya Any bears travelling to Singapore.Check out my pic and profile and see if we can connect.Cheers (1/21/2005)

bearhungry from... england UK
how do you view profiles on this site - I'm eager to get a look at you all! ;) (1/21/2005)

awen from... you heart
i`m the one you looking for! (1/20/2005)

Khatri from... Pakistan
I am looking for an honest older Daddy for LTR. (1/20/2005) from... Germany
Niccce website. (1/18/2005)

Husbear from... Florida
I lost my husbear to a massive heart attack in May and am now on the net for a good wank and meet other bears. I'm slim, hairy, and crazy about bears. Woof!!! (1/17/2005)

TedEBare from... Nottingham UK
Check my profile fellas - who's going to be the one to take my cherry! I'm also on MSN regularly, message me through here for my handle! Tino - great site, lets hope that I find what i need... (1/8/2005)

masculineguy from... vancouver
great site tino!! lots of nice lookin' guys on here. i think so anyway. is there anyway to see who has viewed my profile? thanks, (1/7/2005)

Barefootirishman from... Orlando Fl
Bear Forest is the best site I've found and I've checked out a lot them. Everything works and you get to check it out for free first. So for the 1st time in my 4 years on the net I pulled out my credit card and became a member. Thanks Tino (1/7/2005)

veryeaybear from... west london uk
i keep missing chat requests unless i am in front of my screen im (1/7/2005)

fuzzydude37 from... Ottawa
Hey guys new to this site (pics to follow soon)I've been out for 20yrs . if life could have been this easy back in the old days!! whoof! keep on chattin' guys! hugs... (1/6/2005)

FatherBear from... Lancashire, England
New to this site, new to this world. Compliments, a very well structured, easy to navigate site that really understands it's membership. I think it would very cool to introduce a travel section. I'm sure many, like me, travel these days and recommendations for Beartastic Hotels, Restaurants, Saunas, Sex Shops, Bars, Glory Holes, Night Clubs etc from other Members would be invaluable. What do you think? Guides like Spartacus are OK but they don't come with any opinion, rating or personal story. (1/6/2005)

lonelyNPRcuddlebear from... Florida
Hey Tino. Great site. I added a pic to my photo on 12/26. So far, it's still not showing up. How long does it take? Thanks. (12/30/2004)

walter from... augusta, maine
well, tino, i think you got a great site here and more hairy or smooth men should put profiles on here. it's a great site to make and meet new friends, but also to find that special someone too. i have made and met a great many friends here, including you, and i think it's great, thanks!!! walter (12/29/2004)

walter from... augusta, maine
well, tino, i think you got a great site here and more hairy or smooth men should put profiles on here. it's a great site to make and meet new friends, but also to find that special someone too. i have made and met a great many friends here, including you, and i think it's great, thanks!!! (12/29/2004)

richardbear from... new orleans
anyone coming to new orleans for mardi gras or southern decadence? message me to let me know. would love to get together with some of you. please message me with a pic. thanks (12/29/2004)

lonely NPRcuddlebear from... Florida
I had uploaded a pic for my profile, 24 hrs ago. It hasn't shown up yet. About how long does it take before it gets posted? Thanks. Ron (12/27/2004)

joe altieri from... florida
i swred up my personal id help (12/27/2004)

max5555 from... joe altieri in florida
i seem to be using the wrong password please assist thanks (12/27/2004)

veryeasybear from... west london uk
sorry i forgot im (12/25/2004)

veryeasybear from... west london uk
its a hot site met old friends and welcomed new ones im beyond taboos lifes tooo short for other peoples rules FUCKEM,lets get hot and steamy,get down and dirty,after that we can shower and go again (12/25/2004)

BerwynBearcub from... Pennsylvania
What's the problem with the Messaging system? My computer keeps saying it's "temporarily offline" and it has been almost 24 hours! (12/24/2004)

NPRcuddlebear from... Florida

greatlakesboy from... who knows!
I signed up on this site awhile back but have not visited in a long time. Just signed on today and it is great. Lots of cool stuff happening. Glad there are so many bears out there and guy who are looking for them! (12/22/2004)

bmore from... Miami
this is the first time i came into this site i am a mixed black/rican 195 well built 5'8 black hair brown eyes 91/2 cut..i love this site (12/21/2004)

bmore from... Miami
this is the first time i came into this site i am a mixed black/rican 195 well built 5'8 black hair brown eyes 91/2 cut..i love this site (12/21/2004)

DSempere from... South Carolina
Thanks to whomever selected Me as Bear of the Week! (12/20/2004)

kan from... Costa Rica
Happy holydays all the bears in the world love,sex adn more for us. (12/20/2004)

SugarBear from... SugarBear
Happy Holidays all you Hairy Bears WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! (12/19/2004)

SugarBear from... SugarBear
Happy Holidays all you Hairy Bears WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! (12/19/2004)

SugarBear from... SugarBear
Happy Holidays all you Hairy Bears WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! (12/19/2004)

easy bear from... west london uk
i keep missing chat requests they need a noise alert cant stare at the screeen all day im (12/18/2004)

SugarBear from... Minnesota
I love playing with bears in the bear forest! (12/18/2004)

jonathan from... Minnesota
like this site alot just a chaser, who has a twink frame but hey gotta love the big guys their damn near sexy, any offers for whatever in the mood drop me a line, (12/17/2004)

john from... Cina
i am a strong man.with bigge c k.i like bear white skin.hairy. (12/14/2004)

john from... china
i am a strong man (12/14/2004)

Jester from... Charleston, SC
Goddamnit people, fill out your fucking profiles. How hard is that? Really? Just spend a couple minutes clicking a few boxes so someone can tell if they want to start a conversation. (12/14/2004)

Jester from... Charleston, SC
Why should I respond to someone I don't want to talk to? Worry more about yourself than others. If you think someone is rude for not responding, then think them rude and try the next person. It's not too hard. (12/14/2004)

just a word from... who knows!
please if someone sends a message to you. GIVE A RESPONCE! no, no thank u , and not at this time ,etc... thank u from just a word (12/14/2004)

davidle911 from... who knows!
hey (12/10/2004)

manalo from... HIV status
I think you should have an HIV status on your personals classifieds...I know of one person who is HIV and is NOT telling anyone! (12/9/2004)

I NED A LOGIN... PLEACE (12/6/2004)

dragonchild from... home
help ^__^x (12/5/2004)

hard_rard from... australia
hey tino. i am keen on becoming a member but just wanted to make sure that no advertising will be sent to the address on the form. could u get back to me? cheers! (11/30/2004)

kan from... costa rica
i wanna sex with all the bears (11/30/2004)

full_moon44047 from... Ohio
How do I add myself to pal list ? (11/26/2004)

EASYBEAR from... who knows!

fahad from... kuwait
i want bear and hairy and old man (11/23/2004)

hot&looking from... lane
where do you find a listing of codes , letters used on sites, like pnp, and where do you find bear codes that are on some sites??? i guess iam a little dumb, being new to the internet, any way will some please mail me alist or tell me where to list. thanks guys. lane (11/22/2004)

saskbear69 from... sturgis, sask
still looking for hot men with hot cock to fuck me silly and let me eat thier juice asses....woof (11/22/2004)

youngstud86 from... who knows!
i love this site no luck so far still a young sexy virgin hungry for daddy cock but some day soon......i hope. I may have met the man of my dreams but am still waiting to taste his cock, any other bears out there in the meantime should drop me a line i am horny and hungry to learn :) (11/21/2004)

pumpbear from... San Diego
Really find this site hot. Always looking for more ways to see bears. (11/19/2004)

AzHungBear from... Phoenix
A stiff cocked bear sure gets mighty thirsty out here in the desert. Any furry locals willing to quench my thirst? Drop me a line at Messages with a pic get quickest response. (11/10/2004)

CubJim from... Florida
Great site, exhibitionist cub here enjoys seeing and showing off to woofy bears, polar bears, etc. (11/6/2004)

Rockwdtop from... OHIO
Still shut out of ONLINE Bears. Icons do not work anymore. What ahve I done?? HELP! Beqar stressed out here!! (11/5/2004)

Frank from... UK
Boring.... want a wonderful bear hug~~~ 24...170cm...180lbs... where are the bear~ ~!! ~! ~!??~??!~?? (11/2/2004)

bearart from... who knows!
all alone in Harrisburg PA looking for sex hot bear sex (11/1/2004)

bearart from... who knows!
all alone in Harrisburg PA looking for sex hot bear sex (11/1/2004)

Rockwdtop from... Toledo
No longer able to get links to work for online ?? anyone got a solution? Miss seeing you hot bears (10/31/2004)

juicyccock from... calgary alberta canada
i want my cock sucked dry and my cum swallowed soon email me at (10/27/2004)

wayne from... Indiana
Would like to hear from and chat with any HANDSOME gay man with a little to a LOT of facial the more hair the better. and the hornier i get send pictures also. emailaddress: (10/23/2004)

grr from... grr
grrrr (10/21/2004)

mike and alec from... Alaska
Any guys wanting to travel to alaska next year get a hold of us for info and fun (10/21/2004)

mike and alec from... Alaska
Any guys wanting to travel to alaska next year get a hold of us for info and fun (10/21/2004)

Peter from... hardon
would like an address for any public bath in Columbus , Ohio. Thanks (10/20/2004)

Peter from... hardon
would like to find more chatters in the chat room on a daily basis. (10/20/2004)

kmcbear from... coop
I'm not hibernating this winter....I'm going to play right into next spring. Looking for some Hot Looking Cowboy Bears and Manly Men for chat,picture trading,and more......sure would like to make a few new friends too.So Drop me a line....I don't bite...Not too hard..anyway!Woof! (10/19/2004)

steve from... long beach,califonia
lets fuck (10/17/2004)

FarsPrince from... Laurel, MD
Hello! lazy friday afternoon here. looking to hook up. (10/15/2004)

BOY4SKIN2 from... Mt. Joy PA.
One of the hottest sites around. Great helpful,cool,friendly webmaster.....Partial to uncut,older men (I'm 44)but, would like to email or trade pics with anyone wiling to share.... (10/13/2004)

Mabit from... Mabit
Guys I have started my own internet business, if anyone can help me with some free advertising it would be much appreciated. or email Also if there are any guys in the glasgow area looking for a meet message me too. lol (10/12/2004)

sonnyboy from... atlanta
looking for bulk/bear buddies! (10/11/2004)

Solarbears from... Daddy
whos coming to Orlando for bear bust? (10/8/2004)

TxBear from... who knows!
WOW Love what has been done to the site been a long time since I've been here Great Job (10/7/2004)

BrawneyBear from... Vancouver, Canada
What a teriffic site! Still looking for a bear partner. Hopefully I can find him here. There are a lot of good looking bears around and I'd like to meet a few. Check out my profile and let's chat or get together. (10/4/2004)

city cub from... Tenn
how do I aceess the bear cards on here would like to send some (10/3/2004)

AlexNYC from... NYC
Hi Guys thank you for letting me in Shy Guy (10/2/2004)

Topdadcsra from...
10/02/04 have submitted a completed form for topdadcsra but haven't received my password i want to play! (10/2/2004)

