European Mechanic
by ucsteveo123
Posted July 2006

It was a hot summer day in the countryside when my car started acting up. I was on business and driving through a small town when my engine light came on, and decided to stop at a local body shop to get it checked out.

There were only 2 people working there, a burly Ukrainian looking mechanic who spoke with an accent, and a teller. The mechanic was working on a car when i walked in and he immediately caught my attention. He was about 5'7, short dark hair, and looked like he hasn't shaved in 2 or 3 days. He was sweating and wearing a navy blue mechanic uniform which showcased his large beer belly and 240 pound frame..

I went to the teller at the front desk and told her the problem. She said to just roll the car inside and wait about 30 minutes as the mechanic was just finishing up the other car. She told me she was heading out and i would be the last car of the day, since it was approaching 7PM. I rolled the car in and decided to introduce myself to the European mechanic. I asked if he wanted anything, and in a heavy Russian or Ukrainian accent he said, "Got any beer?" and he chuckled. I started getting excited at this point because i actually had a 24 case in my trunk, although warm as hell, it would still do the trick.

Time passes by, the teller is gone and im watching him bend down and look at whats wrong with my car. All the while we are sipping on warm beer shooting the shit about random things. Its about 8 PM now and starting to get dark so i say we can call it a night and finish it tomorrow. With a sigh of relief he thanks me and says "Lets have another." I wasn't gonna say no to that!

Were about 7 beers in when i say i have to take a piss, and ask him to show me where the washroom is. He says he has to go to and to follow him. At this point i was getting horny as hell wondering if i should make a move on him, considering we were both married (learned this from our conversation.) He showed me the washroom and surprisingly it had 2 urinals next to each other, so i said what the hell. We went and unzipped, and i caught a glimpse at an amazing looking small uncircumcised cock sticking straight out. It was about 2 inches long so it didn't flop it stuck into the air proudly. My cock wasn't much bigger if at all, and that made me hard. We had the same body type and cock size. I watched as the stream off piss poured in different directions out of his foreskin into the urinal and he caught me taking a look. I wasn't embarrassed at this point because hell, we were starting to get drunk. I could smell his sweaty balls and dick in the air and it made me even hotter.

What happened next drove me wild as he took a look at my cock as the piss was streaming from my foreskin and smiled. I blatantly asked him if he's had sex in a while and he responded no, but that he's fucking horny as hell and is willing to do just about anything.

I offered to take him into my car where its nice and crammed so we can have total body contact and some hot sweaty sex. He replied "ohhh yes lets fuckin do it, but i haven't had a shower in a day or 2, let me go have one first." Just hearing that alone is his sexy Russian accent made me wild. I said don't worry about it, we are both real men, and i don't give a fuck how you smell. In fact, a beer bellied uncut stinky European mechanic is the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life! He didn't even shake off his small uncut cock, and just put it back in his pants as i led him to my car.

We decided it'd be good to have a couple more brewskis each, while having sex. I took him to the back seat and sat beside him, with one of his legs on the seat and the other on the floor. As he sipped his beer i took off his shoes one by one, exposing his sweaty stinky feet. He was wearing white socks that were stained from grease from the body shop. He started to moan as i took them off slowly, inhaling his scent and rubbing and kissing his stinky feet.

He asked me one more time if I was sure i didn't want him to shower, and i replied with a beer chug and an "oooh yea."

We then started kissing passionately and sloppily, sucking each others tounges, licking our faces while rubbing all over our beer bellied bodies and heads. He was extremely sweaty as was I and it made me even hotter. I leaned him back and started unzipping his once piece mechanic uniform, exposing his big burly chest. He was moderately hairy and was a chubby guy, just what i liked. I inhaled every scent that was coming off his body, including his arm pits. I got the first half of his suit off and continues sticking my tounge in his mouth and licking his chest, licking his nipples and armipits. His armpits were nice and stinky and he lifted his arms over his head so i could get access to his whole chest and pits. I went wild, sucking kissing rubbing all over.

I took my shirt off and got the same attention as i was giving him, although i prefer giving the pleasure more to receiving. I took off the lower portion of his mechanic uniform and exposed a pair of very cheap, tight black briefs. The smell was incredible. I could smell his 3 day old sweat and uncircumcised cock through his briefs and wanted to make him hard and wet before taking them off. His balls were big and his daddy cock was small and sticking up. I started tounging and fingering the spot on his underwear where his foreskin was, making him extremely happy and moaning. The more i fingered it the wetter it got. It was piss and precum, which i rubbed with my finger and out into both of our mouths.

I asked him to lay fully back to which he complied. I took his short hairy legs by the back of sweaty knees and lifted them up, getting full access to his whole stinky crotch area. I sniffed and rubbed his underwear, especially in that spot between his balls and ass. The smell was a salty sour smell and i could definitely smell his cock too. I slowly began sliding his underwear off exposing his small but thick uncircumcised cock with the foreskin fully covering his head. His hard cock was now about 3-4 inches with a nice tip of foreskin hanging over the head.