BiloxiBear38 from... Bear
I live in Mississippi, red-neck capital of the world.. Where are all the Bears, cubs... Great site!! Give us more!!! (9/28/2004)

veryhairyguy from... Seattle
this site is a delight.. so many hot hot guys from so many places have been friendly and so complementary....really is a pleasure.. (9/28/2004)

BigLarry from... WIsconsin
This site to me is fun HOT and Bears and Nonbears must not ever take this for granted we have the freedom to enjoy the bears. I did love to read the stories Keep up this site (9/26/2004)

beareins from... new york
woof woof this is new to me.. i am not crazy about internet like that.. this one is very cool site :) (9/23/2004)

qdon from... who knows!
Still having problem logging on. What's the deal? (9/23/2004)

neo_to_zero from... Philipppines
hello any1 horny cubs who wants to meet me? I'm w8 whos gonna be 1st.....Just reply me & I'll turn you on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (9/19/2004)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
I am going to be working on a Video Chat interface this winter. Stay tuned. (9/18/2004)

Bubber from... who knows!
Tino, Great website! Is there anyway to add a video chat with guys as they do in sites such as icuii or ispq? Thanks (9/18/2004)

SporeCub from... Singapore
Hey any bears travelling to my country,pls send tis cub a line,love to meet bears! (9/17/2004)

Still having a problem logging on to certain parts of the site as it will not accept my ID. What gives? (9/11/2004)

LauderdaleStogie from... Florida
What's up with the e-mail/chat functions? (9/10/2004)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, please let me know what you think of the new dedicated server. Thx (9/8/2004)

alleycat622 from... brawley,CA
is there no one on this site from lower calif sure like to meat some bear truckers or latinos/mexs in this area (9/8/2004)

Bart from... who knows!
I can not pull up chat rooms. Just a plain box appears where normally instant messaging might appear. What am I doing wrong? Must mean a bad connection? (9/1/2004)

exebear from... exeter, england
love the site .Keep up with the good work. (8/30/2004)

ukchubbybear from... who knows!
Nearly forgot. I'll be in Dallas for Thanksgiving week and I know it's a ways off yet but if there's any other big hairy bears out there who'd like to get together with a big hairy bear for some unbridled bear sex then please drop me a line (8/29/2004)

ukchubbybear from... who knows!
First off, great site, great facilities and great accessability. Second, I ache to be in a video shoot so long as it's with John Orso. Man, is he one hot, handsome guy. Pass my details on to him please, I have to get him naked and with me soon. (8/29/2004)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
This is a comment with regards to I invite everyone to post their comments in regards to the BearForest. What do you like? What do you hate? Take care, hugs, Tino (8/24/2004)

LuvHryAss from...
I do not know any gay online system as difficult as BearForest. Even the Gruff Book section remains unanswered and is now being used by some guys to find men as the regular ad section does not seem to work properly. If anyone manages to read my profile here and relates, please write to me DIRECTLY: May the day come that the webmaster gets support from people who can make this BearForest truly buzz with bears and their lovers and admireres. in the Philadelphia, PA area (8/23/2004)

wannabear3 from... Shawnee, OK
Lookin for buff masc bear to pop my cherry. no bs or games. tired of fantasizing. (8/21/2004)

juicy8incock from... calgary alberta
want to suck me dry and swaoowl all my cum , big balls tight white ass needs exloring too in calgary alberta canda email me chris for a fun time (8/15/2004)

animal from... san francisco
hungry for hot ass (8/15/2004)

Rob from... Santa Fe
Hi! (8/14/2004)

Redebear from... Vermont
Hey Philip where you from? (8/13/2004)

furrycub from... Philip
Really want to know where all the good bears and cubs have gone? No One seems interested in finding friends or lovers lately on any site.I would love to find a furry friend for long hours , romance, and social outings but just do not know where else to turn to find them, I have been Barebacks,,,,chats, groups and still cannot find a versatile hot sexy furyy cub/bear for friendship and of course some great sex. GUYS.... WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? Besides masturbate a lot? thanks-Philip (8/12/2004)

dakotbear from... greg r. meore
hi theremy name is greg i'am 46 5.6 180 i have dark hair and i have a mustache and a goatee i have some have on my chest, but i have very hairy legs, hairy balls, and a very hairyass i like cudding, kissing, sucking, getting sucked, and licking a hairyass i like in des plaines about 10 min from o'hare airport and 20 min from rosemont el. do you ever come to chicago if you do let's get together i like going to north end and touche here is my e-mail and i'am in bearforest under greg r. meore of des plaines. take care and hope to here fromyou soon. huggz greg r. meore (8/5/2004)

JumboDan from... Jerry
Hi, I just wanted to give you my new email, as I would still like to get the Bearforest updates and keep checking out the guys on your site. My new email is Thank you, Jerry (8/5/2004)

UK Netvigator postmaster from...
Dear Sir, Please help to investigate the problem of our customer, our customer claimed that can't browse your website, our ip address range is 83.216.78.x, thanks ! Regards, UK Netvigator Postmaster PCCW LTD. (8/3/2004)

Mike from...

Octopbear from... Los Angeles
Bearman in So California.......trapped in a land of waxers and surferboys........into sweaty mansex, WS, partial to uncut and public, quality man of intellect and fun.....vers.....hairy/cut with nice all play scenes with (7/30/2004)

cbgrip from... austin
really like super-stocky topbear..when will i find one to be close with Im trying hard but my heart cant take the letdown of one sided fantasies and imagined romance with "straight" men who have barriers (7/28/2004)

bigASS from... LONDON UK

dutch from... dutch

bart from...
Divorces are ugly. So, why do we keep pursuing that Mr. Right relationship? I certainly am the least to be able to identify such. I hate men--well, SOME men! But mostly, I just love them to pieces! (7/11/2004)

Frankie Meatlover from... San Diego, California
I am hoping to meet bears in the area. I am a 42, HIV , bottom, that loves to suck bear cocks and getting fucked real hard in the ass. I can be tender as well, your choice. I also love to rim good, clean, hairy assholes. And to top it off I like a good cum facial. Contact me at: (7/7/2004)

rochesterbear1 from... RochesterNY
Does anyone know of a site for bears that: #1-does not show body parts and explicit nudity in the profiles and personals ??? #2-has a "members only" area that has all said "body part" pictures behind a membership login account ? #3-has guys who basically just want to meet people, date, hang-out togther, and decide PRIVATLY what happens next instead of broadcasting it to some who do not wish to be bothered and are turned-off by it ??? #4- a site where the account holder has full control of what they are viewing and witnessing??? Im not being prudish. I just know what I want and having difficulty in obtaining it. Tired of all the BS and gay games. Takes a real man to show heart around here. Glad I have little competition. (7/4/2004)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Replying to Tan-O, the Pal list for members has been increased to 100 (can't go much higher due to bandwidth limits) and, as well, member inboxes has been increased to 300. Hugs, Tino (7/3/2004)

kan from... costa rica
i love the cum of the bears (7/2/2004)

Tan-O from... U.S.A.
I haven't figured out why as a "Non-member" I could have 50 "pals" and space for 30 msgs, but 100 msgs with Membership and no increase in my Pal list? What's up with that? I say... the sky's the limit on pals. [g] (7/2/2004)

Ricky from... Ripley,TN
hi everyone, very nice site for bears. love to meet guys in West Tn close to Ripley, Brownsville and Covington that are big Teddy Bears amd love making love. Ideal man is like the actor John Goodman with or without hair!!!! My email is send me an email and let's see what happens. (7/1/2004)

wackyd from... Kansas
I need me a big hairy man.Anyone looking?someone nice but ruff.Someone who likes to 69!!!!!!!!A man to please me basically.Look me up for a good fun time. (6/27/2004)

Kevin from... Indiana
Love to Bottom for HIV Poz Guys (6/27/2004)

paul -11281-380-TRLM from... UK
Tried to join, sent UK cheque to the Blizzaard address, but eventually it was returned. Undecipherable Post Office scribbles on the envelope. Shall try again. Endlessly fascinating site, by the way!! Hugs, P. (6/27/2004)

gregmeore from... who knows!
hi guys my name is greg i'am 46 5.6 180 i have dark hair and i have a mustache and a goatee i have some hair on my chest, but i have very hairy legs hairy balls and a very hairyass i like cudding, kissing, sucking, getting sucked, and licking a hairyass looking for a bear in des plaines or chicago here is my e-mail hope to here from you soon (6/25/2004)

jerry from chicago from... gregmeore
hi jerry my name is greg meore i'am 46 5.6 180 i have dark hair and i have a mustache and a goatee i have some hair on my chest, but i have very hairy legs hairy balls and a very hairyass i like cudding, kissing sucking, getting sucked and licking a hairyass i live in des plaines about 10 min from o'hare and 20 min from rosemont el my e-mail hope to here from you soon (6/25/2004)

Bionicbottomone from...
How do I delete a profile from your website? (6/24/2004)

RJK from... RJK
Preferred the old chat room. I like to be able to sign under another name and also chat with guys who weren't necessarily members. (6/20/2004)

Shadow Werebear from... United States
I think this is a wonderful site I really would like to be able to talk to some of you but I am really shy so I hope this finds you well and furry and maybe you'll drop me a line.....??? (6/20/2004)

vcb from... china
gfgf (6/19/2004)

cali from... sacramento
is there anything better than a cum shot to the face? if there is let me know at (6/18/2004)

COBear from... Colorado
The new chat room is too slow. It takes over 25 seconds for my typing to get on screen. By that time, many other bears have talked and conversations are very hard to follow. Hope this gets better so we can chat better (6/18/2004)

Chunky from... New York
I'd like to see the search in Classifieds refined a bit more. If I'm looking for a specific type gent it is also in a limited area and not the whole state. Could we refine it down to cities ??? (6/16/2004)

harryone945 from... who knows!
I've tried to change my picture and add some pics to my profile several times and nothing works. Why don't you have a button called "VIEW MY PROFILE" so a member doesn't have to keep signing in and looking around just to see what's on his profile? (6/16/2004)

pawcast2 from... West Virginia
the unread mail alert should be disabled after reading all your mail, and marking it all as read! (6/13/2004)

pawcast2 from... West Virginia
Bear Forest is top notch in the attractive men , and friendly folks who run it !! The Forest is my new homw away from home!!! The eye candy is spectacular !! (6/13/2004)

Minnesotabear from... Minnesota
Hey guys...a fun guy here from MN....wishing all you hairy chested, hairy assed dudes a "good day!"...brn/brn 175 lbs hairy guy, new to the bears but willing to be taught...39 yrs old... (6/13/2004)

MountainGuy from... Virginia
OK, - I hate the term "straight acting" - I don't act for anyone and don't want a man who "Acts" like he is something else. Besides, I don't want a straight man. Just say MASCULINE. Also term discreet. If you are ashamed of your sexuality (as that is how God made you), you have a problem that you should deal with. I do realize that some have jobs that may cause problems BUT, that is what we should be fighting for every day in every state!! (6/12/2004)

JAMES from... usa
LOOKING (6/12/2004)

dakotabear from... richmond, va
Hey, I'm 49yr old 6'3" 240lb cropped redhead. Looking for a top bear who can control me. So far no luck. Any real men out there? (6/11/2004)

Beardebeers from... El Paso
Maybe this one for the ages, When does a otter become a cub? When does a cub become a bear? And when does a bear become a daddy bear? Do we have age limits? Weight requirements? Or we who we are, with an attached crteria telling us apart/ In my opinion we, bears are ALL bears regardless ao weight, age, or height requirements and our admirers are otters. Let's here some feed back on this, I'd like to know what others think. Your saying is important. And before anyone asks, I am NOT writing a book. (6/3/2004)

Carlbear from... Albuquerque, New Mexico
I'm looking for sum fun in Montrial at Gala. I'll be there with the New Mexico Gay Men's choir. I can also entertain truckers coming thru. (6/3/2004)

loder cub from... centerville,tx
i hope this site is good no luck antwhere else.good luck to all (6/1/2004)

Tactile Bear from... England
It would be more accurate and friendly if you had an option saying choice not listed instead of I'd rather not say or let's talk. For example, I am out to close friends but not my family. You have not option for that. My hobbes are photography, cooking and travel. None are listed. My sport is track & field; I would rather say not listed than none. And so on. I have a partner, but am ot married. I can see why you do not let us type anything we want in a blank space (for matters of taste and legal considerations), but this would be good to help find folks with similar interests/circumstances and/or more complete information. Thanks for listening. Joe Banks (6/1/2004)

superman from... arkansas
is there any one from little rock that is big and hairy? (5/31/2004)

superman from... yoyo
i love big hairy nuts (5/31/2004)

ddddeeeecccc from... GALLUP,NM
i luv bears (5/30/2004)

allbear from... central NY
any bears in central NY that want to bottom bear mature bears......mature minded...... (5/25/2004)

bcmanbear from... vancouver
anybody out there into some webcam fun. especially cubs. let me know (5/25/2004)

Beardebeers/Mike from... El Paso
Are there any real military bears out there? I promise I'll ask but I won't tell. (5/23/2004)

Jed from... the truth
as of May 20/04 is using a pic that is NOT him (the pic is of an online buddy from Arizona). As they say .. buyer beware! (5/20/2004)

furlvr from... Atlanta
Would love to meet some "furry playmates" in the Doraville/Chamblee area. Just for play! (5/17/2004)

papacorazon from... ecuador
no se ve nada (5/4/2004)

9by6 from...
Lookin for Big Muscled Marines,Military Men,Bttm Muscle Dudes Ect..looks and cock size unimportant..SEMPER FI Lt. Grunt 5'9",170,6 pack,furry pecs,azz,Too Damn Hdsm,Easy Going. SF,Ca. (5/3/2004)

david from... denver
hey lets talk k email me (4/30/2004)

Kevin from... Petaluma, CA
I'm looking for a guy to have fun with and get hot and heavy with. I'm looking for any guy that lives in the Sonoma, Marin, or San Fransisco counties, that would like to take the short drive to Petaluma to meet me. Any guy, from average to muscular to superchubby, will catch my attention. I just wanna be with a man who loves to either be fat, or be with a man who is fat. I'm confident that I will make it all worthwhile, as I am a caring and passionate lover. So, if any guy wants to meet with me, drop me a line. My e-mail's Kevin (4/29/2004)

Red (tcva) from... front royal va
Like another cat posted earlier on, I too have failed to locate a bear near me that is compatable, but my day will come as well.. great site, would post a pic, but I ain't no (4/26/2004)

gay from... italia roma
cacciatore 45 anni 175x75 capelli biondi,occhi azzurri amante de sentimnti cerco un orso crede parola amore e tanta voglia di amare per creare una storia romantica di dare e ricevere amorecon fedelta (4/25/2004)

David from... Denver, CO
I'm looking for a regular sex bud, no commitment. I am very oral, vers, clean, hiv-, expect the same. If interested email me back. 55, 6'1, 280#, semi hairy, (4/24/2004)

Little Big Bear from... Derek
Hi Tino - seen you've done some improvements to the site, such as allowing us to do a short bio of ourselves - but you've removed the option to attach a photo to a messaage. Was this becuase of viruses? You could limit the attachment to just JPEG or GIF files. Anyway, keep up the good work - great site and I've chatted to some great guys! (4/18/2004)

airbear99 from... Las Vegas
Looking to hookup and party with a few top men. Love to hear from you. (4/17/2004)

aussiebear from... australia
Hi Tino i love your site it is really top-notch,but do you really need to e-mail us when we get a message in our in-box.Some of us may want to keep what we do in bear forest secret from partners or work mates,and as you know in a lot of countries where being gay is not accepted as being the "norm."and e-mails can be read by both partners and work mates it causes and has caused a lot of problems. thanx aussiebear x (4/15/2004)

Sergeant Jim from... Sierra mountaains of Calif.
Hi all, I write stories for Bear Forest and I hope you all read them. I must be good because other sites are stealing my stories and publishing them on their sites also - that is OK as long as they give me credit for writing the stories. Maybe you guys can read them and not get an erection! But do not plan on it. Thanks (4/15/2004)

WAYNE from... Indiana

GranpaLover from...
great site (4/10/2004)

alleycat622 from... who knows!
love this site Woof (4/9/2004)

taras from... elmwood park, illinois
this website is the best site of all i already met someone thanks to bearforest (4/8/2004)

jerry from... chicago
big belly with fur down the crack, clear is a must (4/8/2004)


Tarvison from... upstate ny
Seems all the good bears are taken. What a shame as I really do desire to love and care for another gruffian. I haven't given up hope, but I'm darn close to it. If ya have positive advice please... (4/5/2004)

chrepi from... slovenija
Slovenija is not on the list of countrys! Haw i can singh inn as a member? Sensirely Andrej (4/4/2004)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, I have just added a bunch of new information to the classifieds. Go to the classifieds and update your profile with the new stats. It adds a new dimension to browsing the classfieds. Tino :) (4/2/2004)

KFC from... Trinidad and Tobago
This site rules!!! But like everything great you have to fix the small problems. The chat room could use some kind of ring that tells you someone is talking to you or talking to everyone, once you are in the chat room. Because yuh can't be checking it every 5 seconds when things are slow. Just like to share my ideas with people who value them........KFC (3/31/2004)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I have improved the ability to search by state, province or country. Let me know what you think. Cheers! (3/29/2004)

bear48 from... NJ
Hi Tino, Wow! They are some of the hottest men ever on the playing cards. Great choices! Thanks for making my poker habit so much more exciting. Great big bear hug to you. (3/26/2004)

Azmi ismail from... Malaysia
Your BearForest.Com is most lovely website I been surfing.Meet alot of friend.Thank you very much. Azmi ismail Malaysia (3/25/2004)

Dlm from... HELP
i'm looking for a big dick man in las vegas... (3/23/2004)

KFC from... Trinidad
You have a great site. I havn't seen one like this in like ever. This site makes it worth while to actually be on the internet and surf. I will always come here to check things out and hopefully meet the bear or bears of my dreams in person one day. EMAIL <> (3/20/2004)

randy from... illinois
I have tried everything to become a member, but it says i dont have cookies on(which i do) from your site. I never have had a problem with paypal except through here.. what gives? (3/19/2004)

nutlover from... don
great site,great bears (3/18/2004)

jisiman from... springfield, ohio
looking to service hot bears and cubs, i'm a cub, 6'4", 190lbs, 34w, 46c, 7inches cut, firm tight butt for drill'in and fill'in, i give excellent head, luv poppers, lube and hot hairy men, i can host, must be discreet, no flamers or sissys or tvs. hit me up at (3/9/2004)

coccolo from... italy
ciao qualcuno italiano????????? (3/6/2004)

orso valerio from... R.E. - Italy
Mando un saluto a mattbelly che mi ha fatto conoscere questo bel sito e vorrei che qualche bell'orso volesse scambiare con me quelche mail o conoscermi in chat. Sono alle prime armi anche se l'età anagrafica di 47 anni può far per me è una cosa importante! aspetto fiducioso, la mia mailk è ciao, valerio (3/5/2004)

orso valerio from... R.E. - Italy
Mando un saluto a mattbelly che mi ha fatto conoscere questo bel sito e vorrei che qualche bell'orso volesse scambiare con me quelche mail o conoscermi in chat. Sono alle prime armi anche se l'età anagrafica di 47 anni può far per me è una cosa importante! aspetto fiducioso, la mia mailk è ciao, valerio (3/5/2004)

goodtogo from... chicago
looking for a good quickie top or bottom your choose. (3/3/2004)


Bite Me, romanticly! from... Southern West Virginia
I have viewed your site for many months now and I can't seem to find a bear near where I live. Although, they are some bears close by but, not quiet what I am looking for. Not trying to be picky but, I like what I like. I have come across many handsome, good looking bears on this site. I have even e-mailed a few. Kinda makes me wish that, I lived in or near a major city. My time will come when I'll meet the perfect bear and I believe we will live a happy, healthy and loving life together. I am 40/ gwm/ 6'4"/ 250lbs.stocky/green eyes/ stache/ short,dark brown hair/hairy chest and belly. Feel free to e-mail me anytime. (2/25/2004)

Raymond from... New Jersey
cute and funny 31yr old cub looking for friends in NJ/NY/PA area. I especially love 50-60 yr old daddy/polar bears! Stop and say hi!!! (2/25/2004)

FatPapiNY from... (NYC)
Kudos to Tino & Thank you for such a wonderful forum for such hot guy. I just added myself this week officially and going to try this out. <wink> See you all in cyberland. Big HUGS from the Bronx New York City! (2/24/2004)

Oralfreak from... Detroit/Roseville MI
Are there any Cigar or pipe smoking hairy bears or silver daddies who are tops and love to be pleasured oraly in detroit or macomb county,i love to oraly service and take it from behind, leave contact info,times and possible numbers,i'm ready.i'm at my name is reggie (2/23/2004)

Jarhead from...
Lookin fer 6' 200 pound furry bears..extra pounds or muscled bottoms..Ugly Fucks..Very Cool..MEN BIG BOYS..USMC or Military Men. Lt. Gruntcock (2/22/2004)

Jack from... Long Beach, CA
Please send e-mail to in reference to the message below. Thanks (2/21/2004)

Jack from... Long Beach, CA
I want to be a model in bear porn. Please send information or ask for a picture. (2/21/2004)

wayne from... Indiana
I am looking a hot gay male with a beard goatee mustache or long bushy sideburns (not required but facial hair turns me on the more facial hair the better.) Also looking for a gay male who smokes cigars the bigger the better. (not required but they tunr me on.) Would like pictures but if you do not have any that is ok. All replies will get a responce. Ones with pictures get top priorities. EMAIL ME AT BIG BEAR HUGS AND BIG BEAR KISSES WAYNE (2/20/2004)

Big DL from... Wisconsin
ALright...I have a question. Does anyone else think William Petersen, who plays Grissom on CSI, is a really hot that he has grown a beard/goatee. Because I think he is really hot. Just want some other opinions. Email me at Thanks!! (2/19/2004)

hawaiianbear from... honolulu, hawaii
aloha from hawaii: great website and i hope that bears from around the world may have an opportunity to view it too. have a nice day! (2/19/2004)

Jarhead from...
Wanted to join but your site won't allow me. Got any ideas, I tried EVERYTHING Semper Fi Lt. Gary (2/19/2004)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Just wanted to say HAPPY VALENTINES to everyone. Big hugs, Tino (2/14/2004)