I spread his ass cheeks exposing his warm sweaty asshole and taint which i rubbed with my fingers to get him wetter. I decided it would be a good idea to start working on his cock and balls. His foreskin was wet and slimy at the tip with a bit of leftover piss and precum. I started tounging the tip of it, licking all around it sucking up that wet precum. I put his small uncut cock in my hand and pulled the foreskin back only enough to open it up so i could see and smell his cock head and piss slit. I stuck my tounge in that hole and tasted his musky cock, piss and all. i Flicked his piss slit with my tounge making him moan and squirm with lust I finally decided to pull his foreskin back to expose a nice ripe cock. He hadn't skinned back his uncut cock in a couple days to wash it, and his cockhead was slimy with precum and hints of piss. He had some built up cockcheese which filled up the car with such a manly smell. His cock head was wet and slightly red and sensitive from it not seeing the light of day in a while, and from the built up piss. I pulled his tight foreskin back and forth above his cock head a few times to collect any precum and juices left to suck off the tip of his foreskin. When i skinned in back i started licking all around his cock head, cleaning up the smegma. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. I leaned over his spread legs and beerbelly so i could kiss him again. He stuck his tounge deep in my mouth and loved the taste in it.

I went back to work in his dick, tounging and playing with his foreskin. I stuck my tounge into his piss slit licking up and down and then around the lower rim of his uncut cockhead, licking any cockcheese he had left at the base. I stuck my tounge in there and licked all around in a circle. He was in extacy at this point, as i was working his sensitive cockhead real well. I skinned the foreskin back on and spread his legs in the air again, revealing his sweaty sour smelling balls and asshole. With one hand i was fingering and rubbing his foreskin and piss slit, with the other rubbing up and down his sweaty taint, running my finger in circles around his asshole. He was embarrassed about his body and smell, and i re assured him not to worry, its what i wanted. At this point we were both naked and i laid back this time. I asked him to get on top of me and straddle my face. He bent down and exposed his sour asshole on my face which drove me wild. I started tounging all around it licking up and down his taint, tugging on his foreskin. I slowly stuck the tip of my tounge into his asshole, working it loosening it up. I picked up the pace and started sucking and kissing his asshole, sticking my tounge in and out deeper and deeper every time.

His asshole was nice and wet at this point and i laid him back down. I spread his sweaty legs again and started to finger his hole. I stuck my finger onto his asshole and worked it in a circle loosening it up a bit. We both confessed we were not into anal and have never tried it, but we were both so horny for each other and would do whatever the other wanted. I started fingering his asshole in an out with my index finger still while toying with his foreskin on that 3 inch hard cock.

We didn't have any lube but our sweat and spit was enough. Before fucking him i laid on top of him and his beerbelly, frenching him again groping each other all over. I stuck my foreskin against his and rubbed it, humping back and forth. The smell in the steamy car was intoxicating. His smelly cock, stinky mechanic feet, and sour sweaty balls and ass were amazing. He was a REAL MAN!

I spread his ass one last time, inserting my uncut cock to his asshole. I inserted my small dick slowly and started pulling it in and out. I didn't want to go hard as we were both inexperienced. We both moaned and loved every minute of this sweaty sex. While fucking him i kept playing with his tight foreskin, moving it up and down his red wet sensitive head, collecting all the juices at the tip. I rubbed my finger in it and stuck it it in both our mouths

This whole session went on for a good hour and we were both ready to cum. I positioned him in front of me, and fingered his sweaty ass while jerking off his cock. I was jerking him off with his foreskin over his head which is the way we both preferred it. It gave for a more intense orgasm, and when he cummed his semen poured out of his foreskin. I tasted a bit of it and the rest we just left on the car seat. A minute later the last of it seeped through his piss slit and collected at the tip of his uncircumcised cock. I rubbed my finger in it and fed it to him. My climax was fast and i put our uncut cocks together and jerked off while fondling his balls and foreskin, talking dirty. He said he loved being an old dirty man and would do this again sometime. I wiped off our cum and sat with him, rubbing and kissing him for a bit more, each of us taking in what just happened.

He said he needed to piss, so we both walked naked to the bathroom and i held his cock for him. His cock now shrunk back to its 2 inches and stuck out proudly. I took it in my hands and watched as a stream of piss came out of his tight foreskin. It was a thick stream that was wild and all over the place. When he was done, i took his uncircumcised cock, put it towards my mouth and cleaned the piss stuck in his foreskin. I skinned it back and made sure there was no piss left and decided to get dressed.

We had another beer, both embarrassed of what we did, but hot and horny about it at the same time. We exchanged numbers, gave a sloppy hot kiss and a cockrub through his blue mechanic uniform, and that was that.

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