Duncan from... UK
Love this site, am just a old chaser who loves to be fucked, have already found one or two willing partners, so its been worth it, and there are some nice people here as well. (2/13/2004)

sammyeater_2004 from... who knows!
hi just want to know why i did not get an id number? would like to have one pleas send me one (2/13/2004)

allbear from... utica
anyone in the vacinity of utica, bottom bear looking for other bears......easy (2/11/2004)

Hey Tino, I have tried to sign in as you state in the Home Page but there isn't any place to do so. There is a browser bar at the top but it doesn't let me get there to sign in. Am I not seeing something I should? Please let me know as It's frustrating to finaly get into the great bears that are on this site. Thanks, Rick MudBear69@AOL.COM (2/10/2004)

Canada from... canada
i like stories of the old days (1/27/2004)

kalako from... calif
why is all the woofy guys from CANADA hardly any from USA could it be they are the best (1/21/2004)

ALBEAR from... UK
Great site,classifields should be able to sortout by age/country.But other than that its brill. all the best,its great to be a BEAR. (1/15/2004)

memnoch988 from... Steve
HI Guys Wooof, Im looking for some bear buddies that want to screw around..i love oral located on New London CT and my email is (1/12/2004)

Vintgbehr from... DFW
Great site, search should be able to search by age and pictures only though. (1/10/2004)

gay from... italia roma
45 anni cacciatore molto amante dei sentimenti e simpatico , cerco un amico del cuore moltio dolce e romantico,crede la parola amore e tanta voglia di amare,per creare una storiia molto seria ha lungo termine ,basato con amicizia profonda di di dare dare e ricevere amore con fedelta e amicizia profonda di sentimenti romantici , astenersi impegnati livello sentimntale e egoisti di sentimenti , vorrei massima serieta e rispondere in italiano (1/3/2004)

gay from... italia roma
45 anni cacciatore 175x75 capelli biondi eocchi azzurri molto amante de i sentimenti cerco un amico del cuore crede la parola amore e tanta voglia di amare per creare una storia roamntica con amicizia profonda di dare e ricevere amore con fedelta, astenersi inpegnati ha livello sentimentale e egoisti di sentimenti, vorrei massima serieta e scrivere in italiano (1/3/2004)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Response to previous question... If the message allows a response (ie the reply button appears), you can send it. Tino (1/3/2004)

Bearcub2003 from... UK
Hey, excellent site, just getting my feet here. I got an anonymous message in my inbox, if I respond to him will he get the message or is it just a dead message? Woofy New Year!! (1/2/2004)

fuzzcub from... east coast canada
Hey Tino, nice job on this site!Have met a few bears I like and saw a lot more i'd like to meet.Just wondering why the chat room is so quiet?Just found the site but find it really easy to navigate.Keep up the good work.MORE HAIRY BEARS.GRRRRRRRR!!!!! (12/31/2003)

Ricancub from... Virginia
I think this is a great site.. though i still have not met that special someone as yet... I am keeping my eyes opened! Thanks for the enjoyment! Marko (12/28/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi everyone, I would just like to wish you all good cheer in this season. Have a great coming year! hugs, Tino (12/26/2003)

CB_1626 from... San Diego
Webmaster...The link to Bears San Diego in not only spelled wrong, it is a dead link...Should be; You may also want to link to America's Finest City Bears at; (12/19/2003)

BearLoverMS from... Mississippi
love the site! have met a couple of nice guys here for that i want to meet face to face! keep up the good work (12/15/2003)

cub from... uk
any one from the uk wana fuck a 26 year old cub email (12/12/2003)

cub from... uk
any one from the uk wana fuck a 26 year old cub (12/12/2003)

teddybear from... ontario
this is an absolutly fabulous site, how cum it took me so long to find it? Keep up the great (12/7/2003)

lowhanger2 from... Don
Love the site, BUT where are those guys at. Can't seem to get a hold on one. Need some ass to eat and dick to suck, but no one want's to play it seems. I'm horny and tired of jacking off alone. Really would like for someone to open up and give their dick and ass to me to play with. Guess I'll just have to be happy with looking at those great pictures and spending my time alone. (12/5/2003)

Shane Waber from... Kuala Lumpur/Miami
Nice & neat. Keep it up. Look foward to see the new Icon on the events. TQ (12/4/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, I've made several bug fixes to the Instant Messaging Chat system. I think that you will find that it works a lot better. Please give it a try. Happy Holidays, hugs, Tino (12/2/2003)

boogiebear from... Richard
Tino, your Bear Forest site is fantastic. I like all the benefits. Meet a friend and correspond weekly. Looking to meet more face to face or for email freindship. Love those men and want to taste so many!! Email me @ (11/28/2003)

Your site is difficult to use because there do not seem to be the icons you promise: how to sign out and retrieve messages without any icons appearing to click. Please explain. (11/28/2003)

Bear Kuta from... San Diego
Great stories..great work guys! WOOF!!!! (11/21/2003)

oral fellow from... Manteca, CA
Hey Tino:Have been with you from the start and just keeps getting better and better. Your the best bud. Frank (11/20/2003)

Tater Tot from... Corinth, Texas
Thanks Tino - I really like your site. I can't seem to find anyone in the DFW Texas area, I wish I could find someone closer to me here in the Dallas Area......... (11/16/2003)

Lazybear from... Canada
Thanks Tino - great site - have had a lot of responses fro a bunch of great guy - very exciting - only thing is I wish you were all much closer to me here in the "great white north" - it gets cold up here and I could use some big bear warmth to get me through the winter. Bearhugs and bellyrubs.....Lazy email - (11/12/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have made some changes to the QuickMail system in the Classifieds. If you are having any trouble, please let me know at... Take care, hugs, Tino (11/6/2003)

Bonetaker from... Philly
Love to suck and swallow and eat ass--love piss play as well email me if interested--I have the place in NE (11/5/2003)

feitzbear from... Fred Crawford
I have been a membr of Bear Forest for some time and have enjoyed it very much. I love the stories. I would love to meet other bears, but have a feeling I am just a tad too old. I am a an official Senior Bear now with a long list of ailments that seem to go along with the aging process. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Depression, and more. Although I am officially retired, I do work p/t ... more to get me out of the house and to keep myself busy. - Most of my free time is spent on the computer and the Bear Forest. - I live in the Windy City and am surrounded by a number of very close friends, but I still enjoy surfing the net for hot bears and maybe a new friendship. - I regret I do not have a current picture, but that will be coming soon. - Meanwhile, if you're searching for a new friend, drop me an e-mail. I live in the Midwest in a very Windy City. My e-mail is: --- Perhaps we can be e-mail buddies. (11/3/2003)

john bare from... wibconsin
I'm looking for a real man who likes to get fucked in the mouth with a 6" thick cock. (10/31/2003)

john bare from... wisconsin
I'm looking for a real man (mature) who likes to get fucked in the mouth with a 6" thick cock. (10/31/2003)

bear48 from... NJ
Hi Tino, thanks for the new pics on the cards. You've got some really hot men in Deck1 especially the ACE. Man is he hot. Some really hot pics in the galleries also. You do a fantastic job of keeping us bears drooling. (10/30/2003)

lowhanger2 from... Don
Great site. Hope I will be able to find my guy here. (10/30/2003)

J_C from... hombre48
Love this site..... will be visiting Miami for 3 weeks from 28th of Nov, anyone wants to show me around?? :) (10/28/2003)

SteveHunkyBear from...
Tino - thanks for a great site - you should be getting my cheque from England soon. Well worth it! Huge Hugs Steve (10/22/2003)

mekhi from...
just found the site was a great find and i really enjoy all the men keep up the great work this is the only site i need (10/13/2003)

timboybottom from... tim
I'd love to see more thick/long bearded furry men eating out smooth boy pussies. Especially group scenes. There's nothing like a lot of fur, beard and moustache to tickle a smooth boy's fancy! (10/13/2003)

photobear from... NebrNebrLand
Has anyone else experienced the problem in CHAT where it just refuses to accept a message from you? and then when you log back into CHAT it shows the room empty? Kind of frustrating and has happened several times lately. (10/12/2003)

Bob57 from... who knows!
Ain't nipples great. Love this site. (10/11/2003)

smokeythebearcub from... who knows!
Glad to be in the BearForest. Hello all from ATL. GA (10/9/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I have added a new preview section to the Galleries... BearForest TV. Check it out! Enjoy, hugs, Tino (10/8/2003)

COCKHUNGRY from... England
As the song says: "So Many Men, So Little Time..." There are so many horny men on this site and I wish I could fuck with them all. Keep up the good work. (10/3/2003)

Young 'un from... England
Looooovin those hot steamy stories, please keep them (and me ;) ) cumming! (9/26/2003)

Rufus from... Australia
G'day Tino, thanks for a great site. Hot bears from all over this wonderful planet. If we all made love and friends there would be no wars. Bear hugs to all you fellas out there, wherever and whatever you may be. Cheers mates, Rufus. (9/23/2003)

Jed from... Toronto
Thanks Tino for a grrrrrreat site. I had my first bear to bear experience with a hot man that I met in the chatroom. I also made 3 lifelong friends in the chatroom that gave me the push to start living my life as a proud gay man. I also have met my current Daddy who is teaching me all about the non vanilla things I enjoy so much. I would not be where I am in my life without this site! I will get off my soapbox now .... THANKS TINO!!!! (9/21/2003)

huggyChris from... Surbiton, Surrey
By the way, just to add to what I have just put up, I would like to meet guys for both friendship for drinks at say West5 and XXL, as well, as possible versatile fun. There I have said it, just getting over a nasty emotional know the thing. Well, thanks for reading and hope to hear from you. Again, (9/21/2003)

huggyChris from... Surbiton, Surrey
I am a bit shy with putting things over these days, but I love this site. Adore tlc from warm, (preferably very) furry, and friendly guys aged between 30-50. Am furry myself, mid-forties, and very sensual. Get very turned on by depth, hugs and a physically by a bear, who is u/c. E-mail@ Cheers and lerve to hear from you. (9/21/2003)

very nice work... i just wanna say somethin' if U never had sex with one Greek guy... then U miss the meanin' of the greekway fuckin' so not misunderstand me..i just say some thruth...Greeks do it better... (9/15/2003)

azzura from... blur_azzura
If i had not have any budget nor money to become the member of bear forest, what should I do....please help! I really love bear,especially old mature bear....(i come from the third world country) (9/13/2003)

"Doc" from... Calgary, alta. CDN
Wow, guy's what a site, so many hot older men i only wish it would happen. new to it all but know what, "I want a bear", to snuggle with and leave there mark that I'm there's. I personally don't have a lot of fur but want to feel enbraced by strong arms. need this to be private still have to out myself. If your a Bear and want to be worshiped off and on. Email Doc at (9/12/2003)

hotbearnutz from... Frank in Virginia
great site, love muscle and hair and bury my face in it, or you in mine. Rim, mild cbt, pitwork, titwork, whatever feels good between men. Stories ok. (9/9/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi hairyisme, actually all of the Video Volume 2 trailers are brand new! I'll change up the Volume 1 trailers too. (9/3/2003)

hairyisme from... who knows!
Tino: can you darken the print in the chat spaces, it is faint, and somewhat difficult to read chat messages. As well, it is difficult to view any of the trailers, they don't come up. The scenes are old too, can you change the present one's (9/3/2003)

bearbuddee from... colorado
the site is really taking off and I have enjoied talking with so many hot bears keep it ....up (9/3/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi everyone, Video Volume 2 is now online. Please take a look at the stills and trailers now... press BF VIDEOS at the top of the screen. Hugs, Tino (9/1/2003)

David from... Rochester ,New York
To Everyone interested, My hat goes off to you Tino. This is a wonderful site for us who happen to enjoy looking and socializing with guys of the "larger" frame and body. It is a great outlet and needs to continue. Like the next American guy, I enjoy alot of sex when the time allows and really have not much of a problem finding it. Sometimes, (who am I kidding, most of the time) I would really like to get down to dating guys from time to time that doesn't lead to a romp in the hay. I know, most are saying "go to Oprah", but come on, some of us would like to hopefully meet "the one" and have as much fun out of the sheets as in. I was hoping to do just that by my profile. Yet, I digress... A word to those who still look for "the one": keep it up--he's there somewhere. It may seem like a never-ending event, but you will overcome it !! Thanks guys for letting me vent a bit. Oprah's doing just fine without me !! -David- p.s. If anyone has kind words to write, please do so. I answer all ! (8/27/2003)

Rufus from... Oz
Anyone want to correspond about piss adventures, please look me up. Cheers & Beers fellas. (8/26/2003)

hairybearchaser from... mikeymike
Hi after medium build guyz in middlesex - into jocks shorts poppers, footie gear, outside sex, horny tit/pit fun. really love shooting my jizz into a real bush,pits & getting a hairy fucker doing it to me get me on if you are up for it (8/25/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi everyone, wanted to say thanks for coming out to the release party. It was a success. Big hugs, Tino (8/24/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi everyone, I would like to invite you to the release of the next BearForest Video, volume 2 - Horny Hairy Bears. Its happening at the Tool Box bar in Toronto on Friday Aug. 22. Please drop in and meet some of the stars (9 new ones in this release). See ya, Tino (8/12/2003)

BearChub1945 from... Windsor, ON.
By hook or by crook, I'll be the next polar bear to sign your guest book. Great site! Thinking about joining real soon. Tell me I won't get spammed to death if I join eh? .. Big BEAR hugs from a BIG polar bear bottom. (8/9/2003)

bear48 from... NJ
Tino, Please change the pics on the cards more often. I love playing poker but would like to see different studs now and then. Thanks. (8/8/2003)

east coast bear lover from...
Love this site!! Great job, Tino!! (8/5/2003)

rustynail from... new jersey
It is really hot. I'm drooling and leaking all at the same time, just from the little bit I have viewed. Would love to be found in the forest by any number of these bears, especially if they are horny. (7/28/2003)

Steve from... Kansas
Hey guys,looking for bear cartoons. Anyone know where I could find a pic of a bear in drag or a bear in a beauty pageant (with tiera and sash). Would really appreciate any help. (7/28/2003)

Tino from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, please try out the new BearForest Instant Messaging and let me know what you think. Take care, hugs, Tino (7/27/2003)

Rufus from... Australia
Sorry fellas, my email is cheers and beers, Rufus (7/22/2003)

Rufus from... who knows!
G'day fellas. A great site with great looking bears. Nice to see as I don't get to see many where I live. Anyway, where can I look at pictures of Bears & Piss on the net free. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers mate, Rufus (7/22/2003)

Houndog from... Venezuela
Unbelievable, this site is just f*****g great. (7/22/2003)

D-Bear from... Disgusted
I had hoped that most bears had grown up! A polite bear knows that it is important to return emails, if you are interested or not. Be mature, and take the time to do the right thing! (7/19/2003)

dragonbear from... fla
Searching for a bulky body and furry fun loving bear for a mate am always looking for that bulky body and furry bearman to hugg (7/17/2003)

mike from... walter
i need sex i have a 9x9 cock u will like it i'm in NJ and my name is michael ??? hamilton my phone starts like (609)-88???????? find the rest (7/10/2003)

MuscleCub69 from... Columbus, Ohio
Out looking to meet some new buddies/bears/cubs/leatherbears, while my bear and I are in Toronto for the "Leather Ball" in mid August. (7/6/2003)

James from... United Kingdom A NEW PC USER I AM LOOKING FOR NEW CONTACTS. (7/6/2003)

juan from... spain
i love hairy guys (7/3/2003)

buddybear from... who knows!
any bears out on the gold coast (7/1/2003)

Alex from... Toronto
Happy Pride everyon!! (6/30/2003)


Tino from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, I'd like to introduce the new BearForest Instant Messaging system. Please give it a try and give me your thoughts. It will be periodically down as I try to iron out all of the bugs. Your webmaster, Tino (6/12/2003)

Two Dudes from... British Columbia
Hey Guys, we are heading to Alberta visiting Calgary & Edmonton between June 24 & July 2. Looking for some hot male to male kinky action in any town between here and there. Shoot us a message and lets cum up with some action! (6/11/2003)

jeff from... westmids uk
bearforest is a stunning site! - full of good ideas, graphics, men ... Anyone able to open up a roadmap with directions to bearland in the west-mids of uk, to provide a route for a v oldie innocent? would be gruffed to hear from you. Honey to all yooz. (6/6/2003)

bear48 from... nj
Hi Tino, Love the new galleries pics,but would love to see the decks of cards changed more frequently. Musclebears, leatherbears and cumshots would be appreciated. Love ya big guy, bear48 (6/4/2003)

Xyecoc from... Larry
If anyone knows of someone who is looking for an apartment share in New York City, I have a room to rent which will be available July 1st. (6/3/2003)

tj from... CNY
Guess it's all in the sales pitch ? (6/2/2003)

bearroc from... colorado
lets stop the playing around! get real with the ads dudes! (6/2/2003)

Bob from... Bracknell Berks UK
Hi Guys, Been reading a few comments about West 5 in Ealing on the Gruff Book. Just wanted to say that there appears to be a stocky /bear scene starting up at the place. Been there a few times now & it is well worth a visit, nice people there & easy to get to & park. Give it a try....look forward to seeing you down ther...... (5/30/2003)

juicycock from... john
hi new to bi seane , want to meet gay male for fun hot times , iam very very clean passive , and love being done orally only ,so if you boys can handle 8in cock , let me know i want to cum in your mouth soon and have you swalloww all john , want too .email me ps. iam in calgary alberta canada icq#100632662 (5/21/2003)

Willie from... Arkansas..
Hi Bear Forest...I enjoy it very much.. Alot of Cute Bear in the picture.. Feel free email me (5/20/2003)

bear48 from... NJ
damn would I love to have the man on the number 5 card in the second deck in my life for real. He is in my wet dreams all the time. Would really love some real time with that hot fucker. Thanks Tino for spicing up my dreams. (5/17/2003)

hot-4-hairygut from...
As a fairly new member to bearforest,I would just like to say a big THANKS for the HOT HOT pics in the "bearbelly gallery" I get an instant hard-on and have to toss myself off every time I view those beautiful big firm round hairy guts. Keep those pics cummin because I sure am....JIM (5/16/2003)

bigpanda62 from... jpierreD

Altabear from... who knows!
Great site, excellent stories, enjoy the chat, just like the whole layout (5/8/2003)

Altabear from... who knows!
Great site, excellent stories, enjoy the chat, just like the whole layout (5/8/2003)

hunkychunk from... NYC
Oops, I meant 200# or more..... (5/8/2003)

hunkychunk from... NYC
Looking for 200 # bears in the NYC area who love to eat, laugh, and cuddle. Please respond to Thanks! WOOF 195# 5'9', 36yo, friendly with a warm smile (5/8/2003)

GardenBear from... Cape Town South Africa
Bears & cubs are welcome to Cape Town - Low season is the right time for bears in Cape Town. contact me : (5/3/2003)

Hairyo69 from... Canada
Gotta Love a real hairy chest (5/1/2003)

cubdad from... Same place
I forgot my email in order to receive replies. (5/1/2003)

cubdad from... S. Africa
Well, I wanted to watch the hot hairy hardcore trailers and had to download DivX free material. Still did not work! So I purchased DivX and still cannot view the trailers. What do I do now???? For the rest...I think the site is promising (5/1/2003)


Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I am working on a very cool new area... The XXX Files. It will be a member "Bare-All" section. For more info, drop me a line. hugs, Tino (4/24/2003)

paw from...
Like the site although find it HARD to send pictures with the browser! (4/16/2003)

allbear from... utica
Might just do that tj to get in touch..... (4/14/2003)

CR from...
anyone want to try some fun wrestling - write to: (4/14/2003) from... St. Petersburg, FL
By the way, please email your responses to my address. (4/7/2003)

corey from... st. petersburg, florida
it seems to be very difficult to meet other big hairy gay/bi versatile men in the tampa bay area of florida. can i get some help, here? (4/7/2003)

Tino from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have updated the trailers for the video. Take a look and please do pick one up and support the BearForest. Hugs, Tino (4/4/2003)

MONCHOCRM from... Tuc/Argentina
You have changed to PAY `PAL sistem , not allow me to renew my subscription to this page. Sorry, you lose. Ramon (4/2/2003)

Johan from... South Africa
I would like to chat to someone about their fantasies (4/2/2003)

Stewart from... Hampton Surrey
Hey....well the guys were right, West 5 Ealing is a great place to go! My partner & I went there last weekend on Friday & Saturday! It is a wonderful place & easy to find bt car & tube! I think with a little effort this place could turn into the West London equivilant to Dukes! So come on guys give it a try, West 5 Ealing can be found on Popes Lane Ealing just off of the M4 & has a local tube which is South Ealing....out of the station, turn right down to the traffic lights, turn left & West 5 is a few minutes walk down the road. So lets see what we can do here, some really good looking guys, a piano bar, good music 7 dancing, great caberet & games room with a large decked garden too! (4/2/2003)

diddlerman from... Kansas City Missouri area
Someone tell me why in the Kansas City area there are not many guys who want a bear, or a chub bear, seems they only want those 20 year old full of cum and on the run guys who are 6 foot and shoot a load in 20 seconds. Can not find any cubs or bears to play with. Can't get out to bars and do work out in gym, but when a hot guy is around, seems he is only interested in the twink in the tight pants. This town sucks and no bear is getting any enjoyment in it. ANY SUGGESTIONS???? ( (4/1/2003)

sailorbear from... India
I wud like to form a bear club in India where bears and lovers cud meet. Any suggestions? Mail me at (3/31/2003)

Tino from... Toronto, Ontario
Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell you that I have added a very cool new feature to the classifieds - the ability to attach your photo to mail that you send to the Men of the BearForest Classifieds. Please give me some feedback on this and other new features. Take care, hugs, Tino (3/31/2003)

tj bear from... Syracuse , NY
Hey AllBear in Utica, You're not that for from Syracuse! Come to Spirits tavern. There are some FINE Bears in Utica !!!! Dated one for 5 months! (3/29/2003)

Sy from...
Tino, the more that I look at your site, the better I like it. One suggestion. I know there are loads of bears out there but what about a section for the older, chubby bear which will cater to the guys who like chubby bear, beaded bears etc. Just me talking. Hopefully, you're feeling well. Take care. Sy (3/29/2003)

memo dedo from... jordan
fuck me my fur bear ohhhhhhhhhhh my tets ohhhhhhhhhhh mycoock (3/29/2003)

marwan dwagreh from... jordan irbed
ilove THe Bears ilove men 40- 65 yers old (3/29/2003)

allbear from... Utica, central new york.
Really enjoy looking through the sight......nice bunch of bears here........too bad none of them are close........saw some woofy bears here. (3/27/2003)

Globalman from...
This is a fantastic site. I just stumbled on it while surfing the net. I haven't been so turned on for sometime now. Thanks (3/15/2003)

El Gordo from... Toronto
Just stumbled across your site and really enjoy it! Hair turns me on and I would love to be turned loose in a room full of those bears...! (3/14/2003)

alleycat622 from... lower calif.
great site am a hairy ottor as my friend calls me like bears, who are truckers,cops,firemen,bikers,latinos, (3/14/2003)

Eagel Collector from... Hamilton
This website is GREAT , Tino keep up the good work ,It help alot of us guys that are just just coming out!!! (3/13/2003)

GiN from... California
I think the sight is great. Especially since there is no bull or popups, just a great page. I may not be a big guy, and I'm not especially hairy, but I know what I like. I just hope this page can be an example for similar ones to follow. (3/11/2003)

Paul from... West London
Just thought I would comment on Steve's note about the West 5 bar in Ealing. I was there last weekend to meet with friends before moving on to XXL. I can confirm that it is a great place & there are I must admit some tasty guys there too. It was my first time there & I will be returning there again very soon! So lets give a try guys....If you are in the West London or Home Counties then lets see if we can have a pre XXL meeting place in West 5 Ealing! Look forward to seeing you down at West 5 ! (3/11/2003)

Come on to the chat fellas, have a great time there. met some great guys. Also i bought the Video and it is super wow wow woof - i cant wait for the next one. When will we see it Tino, love it. (3/9/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi guys, well a few of you have been asking me for the full monty. Check out cheers, Tino (3/8/2003)

stan from... Cameroon
best site for bears but i cannot see black bears or are they scared (3/6/2003)

stan from... Cameroon
it is a great site filled with charming and demanding gay bears;love to be there myself and get along with one these guys can make you cum with their cute asses (3/6/2003)

Steve from... West London
Hi Guys, Just thoght I would mention that quite a few guys...both stocky & bears meet at a bar called West 5 Popes Lane in Ealing West London at weekends. So if you fancy going somewhere different or as a pre XXL venue then come along it is great fun with a Piano Bar, Normal Bar, Dance floor, games room & large garden. Look forward to seeing you down there. (3/4/2003)

Sven from... Taipei, Taiwan
Great site. Discreet, oral, Caucasian, 37,6'4", 200lbs., blond hair, brown eyes, moderately hairy - seeking to please husky masculine men traveling to Taipei, Taiwan. ISO men 35-50 years of age, 200-270lbs. (2/28/2003)

bob from... england
Hi, to all you bears out there, allthough i'm not very hairy myself I am attracted to bears. It was only last month that I bought my first computer and dicovered the internt,I had no idea that sites like bear forest existed, and visit it regularly. I'm 48 and would love to hear from anybody around the world who wants to chat, phots appreciated,<> all the best bob (2/28/2003)

bub from... eastcoast canada
site is great still searching (2/23/2003)

bear48 from... NJ
Hi Tino, thanks for changing the pics on the playing cards. I definitely like to see variety. To all you bears out there, please use the chat room more often, it can be a real blast. I've met some great fun men, but we need more activity, so please join us. (2/19/2003)

Bubba from... Washington DC
WOOOOOOOOOF Great page you guys... First time ever being there. (2/19/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi everyone, please give me your thoughts on the new browse format of the Classifieds. I need your input! Cheers, Tino (2/18/2003)

Bill from... Virginia, USA
Thanks for this site. I'm a 60 yr old Santa type. I check out all the bear sites and this one is great. Aren't many people on it from my area (Northern Virginia) but that's okay, the view on your site and the stories are quality. Thanks a lot. <> Bill in Falls Church, Virginia (2/18/2003)

JCJC from... Philadelphia, PA
New Philly bear here and hoping this site turns out to be as promising as I imagine. Everything I have seen so far looks great. Haven't met anyone yet but I'm hoping that changes soon...real soon. <smile> (2/17/2003)

Tino (webmaster) from... Toronto
Sorry, I will not be running the contest this time round. It is really a lot of work to set up and keep updated. I will be watching the series though. We'll see about running it the next time. Cheers, Tino (2/6/2003)

Behrmark from... So Cal
Hey week starts the new Survivor...will you be having your contest again? Although I did poorly on the last one (Ken is still a god - albeit a furless one), it was great fun....and if anyone wants to chat/e-mail about the contestants, drop me a line at Thanks Tino! HUGS to all you beautiful bears!! (2/6/2003)

Wolf Cub from... Wolf Cub
If you Tony w/ a great web site you have think we guys are just in here for a quick wank?Well you may just be right.Maybe it's because safe sex will always be in the palm of our hands! WOOF big daddy! ` (1/26/2003)

Frank from... Ireland
I am not a bear, but a big bear admirer. I'm 45, average weight, brown hair and other qualities to shy to go into here, and into older bears of course. But having said that, any bear who knocks on my door is guaranteed tlc. What more can I say, great site, great bears and lots of fun. Any bear who needs to be fed and watered call here, at Travel the distance I'm worth it. (1/22/2003)

bear48 from... NJ
Hi Tino, thanks for changing the pics on the cards. (1/17/2003)

sukurnutz from...
Always enjoy this hot site. relax, bears - havae no ax to grind, no definitions of "Bear", just greatly admire, worship, service any big guy, esp. with hair, who wants his meaty body serviced. DC area bears take notice - am there for you - licking, sucking, eating, worshipping. Bears do it for me - what more can I say. Grateful for all I get - forget about what I don't get. Thanks bears! Thanks site - met several bears thru you and had (have) great times giving you what you want. (1/17/2003)

Randbear from... Santa Fe, New Mexico
Howdy from New Mexico, where men are men and the prairie dogs are nervous. This old greybear's feeling the cold. Anybody up for a cuddle? I'm .... Happy New Year, men! (1/12/2003)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that all of the classifieds (with photos) now have a direct URL. (1/11/2003)

bearnuts from... florida
i need to say i'm sorry.just that i'm very sorry.had a bad time these last few weeks.and yes i'll practice on my spelling ,next time i get on the pity pot i'll tie my hans up and use safty belts.for some reason i want to blame eveyone else for a difficult life.i need to see what i've learned from these experinces and let it build character not please guys ... i'm very sorry .wont happen again.promise bearnuts (1/7/2003)

BooBoo from... Minneapolis
Wow, what a hot web site. I will be back here often!! (1/7/2003)

TJ Bear from... Cetral NY
Right on the money Big Bad John ! Nobody wants to hear that" Poor Me" Bullshit. Frickin' get off your ass & earn some W O O F S ! (1/6/2003)

bigbadjohn from... melbourne, OZ
awww bearnuts! you poor poor lil thing! here's a hint: learn to spell and maybe get some help with the bitterness that pervades your soul. chances are they can smell the bile on yr breath as you type your messages. remember babe: a weight problem is a challenge, not an excuse. god loves you bearnuts but he's gettin' sick of yr shit. love from me. (you big hunk of self loathing meat, you) (1/6/2003)

licker from... new mexico
wish more of you would come to chat. Where have all the bears gone?? (1/6/2003)

licker from... new mexico
love your site. have made some great new friends. Keep up the good work!!! (1/6/2003)

SID from... Portugal
Congratulations! Great page! we are from Portugal: URSOS DE PORTUGAL (1/5/2003)

Fuzzy from... Bjorn
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he? (12/31/2002)

bear48 from... nj
Hey Tino, Love your new pics in the galleries, but don't forget the games. Some of those new big cocks(especially the ones dripping with cum)and those hot hairy asses would look great on the playing cards. Thanks again Tino. (12/30/2002)

Jock from... Montréal
I love your site man. Thank you so much. (12/28/2002)

Michael from... New Jersey
Hi bought video number one and it is great. when will there be a new video, im looking forward toit. tell the actors tokeeep their hands away out of the cameras eye they block other guys cocks and balls most of the time during those hot scenes ,and in the fucking scene you show the ass and cock , but we want to see the whole person and their face also, you only show that once in a while all we see is the cock and ass, i want to see the whole person, dont need the close up of the cock and ass so often (12/26/2002)

Tino (BearForest webmaster) from... Toronto
Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy and healthy coming year. Hugs Tino (12/25/2002)

bearnuts from... florida
i can't tell you how many "nice ,Promise to return your e.mails " i sent e.mails too and had no responce. none zilch...i'm over it wroye be willing to travel etc. so its like all the rest of those sites .. iso under 22/bl/bld/tada yada yada . geuss you have to be some body beautiful tight , rich but wipe to get a responce so adu all don't write a fat bald hairy fuckin QUEER i don't care any more.belive me i'm use to the rejection been dealing with it all my life .next time i'll list all the people i've written to just to prove my point. i don't have a pix to put on the net , i don't have the $$$ yet but there you go another reason not to respond huh anyway thanks for letting me dump.see yaaa bearnuts (12/23/2002) from... California
Hey..I admit I have to agree about the spelling thing. Nothing annoys me more than stupid/ignorant people of either sex/orientation. On the other paw, I once read that being a "bear" is less about being hairy and butch and more about attitude and accepting ALL gay men for who they are, regardless of fur quantity, attitude, demeanor, and masculinity. What our community - the GAY community - needs is less dissension in th ranks and more acceptance and love of all gay men. I don't particularly care for drag queens; but I accept them and support their choice of self-expression. One of the reasons I adore the bear community, aside from the fur, is the acceptance I get personally. So come on, bears, let's cut each other some slack and relish our common bond with others....we're gay. (12/23/2002)

DV8 BEAR from... here,there,everywhere
Pissed by the way another Bear expresses himself ? H E Y !! consider the whole picture! United we exist , divided ,we don't ! (12/22/2002)

tj bear from... CNY
If your going to make threats from long distance safe areas, here's one. Learn to spell . Damn fine, my ass! (12/19/2002)

to coool for you from...
just wanted to put my email if any one out there in to a real dude. (12/17/2002)

to coool for you from... me
you guys always sound like a bunch of over weight ladys to me i'm a 255 pound man and a dam good looking one at that but you know so are a lot of you guys it's bad when you see a great looking guy/bear and fowers cum out of there mouth any way your site needs more real men not preten men. (12/17/2002)

Peter from... Halifax
This is a great site. The only thing i'm finding is that since i'm not a bear that i seem to be limited in the guys i'd ultimately love to meet, as you bears only seem to want to meet with other hairy bears. I hate labels, but according to this website, i fit into the category of "otter". I'm a tall and lean guy who has a smooth chest. I do have facial hair however. I usually sport a goatee/'stache, but have recently grown a beard for the winter. I rather like the look. Bit about me: 40, 6'1", 165 with shaved head, bearded (for now), heavily tattooed. The word "bear" to me refers to someone who is hairy, moreso than body size. In my opinion a man can be slim and hairy and still be called a bear. To me, someone with John Goodman's huge build is just an obese guy, not a bear. Same with Drew Carey. So, for me, the word "bear" refers more to body hair and facial hair than body size. I'm not turned on in the least by a man the size of John Goodman. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I would like to hear from other hairy bears from all over who would like an email buddy. I'm a very down-to-earth, honest guy. Sexually i tend to go more towards the kink/fetish aspect. Turnons for me are: masculinity; big feet; hairy chest, arms, pits, and crotch; goatee/stache or bearded; shaved head, buzz cut or extremely long hair; manscents; boots/socks; poppers; smokin weed; watersports; leather; bondage; jockstraps; masculine men who really enjoy kissing another guy; blue collar working tradesmen. Turnoffs: cologne; poor oral hygene; feminine behaviour; guys who try to act butch, but once they open their mouth to speak you'd think they'd be happier in a dress; guys too much into the gay scene; campy "girl" talk. If you'd like to contact me, my address is (12/15/2002)

Laudy from... Texas
I like BearForest immensely. I especially like the stories and the classifieds. (12/14/2002)

john2007 from... michigan
I love your site very much. I cum three times when reading the great stories. Keep up the good work. Thanks John (12/12/2002)

Tino (BearForest webmaster) from... Toronto
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that you can now get BearForest Video Volume in the U.S., Canada, U.K., European Union and Japan. Order some hot XXX Bear action today. Press BF Videos on the top bar. Take care, hugs, Tino (12/10/2002)

Behrmark from... California I the only one who was totally confused by Brian's wife not eating the cockroach? Come on woman! You used to do've had FAR worse in your mouth! LOL. Although having Brian in your mouth has got be...well bears, you know. Although I'm ranked near the bottom (#34) I enjoyed the BearForest Survivor Challenge...can't wait for the next installment! In the meantime bears, I'm just a guy who is lightly hairy and LOVES bears. I guess you'd call me a if any bears (or cubs)are interested in chatting or making a new friend, drop me a line at {HUGS} to Tino and all you furry men. Beary Christmas! (12/7/2002)

joebear from... california

GaryBear from... Dallas, TX
Hi All you sexy big guys and bears. I would love to get to know some of you. I'm 46, 5'11, 200, s/p hair, hazel eyes, stache and hairy. If you would like to e-mail me please do at and maybe we can trade a few pics get to know each other. (12/3/2002)

DV8 Bear from... new yawk
Hey Canadian Bears how was the Mr. Leather Toronto contest ? Sorry to have missed it! (12/2/2002)



iwilletcha /bearnuts from... st.pete
new to p.c. world. love bears new at that too.lookin to feel like i belong somewhere not rejected,too much of that. so ill see the forest n growl at ya (12/1/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday. Take care, big hugs from your webmaster, Tino (11/29/2002)

Bear Forest from... gentlegiant
Hi there Tino, Just wanted to let you know that We just recieved your DVD and it is Super. The clairity of the DVD is Spectactular. Only one wee suggestion that there could be more dialog with the seens Great Job Bears and Thanks. (11/22/2002)

CrowBear from... who knows!
Absolutley the best Bear Site! Thank You fellow Bear Lovers! What a Treat! (11/18/2002)

cubshawn from... Cubshawn
Tino, you've outdone yourself! Great new look and easier to navigate. Still the best bear site on the web!!! (11/13/2002)

BKAHUNA/Frank from... California
Tino: Thanks bud this is fucking fantastic site. You have out done yourself. Makes a Bear proud..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (11/11/2002)

webmaster---Tino from... Bing alias cherrybear64
I just want to take the time to let you know you did ONE HELLUVA JOB on the NEW site,LOVE IT!!!!! Keep up the good work too.... SUPER HUGS< BING alias cherrybear64 (11/11/2002)

webmaster---Tino from... Bing alias cherrybear64
I just want to take the time to let you know you did ONE HELLUVA JOB on the NEW site,LOVE IT!!!!! Keep up the good work too.... SUPER HUGS< BING alias (11/11/2002)

DavieBear from... Toronto, Ontario
Great job Tino Hey the new site is better than ever. Love David (11/7/2002)

David Cubby from... Maine
I love seeing more and more Bear related websites. Nice site too. Keep up the good work. I would like to know how I could be a model too. (11/7/2002)

Behrmark from... Los Angeles suburb
Doh! Use BearForest in the subject line. Thanks, Bears! HUGS! (11/6/2002)

Behrmark from... Los Angeles suburb
Tino - the site looks fanfuckingtastic! Love the look, love the Survivor game (even if three of my picks have gotten the boot - go Ken! WOOF!), love the pics, the fiction, the whole damn thing! For you bears out there, I'm looking for chatfriends, e-pals, and anyone in the east LA county area...Thanks, TINO! (11/6/2002)

Bush Guy from... British Columbia
Hey! No bull shit Webmaster. Really like the new look. Great Job! Now can you get Santa to send me some Daddy/Polar Bears for Christmas? (11/5/2002)

Tj Bear from... Syracuse
Wow, very good job webmaster! Met some old buddies from chat again! (10/31/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi guys, I have completely updated the BearForest interface. Please tell me what you think. Thanks, hugs, Tino (10/31/2002)

vince from... who knows!
Want hot man lovin' Email me at (10/26/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi guys, I made some changes to the card games and some other areas. If you are having trouble with pictures not coming through, please post a comment here or drop me an email. Thanks and hugs, Tino (10/18/2002)

bear48 from... nj
Hi Tino, Thanks for this great site and thanks for the new pics. (10/18/2002)

nounoursolivier from... France
Your site is great and the pics you show are really exciting...A source or inspiration for my own site ( Good luck and go on like this...Huggss (10/18/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hey Bear48, I just updated the Bear decks for ya and all to enjoy. hugs, Tino (10/16/2002)

bear48 from... nj
Please change the pictures on the cards more frequently. Thanks (10/15/2002)

Behrmark from... California
LOVE the Survivor game....even though I'm not doing that well!! What a great idea/concept....thanks, Tino. It's amazing how I now wish I'd picked Brian instead of Jed...Brian's fur is making me drool! But I must admit that Ken is the ultimate non-bear on the adventure. Next time I'm in NY I hope I need a cop and I hope it's Ken who cums to my rescue! Ok...this is a great the games...wish I'd meet someone in the chatroom though...HUGS to all bears and cubs and their admirers! (10/12/2002)

Adam from... New York
Wow, this site has the real deal. I love BEARS. I want to see more naked pics in the classifieds. Excellent site. Thx (10/12/2002)

DV8 Bear from... New York
Not Stupid at all. Brilliant actually, Thanks Tino ! (9/29/2002)

ros from... italy
stupid (9/27/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Thanks Peter. Big hugs, Tino (9/26/2002)

yjman from... Toronto
I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do Tino, keeping this site going and giving all the bears a home! (9/22/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Everyone, check out the 2nd BearForest Survivor Challenge. It is totally free to enter and there are prizes too! You can get to it from the Main BearForest menu. Hugz Tino (9/20/2002)

Mike from... Ohio
Hey Guys, I love this site. Keep up the grrrrreat work. I wish there were more guys in the chat. C'mon Bears let's chat! Mike (9/18/2002)

Jon from... Bearmart_com
Hey guys! Check out! Let me know what you think! (9/16/2002)

mebearhunter from... Maine
Bear48... see my Classified and send me an e-mail on when you'll be on. WOOF (9/15/2002)

mebearhunter from... bear48
I keep looking, but it's awful quiet in the bearforest chat room. Don't know where all the bears are hiding. It's much to early for hibernating. They must be cruising different territories. It's too bad becasue I really like it here in the Bear Forest. (9/8/2002)

bear48 from... mebearhunter
I never see you any more bear... (9/7/2002)

DV8 Bear from... Central NY
September 14th, 5ive, Ready & Eager (9/7/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Filming is cuming along. I am always looking for guys that what to share their Bear. drop me a line... (9/6/2002)

DV8 Bear from... Syracuse, NY
How's the filming going Tino ? Will be @ 5ive a week from Sat. (9/2/2002)

hornybear from... Calgary, Alberta Canada
hey there Tino: I find your server much faster and easier to get through the site Keep up the good work there guy (8/31/2002)

bear48 from... nj
man what i would do with four of him!!!!!!!!!!!! (8/30/2002)

bear48 from... nj
I'm absolutely in love with the man on the 3 of spades in the second deck. Who is that man? He's got me dripping like crazy. (8/30/2002)

appu from... venu
i love to see you bears hot and sexy. (8/30/2002)

Dv8 Bear from... CNY
Details available @ Thanksgiving , Must Attend MrLT !!!! (8/29/2002)

Steel Dragon from... Woodstock, NY
email: (8/29/2002)

Steel Dragon from... Woodstock, NY
Sure is difficult to hook up in my area...if anyone is passing this way, please email me...who knows...maybe I'll let ya stay allllll night! lol (8/29/2002)

BearBeefEater from... CNY
Hey, DV8!!! Please,please give me the details of the Toronto trip! I want to go next year!!! Where do I get info? Thanx! (8/28/2002)

bear48 from... mebearhunter
give me a time to check for you big guy (8/27/2002)

bear48 from... NJ
hey mbh miss talking with you also. this bear is still hot thinking about you (8/26/2002)

bear48 from... mebearhunter
Hey big guy, miss hearing from you. Woof (8/25/2002)

jakeZplumber from... Rhode Island
jeese tino I lost track of ya n you really been producing like mad in the interim talk to me dude (8/24/2002)

bear48 from... who knows!
paul in London sorry but i got cut off really enjoyed our chat hope to chat again soon (8/19/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi Guys, I just wanted to post a question to everyone... BearForest has recently been hosted by a new server. How would you rate the speed and quality of this new server? Please post your response here. It would help me a great deal. Thanks, hugs, Tino (the webmaster) (8/19/2002)

DV8 Bear from... CNY
Just returned from Toronto's Leather Ball 8! W O O F !!!! (8/18/2002)

mick from... california
give me all the information (8/10/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi Guys, just wanted to let you know that I got the classifieds back up. A couple of weeks worth were lost. Please add yourself! Enjoy, Tino (8/7/2002)

BearCubFla from... Florida
Hi, I love the site, but there aren't many people in the Chat. Come on guys, lets talk dirty. (8/5/2002)

BearBeefEater from... Upstate NY
I have been browsing and a link from another bearsite brought me here. Nive website!!! I ordered the Volume 1 video and can't wait to watch it. I sure would love to join a bearclub, but until then, I am happy just to discover great sites such as this one! Hugs to all! (8/4/2002)

rudolf from... indonesia
is there any bear chub from your country who stay in indonesia pls let them email me, i'd like to have sex with them.... (8/1/2002)

rudolf from... indonesia
those picture u've got makes me so hot, but here in my country very difficult to have or find magazine or video like yours, i'm so happy if u could send me more pictures or put my email on your mailing list ( thank u so much (8/1/2002)

Alex from... Toledo
Hey Tino, I just received the video and gave it a run. Wow, I couldn't keep my hand off my dick! Hot stuff! Thanks. I looking forward to the next one. (7/29/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I am furiously working on getting the site back in order. Hugs, Tino (7/26/2002)

MBH from... Maine
I miss bear48 (7/3/2002)

MaineBearHunter from... Maine
Smoothbear check out my sight and send a note... sorry about chat (6/30/2002)

MBH from... Maine
Lost alot of bears tonight... They keep getting dumped. Met one from Poland!!! (6/30/2002) from... Portland, Oregon
I am liking to look for relationship in the potland, oregon area. (6/30/2002) from... Portland, Oregon
I am liking to look for relationship in the potland, oregon area. (6/30/2002)

Twotonsoffun42 from... Portland, Oregon
I am liking to look for relationship in the potland, oregon area. (6/30/2002) from... Taipei, Taiwan
Awesome Site! -Discreet, very oral, Caucasian, 36,6'4", 205lbs., blond hair, brown eyes, moderately hairy - seeking to please husky masculine men traveling to/through Taipei, Taiwan. ISO men 35-50 years of age, 170-270lbs. Absolute discretion is assured and expected. (6/29/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
I think I found out what was wrong. Thanks for your help, hugs Tino (6/28/2002)

randy bear from... hairybear
had a good time (6/28/2002)

MBH from... MAINE
I have had trouble logging into the site. I've then had trouble on chat... got dumped once and was able to send any messages... Damn... there were alot of bears on tonight too!!! (6/27/2002)

MaineBearHunter from... who knows!
I have been having a lot of trouble... Not seeing what I sent or couldn't see others... Damn there were a lot of bears on too!!! (6/27/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi Guys, I have been noticing some strange behaviour from my server. If you ANY trouble accessing the BearForest. Please post a comment about it. I appreciate any help that you can give. Thanks! (6/27/2002)

Santa Bear from... Largo, FL.
I found your site to be G-R-E-A-T and I have had some good conversations with people I have met through your classified ads. Can't wait to try the chat room though it appears to be down quite a lot of the time. Keep up the good job and "THANKS" for providing BEAR a real site to visit. (6/23/2002)

Gama from... CD Juarez
Hello (6/21/2002)

MaineBearHunter from... Maine
Good bunch of hot bears on at 8:00Est... join in! (6/20/2002)

MaineBearHunter from... Maine
Drop me a line, we'll chat, cyber fun... etc (6/19/2002)

MaineBearHunter from... Maine
bear48, lookingbear... I 'll check chat at 7:30 to 8:30 EST (6/19/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that the Bear Video is finally finished and its super hot too! Please support the BearForest and pick up a copy. You can find all of the trailers and movie pix under the Woof! Multimedia section on the BearForest main menu. Enjoy! (6/17/2002)

DV8 Bear from... New York State
Yeah guys, visit Chat here! Met some very HOT Men here. Thanks Tino!!! (6/17/2002)

Ian from... Canada
looking for new friends to talk to get know each other. (6/16/2002)

Ian from... Canada
Talk (6/16/2002)

bear48 from... NJ
use the chat room more frequently guys. it can be a lot of fun! (6/16/2002)

hack from... telluride
hi (6/14/2002)

Californicub from... California
Thanks to imaluveablebear for the advice...I ended up doing the "right" thing and actually was able to play Yenta...the two friends are in communication and are fast approaching that precious first date (and sexual encounter?). This quandary has opened my eyes and heart. I have also come to some amazing conclusions about my own life, wants, needs...and loves. It's all too weird to share (if you want to know, email me at Thanks to Tino for providing this space...I love BearForest and have had some great times in GrizzlyChat. {{HUGS}} to all, especially imaluveablebear and Tino. (6/12/2002)

Mack49 from... Scotland
How come there's NEVER any guys in the chat room? (6/12/2002)

spoonbear from... new york city
canadian and chicago bears are sooooooo hot! i love when they bring their fur to new york city. thanks for the tourism! (6/8/2002)

lookingbear from... chicago
Hey MainHunterBear and MI Bear. When's the next time you'll be here (6/6/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
The chat should be back up now! Thanks for letting know. Hugs to all, Tino (6/6/2002)

MaineBearHunter from... Maine
I could not get on to the Bear Chat (6/5/2002)

mibearsteve from... michigan
could not access chat today. anything wrong? please get it fixed so I can play with the bears again. (6/5/2002)

Mike from... Milwaukee
looking for adorable boy to mate with real top man wisconsin style, leave note & eamil adress, I'll find you. (6/5/2002)

Dave from... London
Great site, keep the bears acoming! (6/2/2002)

imaluvablebear from... Corning Ny
While playing poker #5 card came up and that man is drop dead WOOF!! Thanks for the site. (6/2/2002)

tommy from... india
its nice (6/1/2002)

Californicub from... Duh... :-D
OK so there's this hot non-bear guy at work who just came out to me! The problem is that he is totally tempted to ask out my friend who is also a non-bear. But I want this first guy for I "do the right thing" and let the two of them see if they can hook up? Or do I do the "Joan Crawford meets Elizabeth Taylor" thing and grab this man for myself? I'm in SUCH a quandary! Any advice from you woofy bears let me know at THANKS! (5/31/2002)

Alex from... Toledo
I luv ChubbyCocks! (5/29/2002)

Behrmark from... Southern California
Oops! I forgot {blushing}. (5/24/2002)

Behrmark from... Southern California
How come no one ever uses the Grizzly Chat?! Once in a great while I'll find someone ther (hey bigD!) but usually I'm sitting there all by myself. And hell! If I wanted to talk to myself or play with myself I wouldn't be online! Come on bears! It's MUCH better than those "other" bear least in Grizzly we CHAT...that is, when someone is there! Otherwise...miss the old Woofy Multimedia..the games are fun 'cept sometimes I get a different pic than I click on. But I love BearForest..{{{HUGS}}} (5/24/2002)

kytrey from... who knows! Got a Quickmail from person using this invalid ID. Simply want to hear from them once again with a corrected address. (5/16/2002)

Beargasm from... Cleveland, Ohio
Great site!! Hope the chat room 'catches on' soon. Hope you don't mind me adding a link to my web page: (5/13/2002)

Silverfox0834 from... Phoenix, Arizona
Just want to find out when Gay Pride is in (5/7/2002)

bear1m from... arkansas
hey i love your site. thanks for having it on for bears like me to injoy (5/6/2002)

Ray from... Lubbock, Texas
This is a great site. My partners and I love making new friends and we meet several from this site....wooof...wooof... (5/1/2002)

Ray from... Lubbock, Texas
This is a great site. My partners and I love making new friends and we meet several from this site....wooof...wooof... (5/1/2002)

bearnohio from... Worthington,Ohio
Where are all the young guys? Cubs, chasers. Say hi..if your on...thanks (4/25/2002)

Luca from... Italy
Ciao-hi bears,im Luca,from Italy!Im a lonely shy guy,also i have little health problems,not serious problems,but they affected my life!Im 33years old,but i look like a 15years old guy!! Guys,please,help me,i never had sex,the only thing i can do to enjoy... is watching gay-porn-videos(Pal-system)but i only have 2 of them,and not so good!!Can somebody help me,please,and send me some gay-porn-video(Pal-system)with very hairy bears,hairy daddys,bears orgy,etcc??Please,i will send something in return from Italy!!Please,guys-bears,help me. Also,i need a good bears-friend. Ciao,from Luca. (4/24/2002)

Roddy Mac from... SCOTLAND
Very good site! WOOF ! (4/23/2002)

I am a happy homossexual. Any prejudice. I love men. I want talk to all kind of people to find a twin soul for talk to me. I wait you. (4/23/2002)

hogwort from...

hogwort from...

hogwort from...

hogwort from...

hogwort from...
I am still looking for a top bear to go into the forest with. Any taker e-mail me and let's chat. Only good tops apply. If you think you can handle this blkbtmmalebear, let's get it on. (4/21/2002)

jek from... u s a
smoll 4 big daddi bear (4/19/2002)

booboobear from... indianapolis, in
love the site did not know it was here. glad i found it. (4/15/2002)

BearLuvrSupreme from... Toronto, CANADA
No one, but no one loves a bearman more than I do, All that yummy hair, love to mat it right to em!, however I find they only want each other, why?, Do they not realize that hot sex and good lovin can also come from those with not so much fur?...oh well always the bridesmaid, eh? (4/15/2002)

tsbfl63 from... Central Florida
GWM 189, 6,7x5 cut, dkblnd/blue, hairy cheast, arms, legs and assrying to break into this lifestyle, I know I like a man not a boy,. (4/15/2002)

blkbtmmale1 from... Galt, CA.
I'm a blk bear looking for top white bear to have fun with, maybe more. lets talk. (4/14/2002)

papabear from... pennsylvania
unable to get into chat room (4/10/2002)

toy man from... nc
lets play (4/4/2002)

Joel4u269 from... Iowa
Cub for big hairy daddy (4/4/2002)

mibearsteve from... michigan
Never anyone in chat rooms. I want to chat with some of you hot bears. (4/2/2002)

papabearhsbg from... papabearncub
just found your website some woofs and some not-so-woofs Keep up the good work Luv that hairy butt (4/2/2002)

Ursa Minor from... Bjorn
Did you know that Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair,so I guess Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he! (3/29/2002)

Lille Bjurn from... Kevyn
Why is it the BC Bears here in Vancouver who wear leather,why is it you walk the walk & you can't talk the talk?Are you not man enough to own a Motorbike?Sidewalk Bikers SUCK!!! (3/18/2002)

MrLvMscl from... Elizabeth, NJ
Am looking for guys around my age/build to slightly heavy or muscular for some hot fun tonite. My pics are in my classifieds. Interested? E-mail me at (3/18/2002)

CalgaryBearLuvr from... Calgary, Alberta
Great site! Easy to use and better yet, works! (3/16/2002) from... Philadelphia
tried to access Multimedia but could not. stuck in loop of preview page. HELP (3/14/2002)

furry pecs from... NYC
anyone wanna play? email me at! (3/14/2002)

art from... halifax
would like to meet a hairy bear to wrestle and foolaround with in halifax n.s. (3/13/2002)

Alain from... Montreal
very good web site. I like very much. bon jour, Alain (3/13/2002)

Willis from... Germany
I love your site (3/10/2002)

Good Ol Georgia BEAR from... GEORGIA USA
Ya'll are some HOT FUCKin BEARS WOOF..... Made this Good Ol BEAR's Heart JUMP keep up the good work guys..... and CUM PLAY WITH THE Bears in GEORGIA!!!! (3/8/2002)

tj bear from... US
Tino, how's that flm coming along ? (3/7/2002)

Alex from... Toledo
The BearForest rocks!!!! I will be back often. Alex (3/3/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi Everyone, the classifieds are back online. Please tell me if you have any troubles with any aspect of the BearForest. I am still trying to get the bugs out! Hugs, Tino (2/24/2002)

BeachBear from... MontereyBay,CA
I'm through hibernating and am ready to play. Are you? (2/24/2002)

Tino from... Toronto
Hi everyone, the BearForest was down for a while. My original server kicked me off! I have been working hard to bring it back up to speed. The classifieds are still down, but they should be back up shortly. Sorry, big hugs, Tino (2/21/2002)

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